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1 Sorry You're Not a Winner Sorry You're Not a Winner

Just one of the best songs... no more words needed

That riff! And the song is pure electric. When its played live its amazing. Its probably the best sing ever written. I think they should send it into space.

Although this song is so overplayed, it has got to be their very best song. The riff to it is amazing and it is incredible when played live. Arguing with thermometers has GOT to be second. I love Enter Shikari so much.

Easily the best. - EvilAngel

2 Juggernauts Juggernauts
3 Destabilise Destabilise

Tell me you don't read the title of the song in the same voice as it's sung in the song?!

My favourite song, clear stand out as the best. SO original and catchy as! Can't help but mosh in my bedroom by myself every time it plays!

The powerful song by the Enter Shikari! The first time I've listened it I've thought... "This song will be my favourite song! "

4 Gandhi Mate, Gandhi

Love this song! The intro kicks ass and the lyrics are great!

5 Solidarity

Every part of this song is different in its own perfect way

The start of solidarity gets me so pumped.

6 No Sleep Tonight

So great, especially the melody change on the last chorus

7 Anything Can Happen in the Next Half Hour

In terms of brilliance, this takes the cake. It fuses multiple metal and alternative genres with a somewhat electronic background, this culminates into a masterpiece that I personally could listen to on loop for hours on end.

I believe it explain how the new young people are forced to embrace a new love. epic stuff

I play it more than sorry you're not a winner in my car everyday

Easily one of the best still has nothing on juggernauts

8 Arguing with Thermometers

First song of theirs I'd ever heard and I thought, 'well, that was different! '. Checked out another song (Anaesthitist) and thought, 'well, that was different too! '. Couldn't get enough of em after that. Impossible to pick a favourite because their music is so diverse and the varied styles of music they embrace and combine to build their songs around, is so imaginatively and masterfully done. Picking a single one is like listening to a Beethoven symphony and picking your favourite note. Arguing with Thermometers has a special place in my heart though, simply because when I first heard it play, it was the song that made me stop what I was doing and ask, 'what's this? '

Post hardcore, electronic dance breakdown, lyrics about global warming and oil crisis. THIS SONG IS AWESOME! - PhoenixIntergrale

What a song. should be in the top 5. so clever by the shikari boys. great song off an amazing album. keep it up lads

Catchy as hell! It makes you wanna mosh and rave, much like all of their songs

9 Gap in the Fence

Just the way they morph an acoustic guitar ballad into an upbeat house vibe, still with acoustic guitar morphed into, whilst still creating a sad atmosphere, is just so amazing, Enter Shikari are musical gods.

35?! Easily Top 10 material

10 Undercover Agents

The Contenders

11 Zzzonked

Amazing song, should be in the top 5, great beat and gets you in a mental mood

Such an energetic song! Gets you in a mental mood I can't help but mosh to it

12 Quelle Surprise
13 Keep It On Ice
14 Mothership

Due this should be #1... This song is unreal

I love mother ship so much because it has a really catchy synth part definitely enough synth and a ton of guitar, especially at the end when the guitar takes over and the band starts screaming... Love it so much...

Only played live at the concerts! It is one of the best songs I have ever heard. This song makes me happy in all aspects. If it was my way this would be the number one songs on this list!

I love this song so much! Rou going to see enter shikari in march.. I hope they play this song! It really stands out as their best song.. 'walk the plank'

15 Anaesthetist

12 what This should at least be in the top 10!

One of the best songs of ES!

16 Thumper
17 Sssnakepit

My Favourite one is Sorry You're Not A Winner but I love this one and became their fan because of this one, so is my second favourite and I vote for it

Amazing, the first song I ever heard from them - ruimoura

Insane song that I never get bored of.

One of Shikari's best songs :D Deservese at least top 5

18 Radiate

Awesome song! When I heard it for the first time, I couldn't help singing it all week long! This is their best song ever!

Best song ever. I don't have anything more else to say.

Come on guys, let's get this one higher in the list

19 Jonny Sniper

Meaningful, catchy, always makes you want to sing along, great song.

20 The Last Garrison

The first time I heard The Last Garrison, the drum and bass breakdown at the end, literally made me weep. The lyrics "still air in my lungs, still blood in my veins" are tattooed on my thighs. It's not my favorite, but it's definitely amazing.

This was playing radio 1 all week, the fusion of rock and dub beats is ridiculous

The best, I assure you



Oh my god so golden.

21 Stalemate
22 No Sssweat
23 ... Meltdown

Just best song ever and live is uncredible :-P

24 OK, Time for Plan B

About laser quest. When shikari where amazing and didn't sing about politics. This song makes me sing along every time I here it. Want to dance want to scream want to sing. Then this is your song.

Just a brilliant song overall. Everything about it is flawless and in my opinion, I believe it's the best song on 'Take to the skies'!

On my top 10 favorite songs.

25 Constellations

Best song ever written. Genius lyrics, that build up to an emotional ending that fills you with hope.

This son is beautiful, and has a strong message behind it. I am glad to see Enter Shikari was comfortable to go out of their comfort zone in this one, and they made a great choice in doing so.

Instead of hard and strong songs, they can also make beautiful and strong songs at the same time, which this is an example.

26 Adieu

Such a beautiful song its not something you would expect from shikari, but the lyrics are well thought out and it gets me all emotional every time

Best written song by far. Showing this maturity at that age is pretty outstanding

Proof that Shikari can create a strong and hard-hitting ballad.

Quite frankly a beautiful song. Cokes me up every time.

27 Havoc A
28 Dear Future Historians

I love the contrast this song provides in the minesweep album, a truly beautiful piece

Once more people listen to The Mindsweep this song should get a higher position.
Poignant, poetic and it's performed very well live.

29 Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here
30 Havoc B
31 Rat Race
32 Hectic

Their best song by far. It is so dramatic, climatic, and heart-stopping, while it is also a great high-energy song that you can have blasting from your car at max volume.

Fantastic synth and pace

33 The Jester
34 Labyrinth

I Love all of their songs but Labyrinth deserves a spot somewhere in the top 10.

Why is this not even on the list?! Favourite song from my favourite album. - sheep910

35 Pack of Thieves

"Don't be fooled into thinking that a small group of friends, cannot change the world"

Fantatsic track, deserves a bit more love.

36 Torn Apart

One of their best songs! I can't explain just listen to it

Amazing song, deserves to be higher

Incredible triumphant section near the end, definitely the best on the mindsweep.

As I heard this one first time I can't believe how close the lyrics are to my thoughts and feelings! Within a beautyful melody.. Listen to it and let yourself fall into the calm,worried and hoping side of ES. Love it!

37 Wall


38 Redshift
39 Take My Country Back
40 Search Party
41 The Appeal and the Mindsweep I

Best opener of an album since New Born by Muse. Never had a beginning like that on a gig as well before. This songs makes me go nuts!

42 Live Outside
43 Rabble Rouser
44 Acid Nation

Absolute banger! Disgraceful that it's this far down.

45 The One True Colour - Enter Shikari
46 Kicking Back on the Surface of Your Cheek
47 We Can Breathe in Space, They Just Don't Want Us to Escape
48 The Feast

Why Is this on 45? This song got me into shikari in the first place and nothing compares to the fast tempo that just makes you want to rave

49 The Paddington Frisk
50 Hello Tyrannosaurus, Meet Tyrannicide

Can't believe I've had to add this song myself, its sick!

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