Best Epic Rap Battles of History Intros


The Top Ten

1 You shall not pass - Gandalf

Try to get top spot? YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

2 Fourth score - Abe Lincoln

"Four score and 65 years in the past, I won the civil war with my beard, now I'm here to whup your ass! "

I just new Abe Lincoln won from that line

3 Help! - John Lennon
4 The name is Kim Jong I gotta a license to Il - Kim Jong-Il
5 Look what the cat dragged back from the dead!' - Justin Bieber
6 I'm Big Ben Franklin in the shant be pretty - Ben Franklin
7 Oh boy! Look who we have here! - Sarah Palin
8 How you gonna battle, I invented hip hopping! - Easter Bunny
9 Let me just step right in - Steve Jobs


10 Gosh!, I can't belive how much of a little bitch you are - Napolean Dynamite

The Contenders

11 Spartans! Let's start this - Leonidas

So awesome. later kicks him in the hole from 300

12 Arrivederci - Christopher Columbus
13 I pity the fool who tries to step to Clubber Lang - Mr. T
14 Actually, if you don't mind it's just 'The Doctor' - Doctor Who
15 I am Adolf Hitler, commander of the Third Reich! - Adolf Hitler
16 Nice hat, dork - Batman
17 Before I let loose with this ruthless aggression... - Lance Armstrong

I'll let you be the second fat woman hearin' my confession!

18 Who's rap flow's the dopest? Marilyn Monroe's is - Marilyn Monroe
19 Whoa! What's wrong with your face baby. Yikes! - Frank Sinatra
20 Once upon a midnight dreary - Edgar Allan Poe

As I spit this weak and weary

21 How Dare You Challenge My Immortal Throne - Zeus
22 Oh is it me? Well here's my first issue - Deadpool
23 I'll school you in this battle of the baddest Bruce - Bruce Banner
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