Mapúa Institute of Technology


Passing grade in Mapua means you earned it. They don't come easy and have to earn it through hard work. By the time you are ready for your professional career, your working ethics and structure will give you that advantage.

I'm an alumni of Mapua, Batch 91 and graduated in 1996. My experience in the industry is that I don't need to tell where I came from. Perseverance is the key and this is how we were trained. Our small 8.5"x11" diploma does not need to be displayed. People can tell by how we work and the humbleness of our personalities.

Mapua is really the number 1 engineering school, I'm not saying this not just through the board exam results, or its globally known graduates but because I've been in Mapua, and I can say that studying in Mapua is very difficult and very challenging compared to other schools,

Many graduates of Mapua become top executives of manufacturing and power generating companies, construction firms and other engineering or high-technology related organizations. Its engineers are among the bests, not only in the Philippines but elsewhere around the world. They also become good managers/leaders who are well loved by their people.

Still the best at what we do and what we are known for. It is not about the classroom lectures, the curriculum, the professors, the facilities or other factors that makes it the best. It is because of the whole community in and around the campus. It doesn't teach the student to be an engineer but molds them to be one. More than that, it trains a student how to survive life itself.

Mapua deserves to be the top 1 of the best engineering schools in the Philippines because of their high quality of education and they train students to be a professional engineers. They make sure that they will produce the greatest engineers.

Truly the best engineering school there is. I experienced having pre-engineering math subject as a first year highschool student and that made me go nuts with numbers. But it all paid off.. As they say, "no pain, no gain" thank heavens that we still have a reputable engineering school.

Mapua is very excellent when it comes to any field of engineering. All over the years of Mapua Institute of Technology in giving an advance and great knowledge to its students, it is a "tradition" to be on top in every board exams. And it is the top producer of well-equipped engineers of the country and across the globe.

It's the first ABET accredited engineering school in the Philippines that would reflect its standards and values.
Its really a challenge how to learn everything in a span of 11 weeks a quarter. Students here wont last long if they don't have the capability to do so.
As far as I remember, we didn't have the pre board subject before graduating like other schools do, thus the reason we don't have the 100% percent passing stuff but I can assure you, everybody from mapua is capable

This institute is too expensive for a middle class student but you get what you pay. With its high quality education, Mapua is therefore the choice for an engineering student. This is only an opinion. Always remember to choose what your heart and mind say.


Exams are hard. You'll learn many things every term. From every failing grade I receive, the more effort I put into the next term. I do this because it is worth it to graduate here. I hope I finish my studies here.

The Best part of my life is my college life at Mapua! Because that is where the rest of my life started. Being molded by the Best Engineering School in the Philippines, making me who I am today!

Mapua Institue of Technology is to the Philippines and Massachusetts Institute of Technology is to the U.S. Products of Mapua display competence and longevity in so far as engineering discipline is concerned. They are already tested and known worldwide. You can never go wrong if you take engineering course at Mapua. Viva Mapua

You cannot imagine how hard to graduate at Mapua, It was not just simple, even the one we call "imba's" had been undergone hardship of passing a course, because mentors/ instructors/professors are all best and not allowing to waste time of their student doing lousy things or etch. but rather leave them more time in learning and developing skills. VIVA MAPUA!

You will experience sleepless nights most of the time. Training is extremely different from other schools but once you graduated, you are totally ready to face the real world. Mapua will hone you to the best that you can be!

Mapua does not take up all of the students' time for family, friends and stuff you want to do. Mapua makes you learn how to manage your time. They also teach you to have an initiative to do tasks. They also teach you how to adapt quickly.
So its not about the passing rate on board exams or the accreditations of the school. Its about the school making you a good employee in the future or in other words a better person.

It's not about the fame and honor (board topnotchers, best performing school and the likes) but because the institute consistently produces a big number of licensed engineers every year who are globally competitive and with great potentials.

"Currently a Mapúa student but in different field. But I must say that MIT should be at the top of this best engineering schools because it shows so much fulfillments and those alumni's which gives an inspiration to strive more and be success. It is not about how popular a university is but on how each professors perform well their teaching skills to provide good learning to us students"

Indeed the best Engineering school in the Philippines, You can't even pass your subjects without giving your 100%, Even professors in Mapua are Alumni's of the school that are Registered Engineers in the Philippines.

To pass MIT's entrance exam is too difficult to many; To be able to stay is an overflowing happiness; To graduate is a great achievement; Imagine how I feel when I pass or top the licensure exam!

Other than the technical stuff that we learn in Mapua, it's the culture within it that made us very competitive in the working environment.

Mapua is the producer of the finest engineers/architects and topnotch graduates.

Viva Mapua, high end facilities, world class curriculum!

Mapua is one of the best choices in school of engineering. if you want to become the best on field and academics, choose mapua! Because if study in mapua you will learn how to manage all things on time.

Mapua is the best because for me they give the beat quality of teaching