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21 Stoke City

FA Cup Quarter Finalists 09-10.
Promotion Winners 07-08.
Have Beat Arsenal, Man City and Tottenham in one season.

Great team and got really good players

I like the name but I rather the players

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22 Reading

Reading are the best, they hold the record for the most points (106) in any professional English league and the most consecutive wins from the start of a season (13 wins without drawing or losing)

Fa cup quarter finalists 09-10 and 10-11(beating liverpool and everton on their own turfs along the way in both Fa cup campaigns), won London war cup, won full members cup and won Simod cup

23 Nottingham Forest F.C.
24 Wigan
25 Blackburn

Jordan Rhodes is to much

26 Sunderland

Empty pink seats

Won the fa cup twice

haha lol

Who ever put this together needs todo a little more research won two fa cups we won the league 8 times and in the fiftys were the richest club in the U.K.

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27 Swansea City Swansea City

This team must be higher up the list

28 Swindon Town
29 Portsmouth Portsmouth

FA CUP Winners 1939 & 2008
English First Division Winners (Now the Premier League) 1949 & 1950

30 Ipswich

How come some non league teams are higher than #itfc

31 Sheppey F.C.

You guys are mad. Sheppey have easily the best team in England. Their record speaks for itself. Google them if you don't believe.

Hey Sheffield (Sheffield FC)

Never heard of them until yesterday they are in the Ryman priemier leaague but just to annoy people I voted

32 Wolverhampton Wanderers

Won 3 League titles and 4 FA Cups and the instigators of European Football with there friendlies against the top sides on the continent in the 50's!, so if it wasn't for Wolves we wouldn't have The Champions League we have today!

A great fan base with plenty of history. Also extremely influential in the beginning of the Champions Leagus

Best team in the world. west brom sucks

33 Crystal Palace Crystal Palace Crystal Palace Football Club is an English professional football club based in South Norwood, London, that plays in the Premier League, the highest tier in English football.
34 Preston North End

No way PNE are one of the best English clubs of all time should be in top ten rubish apparently Swindon town have been more successful than us which is not true and Chelsea in top ten when they don't have any history they were formed in 1905! We should be in to ten

35 Sheffield Wednesday

I'm sorry but look at the teams above sheff wed now you see why they should a lot higher

36 Brighton & Hove Albion

From nowhere to Premier League, thanks to the vision of their Chairman and the wonderful fan base. A team to be proud of.

37 Anstey Crown

Teribble team make them and nomads to though laugh out loud

38 Bolton Wanderers

Best Team Ever! This should be number 1!

39 Plymouth Argyle Plymouth Argyle
40 Carlisle United
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