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101 Exceed Learning Center
102 Partido State University
103 Tarlac State University

Just recently, an ASEAN Engineer is being announced who is a product of TSU. The school may not be able to snatch a higher rank, in the engineering institution of TSU, students are being filtered just to ensure that every student is capable enough to get into the higher phase. TSU-College of Engineering, with its intellectually and technically capable lecturers and instructors, is best in shaping Mechanical,Electrical and Civil Engineers, producing topnotchers as well. Best Industrial, and Electronics Engineers have been well-trained also by the University. As the University adapts the ASEAN integration, it has the vision to produce numbers of professionals not only in ASEAN but also in the entire globe.

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104 Baliuag University
105 Republic Central Colleges - Angeles City

An Engineering Quality Manager on the Top Global Engineering Firms graduated here!

106 Bohol Institute of Technology International College
107 Bicol State College of Applied Sciences and Technology
108 Saint Paul University
109 National College Of Science And Technology

Hi? Guys... please vote our school... it has a basic education for engineering but best for teaching in that field. board result does not the basis of better education. but teaching is the most... I'm not encouraging others to vote our school but I know that we are a family in our school. so proof it in others, let our school will be a number one not only in engineering but to all academics...


110 Naval States University
111 Notre Dame Of Dadiangas University
112 MATS College Of Technology

The best of aeronautical engineering

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