Top Ten Best Episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants Season 7


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1 Enchanted Tiki Dreams

In the beginning you would think it is another Squidward torture porn, in the end: also Squidward torture. The part you really need to see is the middle. SpongeBob and Patrick finally make something that Squidward enjoys. Best episode of season 7.

Squid ward gets what he deserves, finally!

Squidward's land may have been ruined in the end, but it was by complete accident, and not on purpose, or by total stupidity and carelessness (I'm looking at you, Smoothe Jazz in Bikini Bottom). Patrick just somehow accidentally (ACCIDENTALLY) hit one of the tikis, knocking it all down. Now, some people may be like, "WHAT THE HELL, PATRICK?! " and start attacking the episode. But the writers still found a way to redeem this problem. Squidward gets his enjoyment in the end, by swinging on that boat, knocking SB and Patrick repeatedly. Some people may not like that part, but looking at episodes like Boating Buddies, Squid Baby, and SJABB, they deserved that.

This and Good Neighbors are my favorite modern episodes.

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2 Squidward in Clarinetland

This was an awesome, cool, creative episode! For the new spongebob, the writers did fairly well. There is not a lot of good episodes in season 7, so this is the only one I could vote for. Still, it was a good episode.

What I like about the episode is for that it is memorable due to the disturbing trip-out factor, and how this rises also describes Spongebob's creepy interest with Squidward. (though it was already done in Squid's Visit) Overall, a decent episode. I hope someone makes a Roblox Obby based on this episode.

The images in clarinetland are so so creative and this episode is often overlooked it deserves to be a top 4 episode

Why is this episode so high on here? This episode is the worst Squidward Torture Porn ever, it's not funny, and it's actually really disturbing and creepy. I REALLY don't like this episode.

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3 Buried In Time

Definitely Not Bad for Season 7 - ChiefMudkip

I really liked this episode the visions that patrick,SpongeBob and squidward about the future are pretty good

4 Back to the Past

Best season 7 episode.

It reminds me of Ugh - lizard302

I've never seen this one what happens? :0

Why don't people like this? - Datguyisweird666

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5 Perfect Chemistry

This is not just the best season 7 episode, this is the 4th best Spongebob episode of all time. Also, I hate all: Enchanted Tiki Dreams, I Heart Dancing, Earworm and The Curse Of Bikini Bottom. Put this at #1 and put The Great Patty Caper on #2 or this list is the stupidest ever.

Bad list. Enchanted Tiki Dreams, I Heart Dancing are bad (who put you on the planet joke is actually mean spirited and stupid, everything but funny.) However, this feels like a pre - movie episode, must be #1 or this list is BAD!

Fart jokes that are actually funny.

Overrated - NostalgiaMonkey

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6 Greasy Buffons

I actually like this episode, I can't imagine why it is sometimes listed as a bad episode. Although it's not my favorite it's my favorite in Season 7. To me, Season 7 sucks, and it has no great episodes, only good ones.

I understand why a lot of people don't like this episode but I think this episode was trying to show how unhealthy fast food is and I think they did a good job at that.

I actually like this episode, it's another classic Krabs vs. Plankton episode

Funniest Season 7 Episode. - Alien51

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7 Love That Squid

So underrated and under-talked about. This episode was funny for me, and Squid actually has a happy ending for once.

Well I Like This Episode Because It Makes Me Wanna Write SpongeBob Episodes And Draw A Character From This Episode

If You Watch This Episode 100 Times In A Month You Will Be Obsessed With It

This Is Good(SUCCESS)

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8 The Curse of Bikini Bottom

This was pretty good, that gag about Squidward thinking he killed them was rather funny. - Rocko

Number one in my book - bobbythebrony

9 Chum Bucket Supreme

Good, but from season 6

This episode is from season 6

10 EarWorm

The episode was creepy but I absolutely love the song, it's so catchy

Musical Doodle? Doesn't that remind you of an episode?

