Best Engineering Majors

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1 mechanical engineering

Origin of name ENGINEER came from ENGINE which is part of mechanical engineer...

Who could not be attracted by designing

One of the oldest branch of engineering

2 civil engineering
3 computer engineering
4 electrical engineering

Electrical Engineering have many branches. After graduation in Universities/Colleges, Registered Electrical Engineers, can enter as Automation Engineers, Project Engineers, Process Engineers, Project Manager, Technical Manager etc., for me, based on my experienced electrical engineering like electronic engineering trends on modern and latest technology like robotics (equipment, Leroy Somer), Control Techniques and ASCO Valve ( Process Automation ).

Nothing is needed to tell because its E - alamin

Need everywhere

Dean Hardscrable "if you're not scary, then what kind of a monster are you? "
I say, "if you do not complete E; then what kind of an Engineer are you? "

5 chemical engineering

Chemical engineering is such a versatile major! (And it has most of the prerequisites for medical school)

6 petroleum engineering
7 materials engineering
8 industrial engineering
9 nuclear engineering
10 electronics engineering

Somewhere in between electrical and computer, yet unique on its own - dfgre

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11 aeronautical engineering
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