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1 Victory Song

Its Awesome song with cool and melodious music. It deserves to be in top among the ensiferum songs. Best folk metal song.

Its like the best folk metal song I've ever heard... It should be way above one more magic potion

Who says folk metal isn't that great? I guess death growls are not required after hearing this song

Everyone should synchronize their clocks from Jannes beat, it is so precise.

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2 Lai Lai Hei

Lai Lai Hei! Haha it's such a catchy song, and powerful! It starts off with soft Finnish verses but transitions to heavier sections in English. For the last section of the song, they chant LAI LAI HEI to an incredibly memorable guitar line and Jari's vocals are top-notch and occasional hit extremely high notes - pure bliss. By far Ensiferum's best work.

This song starts with a slow melody of folk instruments. The lyrics are made up of both Finnish and English verses and you can't help but love the 'Lai Lai Hei' chorus. - djh101

This is by far, without a doubt the best ensiferum song. No disrespect to victory song

The brilliant mix of folk and metal, calm and explosive, English and Finnish, soft and rough, and overall catchiness with great songwriting and solo makes this the best Ensiferum song I've heard. - Penguincamp

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3 One More Magic Potion

Victory Songs was the first album to feature Petri Lindroos on vocals and it turned out great. And I can't say I've ever heard a better song about beer. Classic. - djh101

Reaping this song daily is the normal act after hear it

Awesome songs I've ever heard

4 Battle Song

I feel like I were in a fantasy world full with adventures. I always love melodious metal music. The Battle Song is my favorite. I can just put headset
On, close my eyes, imagine fantasy story, and listen it. It's very great to do!

5 Twilight Tavern

I know everyone says this, but this song should definitely be higher. The whole song is just a smorgasbord of awesome riffs and melodies, with an epic chorus to boot. I love the way it continuously accelerates up to the finish before the final note.

After hearing the live version of this song, I immediately bought the album.

Get blown away by the epic intro, then epic voice and then epic chorus work.

This song, I have no words for how amazing this song is. - 906389

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6 From Afar

The song that got me into Ensiferum and still one of the best songs of this genre I have heard today.

A great song, and the best Live Song ever played.

This shoul be at least fifth! And token of time should be just above it. Great song and awesome lyrics and melody.

7 Token of Time

The best of them all, starts slow and folky and rages into epicness after just a few minutes.

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8 Into Battle

When I Heard This Song, I grew a beard and my dog became a mighty war-hound.

This song thus far is my favorite, especially the awesome flute part of the song, with token of time.

Should be number 1.The best no doubt

It truly is an Epic Song

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9 Wanderer

How is this song not higher? The song kicks in beautifully after an awesome intro, the chorus is one of the best I've heard and it's fairly long but progresses fantastically! Needs much higher recognition!

When first suggested by a friend, I had no idea this song would be so mindblowing. There is no word that can describe the emotions and imageries the soft music in between put in the mind of the listener. It speaks of the Wanderer's memories and emotions.

First one I heard, still the best so far. - waxythread13

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10 Smoking Ruins

So far the best, more balanced song between melody and gutural voices.

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11 Iron

Nice intro and beautiful song, true it is not the best, but it's worthy to hear. - scourge

First song (maybe the best) I listened from ensiferum, always listen like 1 time never get old.

12 The New Dawn

Great song that starts fast then goes to an awesome headbanging part in the middle and typical Petri solo and returns to the intro riff in the end.

13 In My Sword I Trust

This song isn't even in the top 10?! You have got to be kidding me. This is one of their best songs. I got into folk metal cause of Victory song and In My Sword I Trust. Just awesome...

Right, Victory Song and In My Sword I Trust are simply the best, classics already.

This should be at least in the top ten. My favorite song by them.

Cling your souls to your gods... İt is amazing,i love ensiferum

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14 Warrior's Quest
15 One Man Army
16 Sword Chant

This song takes one to a next level

Best song! Should be at least in top 5

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17 Treacherous Gods

How is this not higher? Excellent guitar and lyrics. The tempo of the song is just utterly flawless. I usually feel the bridge feels too off from the rest of the song to flow properly, but not Treacherous Gods.

Indeed, this song progresses incredibly well from beginning to utterly epic end! Brilliant!

This song progresses incredibly well as one listens to it. It's also awesomely epic!

Seriously, one of the best Ensiferum Songs - Amonferum

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18 Hero in a Dream

How can this song be 17?! Hero in a dream must be 2 to me! Just watch this song live and you'll see

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19 Blood is the Price of Glory

Jeez, only twenty seven on the list? This song is just so fast paced and aggressive, and the scream following right after Ad Victoriam is probably one of the most memorable things from Victory Songs. The break down, the chants, and the chorus are all so good; I can't believe this placed lower than Wanderer and Eternal Wait. Blood is the Price of Glory deserves to be in the top five if you ask me.

Badass! No axe stayed in your weak hand!

20 Stone Cold Metal
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