I only watch it for the song. - Goatworlds

The only season 7 episode, that I would gladly put into my top 10 favourite episodes

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The Newcomers

? SpongeBob's Last Stand

I like the songs in this episode they are good for new Spongebob! I also think Sand Castles in the Sand, Chum Bucket Supreme (Chum Is Fum) and Squidward in Clarinetland were pretty good!

I'm very sorry to people who like that episode but I truely don't know how Truth or Square got on here :/

Is good once you get past the fact that it is a preachy earth day special.

Should be #1 not #2 - toy

I like this episode because it teaches about the environment.

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11 Wreck of the Mauna Loa

I personally like this episode a lot. I thought it was very creative for the new Spongebob.

SO extremely on the verge of CODE RED CODE RED Underrated! One of the best episodes of all time! - Alien51

I love the end when SpongeBob finds the real Mauna Loa.

Can you keep a secret?
Nope! - Rocko

12 Kracked Krabs

The only episode I liked after season 4. It has no harmful moments to the show and sported charming jokes. And what douche bag said Pal For Gary was hilarious?!

This episode was pretty good. - SuperNut98

My Favourite Of This Season Just Wish It Was Higher.

13 I ♥ Dancing

This felt like a classic SpongeBob episode. Not many season 7 episodes can say that. - Garythesnail

The thing that cements this as my favorite post-movie episode is, "Who put you on the planet? ". Definitely an amazing episode with great jokes and actually justified Squidward torture for once (holy god the fans finally got through the writers' thick skulls)

I loved this episode! Squidward is a jerk to SpongeBob, and gets karma at the end! It has the setup of an old SB episode!

Who put YOU on the planet? Ugh.

So good

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14 The Inside Job

Such a funny episode!

This episode is like "Plankton! " so it's kinda a ripoff but it's done so well that it can rival Plankton!

It's as funny as "Plankton! " And I think it's actually better because of this part

Plankton: "I HATE MY LIFE"

15 Chum Caverns

Actually, the first episode in season 7 is Tentacle Vision.

No. This episode is from season 6.

No, it was the first episode in season seven. Check SpongeBob. Wikia to find out.

This is episode 125b which is SEASON 6, not 7.

16 Growth Spout

One of the most underrated episodes of the whole show - ChiefMudkip

17 Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful

I would have loved this episode if it wasn't for that stupid cop. He gives squidward tickets for stuff he didn't do.

I thought this episode was so sweet because it shows we should treat where we live with respect & has a positive message.

This episode sucked, especially the cop, but its sister episode (A Pal For Gary) is way worse.

Too bad it's paI red with a palittle for gary

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18 Hide and Then What Happens?

I found this hilarious with Patrick always asking about hide and seek this should be in the top ten - RockStarr

This shouldn't be on here. It makes Patrick a bigger jerk.

This episode is very boring it should be lower - NostalgiaMonkey

I like this one. I like how ironically stupid Patrick is, and the appearance of "Patrick Not Star" was hilarious. And who can forget the End Of The World Café and Gift Shop? - Rocko

19 The Bad Guy Club for Villains

This Episode is definitely Great for S7, It should be higher

Remember kids you can't get aarested for reading

One of my Favorite MM & BB Episodes - ChiefMudkip

20 That Sinking Feeling

This was a pretty good episode overall. It had a lot of stuff. It was funny, creepy, and entertaining.

Personally, I prefer this over Chum Caverns. It's entertaining and has gags like the "Eat at the Krusty Krab" and Squidward interacting with Gary. - Rocko


21 Tentacle-Vision

This episode sucks. That is all

I love this episode, best of season 7

One of the better episodes of this season, along with SpongeBob's Last Stand, I Heart Dancing, and The Main Drain (Overhated episode) - Goatworlds

I like this one. I'd take it over A Pal for Gary or Someone's in the kitchen with Sandy anyday. - IcetailofWishClan

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22 The Main Drain

I actually don't like this episode. The episode just showcases Patrick's stupidness, and the end plot twist is one if the worst in SpongeBob history.

