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41 Search Party
42 The Appeal and the Mindsweep I

Best opener of an album since New Born by Muse. Never had a beginning like that on a gig as well before. This songs makes me go nuts!

43 The Paddington Frisk
44 Acid Nation

Absolute banger! Disgraceful that it's this far down.

45 The Feast

Why Is this on 45? This song got me into shikari in the first place and nothing compares to the fast tempo that just makes you want to rave

46 Myopia

One of the best songs on The Mindsweep and that's saying something since all the songs were potential "best songs" lmao

47 Step Up
48 Fanfare for the Conscious Man

I thought this would be so much higher, it's one of Rou Reynold's favourites

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