Technological Institute of the Philippines


During my time in TIP-QC as the campus was started on its new location, there is not much equipment, tools, machines that has been shared with student learning and studied engineering. But we learn in the basic fundamentals of what concepts, theory, principles and other matters in a simple but precise method every students (who taken this field) possible can learn, no matter what their major has been taken off. As it should be or must be in the highest means as we strive. limited materials but that is the good thing I would say as we focus and concentrate to become professional through analytical and self reliance, self motivation or determination to achieve discipline, guidance and perseverance. Thank you TIP for being an instrument to such, as we become strong and resilient and continuously developing and sharpening of our knowledge on these field without limit and boundaries of being who we are now and the same time serving the humanity in which result are appreciated and valued in ...more

A convenient student life for me here. Two semester per year, no classes during weekend, lower tuition fees compared to engineering school competitors, upgraded facilities, lots of worth keeping memories, etc. TIP education is what I exactly needed. Working in one of the best Engineering companies in the world now in US.

Technological Institute of the Philippines is one of the pioneer in outcomes based education in the country. Its 18 offered programs mostly engineering and ICT are accredited by ABET, a US-based engineering and computing accreditation institution which means, TIP is capable of giving students quality education that is of global standards.

TIP has also proven to be one of the bests by producing licensed graduates, even topnotchers in different engineering exams given by Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

Despite offering teaching methods that comply to the global standards, TIP remains to be one of the cheapest school to study for truly aspiring and talented engineer and ICT students, compared to other engineering/computing schools.

The only level 4 in Computer Engineering in the Philippines. ABET Accredited just like MAPUA. Instructors are all masters graduate and engineering students' instructors are all ENGINEERS.

I am in my position right now because I am a product of this school. I cannot reach this status in life without the knowledge and skills I learned here.

Engineers with filipino core values. As TIP graduate I will prove that "Yellow will turn to Gold". TIP Engineers stand tall.

The professors are not afraid to share their knowledge to the students. I am a transferee, and the reason that I transferred to TIP (from a school also in the rankings) is that they provide quality education, and when they say "quality education" they mean it. You can't see a professor who doesn't know how to teach, plus the fact that they monitor their students' progress and the employees are courteous too. I didn't regret transferring to TIP

The Technological Institute of the Philippines is an engineering school to enroll in. We got ABET yes. But we also have competent practitioners and students, plus all the facilities all engineering schools should have.

TIP is now one of the top schools in the Philippines when it comes to engineering because aside from itoffers a high standard education, it also provide a low cost tuition fee that will enable every Filipino youth to attain an excellent training. Why do you need to enroll to an expensive engineering school if you can attain same standard and high level of education with cheaper price?. And take note when it comes to competition TIP is leading... TIP is the best! We got ABET accreditation!

TIP has its unique way of providing quality education to their students and enriching every students capability of doing things they thought they couldn't!

TIP is somewhat meet all facets of engineering courses and competitive and very well recognized enough domestic and international.

In TIP, the facilities are well maintained, continuously innovating. Not only the facilities but they also focused on the academic stature of the professors so that they can give the best kind of teaching to the students.

Doesn't look only focus on your academics but also how to become a humane engineer.

From my experience, TIP offers lab and facilities almost 100% complete, safe, clean, user-friendly, etc. I may not have seen other laboratories of other schools or colleges, but I am 100% sure that TIP offers one of the best schools for it and maybe would even be a candidate for Top 5 in this section. Electrical Engineering student here. :D

Our projects can compete in different sci tech fairs. Usually, we make them under time pressure and lack of budget. In other schools, their entries are their thesis meaning, they have a lot of time doing those plus they have budget for that. I think that makes us one of the bests.

TIP - Topnotcher Institute of the Philippines

With their advanced technological equipment that the school invest for the student's learning, I can say that TIP is an institution above all who provides lifelong learning a reality for graduates.

So many scholarship programs here. Studying in TIP turned out to be one of the best decisions I made.

We're on top of the world TIP, we're the the TIP of the top of the world!

Best engineering school. Good facilities. Excellent professors. Good learning environment. And many more! All those you can get in a cheap tuition fee.

I was a transferee student from an State University. And I can say there is a huge difference from my former school to my prrsent. TIP has been well-equipped when it comes to apparatuses that I didn't able to experience on my former university. The learning environment in TIP is elusive and refreshing which helps students to be more inspired in learning.

The best engineering school at affordable tuition fees.

TIP graduates are at par excellence. You can find them working competitively to different top companies locally and especially internationally.

TIP graduates are known for being top caliber engineers to their chosen field.

This is a school where you can find students from class B or C families but with a Class A mind.

I'm proud to say that our school passed the standards to became Abet Accredited, second from mapua

TIP is TIP.. Best engineering school as far as I'm concern.