So underrated. - Goatworlds

Good episode - Gangem

They never air this

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23 The Abrasive Side

The back ripping scene was disturbing, the episode wasn't even very funny. just saying'

SpongeBob ordered a product just so he could be a jerk. - Goatworlds

The pain at the ending is what SpongeBob gets for what he did in A Pal For Gary - BlueSheepYT

This should be in top 5

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24 Karate Star

This and abrasive side should be way higher yet keep bb beautiful is near the top

25 Sponge-Cano!
26 Model Sponge
27 Rodeo Daze

My favourite season 7. I don't care what you say - Gangem

28 Whelk Attack

I actually like this episode.

Come on in the top 3

Ok am I the only one who thinks this should be in the top 10 best list?

29 The Masterpiece

Underrated but Decent

30 Tunnel of Glove

One of my favorite SpongeBob episodes of all time! LOVE IT!

I love this episode. Oh and there are a lot of season 6 episodes on here and some season 8

SpongeBob: AAH!
Police Officer: we're coming little girl!
Pearl: it wasn't me, it was SpongeBob.
Police Officer: thank you little boy!
That line makes me Laugh every time.

31 Gramma's Secret Recipe

I honestly found this episode to be pretty funny - ChiefMudkip

Meh episode until the end! HOW DID SHE KNOW WERE THE WRITERS JUST LAZY TO THINK OF ANYTHING THEY R JUST LIKE OH WELL LETS MAKE grandma appear out of nowhere she somehow knows that plankton was there very lazy writing

32 The Krusty Krushers

This is from season 6, not 7. And it's awesome!

What? This episode is from Season 6, NOT 7.

Please people lets get serious

33 One Coarse Meal

Don't kill me, people. I actually think this episode is good in a dark comedy thriller sort of way. Plus, I think Plankton wasn't actually going to commit suicide, more like a way to seek attention/cry for help.

Who ever likes this episode I will shoot them 4 times with a shotgun and run him over with a dump truck

Who ever posted that comment below mine I will hunt him down shoot him 4 times with a shotgun and run him over with a dump truck

Why is my favorite episode that low? It should be at number 1. - henry_danger_is_great

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34 Shellback Shenanigans
35 Stuck In The Wringer Stuck In The Wringer

And behold. The episode where Patrick acts more stupid than he does in ANY other episode.

This episode is Awful!

36 Trenchbillies

-_- I Hate This Episode Because The Stereo Types Are Creepy

This Episode is Really OverHated

I can't get the point why do you hate this episode I like this one especially the ending because mr krabs get tortured this should be at top 10

Why do everyone hate this ep I love this one especially the part where madame hagfish appears please stop rashing this one down for good sake

37 A Pal for Gary

Someone was drunk when they put this here.

This season is bad because of this episode and one coarse meal

What blows my mind is that there are 30 episodes below this on the list. It should be LAST PLACE! - SammySpore

That's my second favorite episode of all time. Please put it at number 2. - henry_danger_is_great

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38 The Great Patty Caper

How is this below One Coarse Meal?

Best of the season. - JosiahDBoss

39 Gary in Love

This one is Very Underrated but I think it needs more Praise, It's a very Sweet Episodes

40 The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom
41 Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy

Worst episode ever


42 New Fish in Town
43 Welcome to Bikini Bottom Triangle

This episode is the best Legends of Bikini Bottom episode, by far.

This is one of my favorite from this season. - funnyuser

Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle

44 Krusty Dogs

Very underrated episode.

Good episode that are on none of these lists.

Pretty good episode actually.

WAY too many weiner jokes. Not to mention this episode is bad.

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45 A Day Without Tears
46 Big Sister Sam

As a fan of Patrick it was pretty cool to see his sister and she was very funny

What?! This episode sucks!

47 Summer Job
48 The Play's the Thing
49 You Don't Know Sponge
50 Yours, Mine and Mine

I will never forgive patrick - ChiefMudkip


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