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21 Book of Days V 1 Comment
22 The Humming
23 Pilgrim
24 Flora's Secret

I love this song

25 Even In the Shadows
26 Watermark

Simply her best! Smooth and soft piano sends the chills up your spine

This masterpiece is easily a top 5! what's it doing at 21st place? People don't know it, that's the only explanation

27 Boadicea

Book of days and this definitely need to be in the top 5.. been listening to enya for almost 5 years now

28 Evacuee
29 Shepherd Moons
30 Less Than a Pearl
31 Someone Said Goodbye
32 Afer Ventus
33 Willows On the Water
34 O Come, O Come Emmanuel

This is definitely one of her best ones

V 1 Comment
35 Echoes In Rain

I played it many times and I keep playing it it's so relaxing!

Very beautiful music! Can never get tired of Enya.

V 1 Comment
36 Storms in Africa
37 Last Time by Moonlight

The most beautiful song by the most beautiful songstress ever. Enya has a hold on me,

(Spoiler) Enya's best chorus ever..

38 Aldebaran V 1 Comment
39 The Magic of the Night

This is a very underrated song that could only be found in "Sounds of the Season: The Enya Holiday Collection" EP or "Amarantine Special Christmas Edition." It should be a holiday classic because it's so beautiful. It's right up there with "Trains and Winter Rains" and "White Is in the Winter Night" as far as Enya's best Christmas songs go.

40 Tea-House Moon

Simply crazy about this song! A hauntingly beautiful melody I find myself playing and listening to it over and over. I told my family to please play at my funeral after my demise so when I leave this earth, I'll go out in style. Absolutely my favorite of all times!

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