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21 Sensorium - The Phantom Agony

1st song I heard of Epica... Instantly hooked... A banshee kind of voice...

This is the best Epica song for me. One of the first and best.

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22 The Second Stone - The Quantum Enigma
23 Never Enough - The Divine Conspiracy

Best romantic-gothic intro/it's a great sample for mixing the dark and bright music. Great work

24 The Quantum Enigma - The Quantum Enigma

Classic Epica. Best song on their best album.

25 Martyr of the Free Word - Design Your Universe

This is a brutal yet melodic blend of thrash metal, of course with the characteristic contrast between Simone and Mark Jansen's vocals. - petrucci75hammet

Legendary & inspiring one

26 Sancta Terra - The Divine Conspiracy

Simone's voice in this song sounds really beautiful with the instrumental. I also like the ending when the deep voices sing the chorus together

It share epic feelings, and I feel like if a where on the Sancta Terra.

This song is epic and eloquent.

Tells the truth

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27 Unleashed - Design Your Universe

Best song by Epica, it's made to be more mainstream, but it still conveys the band's best qualities.

I love this song, the ending is epic!

I'm in love with this song, I think is one of the top by Epica.

One of the best songs I have heard. I love the lyrics and how well it's put together

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28 Storm the Sorrow - Requiem for the Indifferent

How is this at 20? This is Epica through and through, it's the first song that comes up when you search their name on YouTube, and it's a beautiful song

My first Epica song, it's so awesome! It's got such a great melody and Simone's voice is perfect!

29 Quietus - Consign to Oblivion

Just gonna leave this like this.

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30 The Essence of Silence - The Quantum Enigma

This was my first Epica song and it's incredible

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31 Dance of Fate - Consign to Oblivion
32 Monopoly on Truth - Requiem for the Indifferent

Haha I'm here until you take this to top the top 20 at least. I'm a poltergeist now POLTERGEIST OF TheTopTens

Still not in the top ten... AND descended to number 26... YOU WILL NEVER LEARN -poltergeist

Listen to this with the intro song 'karma' and it becomes epic. One of the major works (well I don't know what that means now lol) of Epica and it needs to be ranked higher.

Hmmm I came here again to see this song is STILL ranked #25 :) this has become a matter of honour now. take this to the top 10. I won't give up before you do

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33 The Last Crusade - Consign to Oblivion

The main riff is an orgasm for my ears.

34 Internal Warfare - Requiem for the Indifferent
35 Once Upon a Nightmare - The Holographic Principle Once Upon a Nightmare - The Holographic Principle V 1 Comment
36 Solitary Ground - Consign to Oblivion

This song has such a beautiful chorus!

37 Unchain Utopia - The Quantum Enigma

Amazing track, perfect in every aspect, I would introduce someone to Epica with this one. Should be way higher in the list.

Epic orchestration and Simone's voice so beautiful. This should be the best of this band too. - InfinityZCraft

This song is perfectly awesome and epic, this should be in top 10.

My favourite song ever. Tears in my eyes every time I play it.

38 Mother of Light - Consign to Oblivion

I really love the choir parts in the song. I find them so catchy to sing a along to.

39 Feint - The Phantom Agony

I listened to a few of their songs. This by far ruled my world

Just one word to describe this masterpiece "ORGASM"

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40 Facade of Reality - The Phantom Agony

Simply waaaw the high pitched vocals are beyond anything words can describe

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