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81 Saint Mary's University, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya V 2 Comments
82 University of San Agustin
83 Divine Word College of Calapan

One of the top schools for civil engineering!

Consistent top engineering school in Region IV-B and belong to top 10 in the country in terms of passing rate in the board examinations.

84 Misamis University
85 De La Salle University - Dasmariñas

It has a good name, but the facilities, classrooms, and equipments are not up-to-date and not properly maintained.

So-so engineering

Ceat should be at least on the top 20 this 2015.

Zero based grading system, if you pass you will got 60% and up. if you failed, you got ZERO. unlike other schools, the passing rate is 75%, while the failing grade is 50%

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86 Tagoloan Community College
87 Central Luzon State University

Some serious Mechanical Engineering in here

Best Agricultural Engineering university

100 % board passers

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88 Aurora State College of Technology
89 Southern Leyte State University

They are CESCO Accredited School. Go SLSU!

90 Bataan Peninsula State University

Has produced top notchers in the field of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering licensure examinations.

May not be as big compared to its peers in central luzon, but definitely among the better performing engineering schools in the region.

91 University of Immaculate Concepcion, Davao City V 1 Comment
92 Guagua National Colleges
93 Palawan State University

Engineers in this institution are independent and most are top contractors in palawan also outside of the province.

"It is the first university in the Philippines that offer BS in PETROLEUM ENGINEERING."

With the support of the Instructors, PSU thought me to be independent. PSU is an isolated state university but that doesn't hold us back to become globally competitive. Camaraderie among students, fresh approach of the instructors and more; keep counting PSU!

94 Manuel L. Quezon University

I'm an industrial engineering graduate of this university. The reason for my success as a professor now.

High quality education with not so high tuition fees

Manuel L. Quezon University was one of the best university. But due of irresponsible former administration, it ranks down. Hoping that the new board of directors (New San Jose Builders) will continue their legacy to showcase their student. With great mentors and high quality of education, MLQU will rise up again. Kudos Quezonians!

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95 Universidad de Manila
96 Holy Name University
97 University of Cebu

This university should on the top.

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98 Carlos Hilado Memorial State College
99 Tarlac State University

Just recently, an ASEAN Engineer is being announced who is a product of TSU. The school may not be able to snatch a higher rank, in the engineering institution of TSU, students are being filtered just to ensure that every student is capable enough to get into the higher phase. TSU-College of Engineering, with its intellectually and technically capable lecturers and instructors, is best in shaping Mechanical,Electrical and Civil Engineers, producing topnotchers as well. Best Industrial, and Electronics Engineers have been well-trained also by the University. As the University adapts the ASEAN integration, it has the vision to produce numbers of professionals not only in ASEAN but also in the entire globe.

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100 De La Salle University - Lipa

For the past years, De La Salle Lipa have made a mark in Engineering history due to their ranking of the board exams nationwide. They have ranked top performing school in REE, RME, and etc board examinations. Aside from being on top of the ranking, the school also own one of the best facilities an engineering student needs. Good school, good quality, and good professors.

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