Harry Potter Series - J.K. Rowling


Harry Potter is one of the best books I have read in my life. I believe anyone can read those books, even an adult.J.K. Rowling has taught us so many things, about love, friendship and never stop trying. Furthermore she created an amazing world that all of us would love to be a part of. The characters aren't perfect but the best thing about them. The Harry Potter Series had inspired me in many things in my life. They were amazing friends, who always have been there ready to transfer me into a new universe where I could laugh, cry and support my favourite characters at every situation they were involved. I believe they should be at the number one of this list, because I can't remember any other book, and believe me I have read lots of books in my life, that affect me this much!

Harry Potter is the most amazing book. it can apply to ten year olds, then be able to immerse a twenty year old. I can honestly say that Harry Potter was there for me while I was growing up. I was really sad when the whole movie franchise ended this summer. And yet, think, fifty, a hundred years from now, people will still read and love Harry Potter.

Its actually one of the best book series. Though A Song of Fire and Ice series is my favourite, I don't think any one can deny the fact that Harry Potter is the gateway of all the fandoms. Because of J. K Rowling I fell in love with books as it was my first series and changed the concept of magic, friendship in a great way. She is an amazing writer and I do have a lot of respect and love her a lot.

I'm sorry, but the Harry Potter Series is definitely the best fantasy series of all time. Yeah, it hasn't been around for as long as the Lord of The Rings, but it has already had bigger success. J.K. Rowling inspired generations to read books. And if some people would be able to look over the fact that "it's a children's book", maybe they would be able to see how many deep teachings the series truly has. My personal favourite is that you shouldn't be afraid of death, and that death isn't neccessarily a bad thing. Haven't really heard that in a children's book before...

Harry Potter is the most amazing series. Definitely deserves to be #1. Great plot, story telling, just simply amazing. I am in love with Harry Potter, and there's so many great lessons you learn in this series. I recommend picking up The Sorcerer's Stone and reading it. You'll be begging it doesn't end once you've finished the Deathly Hallows.

J.K. Rowling truly captivated all readers, young and old with this addicting series of hers... Written with words of purpose, and characters with dimension: these books truly outshine the rest. I think most will agree when I say that these books, along with the others listed above, are truly in a class of their own...

Harry Potter is, without a doubt, the best series of books ever to grace the shelves.
It's an exciting tale of friendship, perseverance, goodness, and love that truly grows as any budding preteenager would into manhood. J.K. rowling works words flawlessly and captures the art of storytelling profoundly.
I have never seen such dedication, laughter, and tears from any fan base like that of Harry Potter, because truly, Harry Potter lives in every reader.

The Harry Potter series, for me, beats out even Lord of the Rings. Yes, LOtR is flawless, but it's mostly recommended for adults. HP, anyone can read. Its characters are the kind you treasure in your heart forever. Even Hedwig will always have a place in my heart forever. It knows its characters aren't perfect in every way. Luna and Neville, aren't the popular-est, but they are loyal and good friends. Hermione, a know-it-all but good friend-always. Ron, not as smart as Hermione or brave as Harry, but the best friend Harry and Hermione could ask for. Fred and George, a great laugh. Dobby, the house-elf that has a special place in my heart. All the characters J.K. Rowling created I'll never forget.
Thank you, J.K. Rowling. My childhood wouldn't be what it is without Harry Potter and his friends.

Harry Potter is my childhood... I cannot compare it to any book I have evr read... hands down... best book of all times

I am recently enjoying reading the Hunger Games series, which is so far very impressive. However, this is the BEST list, and Harry Potter has to be number 1. 7 books of epic quality. Truly the best.

Thank you J.K. rowling for inspiring me through this fantastic series, for the laughs, the tears and the journey we've taken. Harry Potter would always have a special place in our hearts and will live on through those who are loyal.

Harry Potter taught us to read books in the era of video games and technology... J. K. Rowling is called the patron saint of Bookshops. Harry Potter should be number one.

The best book series of all time! It's great how all the characters have there own personality. Some writers just forget that all people have there own characteristics. - Eli

I absolutely adore this book series because of all the morals that it is teaching, and as fiction as fiction could be, it is very realistic as the characters experience things similar, such as the death of a loved one.

I've grown up with these books and love them. They are most of my childhood and teenage years that I will never be able to let Harry and his adventures leave my memory.

So many questions that will be answered. thoroughly developed characters, deaths that pull at your heart strings, battles that will leave you breathless and elated. thoroughly a world one would love to dwell in.

HANDS DOWN THE BEST BOOK SERIES EVER! I was hesitant to read it at first, but now it's my favorite. I read all eight books (including the Cursed Child) in eight months because I stopped reading for a while since I was on a two-week vacation in Florida. And also, I was very busy with other things. JK Rowling is the best author ever! I'm in love with her series.

I love how she matures as a writer as he matures as a character. The books eloquently deal with very mature themes with respect and humor the way people do in life. The stories lines and have different meanings
At different times in life. I love these books and I love that every time I read any other good adventure I always want to go back to Harry.

Though I really enjoy Tolkien, I have to say that regarding fantasy in even the slightest details and qualities as a writer, Rowling beats him! I can read her books again and again! They are so damn original and exciting!

Best book series ever absolutely incredible. Disappointing me movie, I wish they could have portrayed the series right so people would be inspired to read the books so so so good. A must-read!

The series of harry potter are so great, no book can ever match the harry potter books, J.K. rowling has to be one the greatest writers ever lived.

Best book ever... I can read it a million times and yet find it interesting! Every time I read it I understand it better and learn something new!

The series teaches you so much through loyalty, friendship, bravery, and growing up. It is now a part of me. In my own opinion, whoever reads the series, it becomes part of there life.

These books are and always will be my childhood. There isn't one time I never wanted to go to Hogwarts. This woman has created a world of her own that has to be real.

Harry Potter is #1. Not only was this my bedtime story from the time I was 3 to 5 years old, it shaped my interest in reading overall.