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21 Chum Caverns

Actually, the first episode in season 7 is Tentacle Vision.

No. This episode is from season 6.

No, it was the first episode in season seven. Check SpongeBob. Wikia to find out.

This is episode 125b which is SEASON 6, not 7.

22 The Krusty Krushers

This is from season 6, not 7. And it's awesome!

What? This episode is from Season 6, NOT 7.

Please people lets get serious

23 Karate Star
24 Growth Spout

One of the most underrated episodes of the whole show - ChiefMudkip

25 Rodeo Daze
26 Stuck In The Wringer

And behold. The episode where Patrick acts more stupid than he does in ANY other episode.

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27 The Masterpiece

Underrated but Decent

28 The Main Drain

I actually don't like this episode. The episode just showcases Patrick's stupidness, and the end plot twist is one if the worst in SpongeBob history.

So underrated. - Goatworlds

They never air this

Boring Episode That Dosnt Make Sence Also The Ending Is One Of The Worst In The Series

29 SpongeBob's Final Stand

It's already been on here and it's called SpongeBob's LAST Stand not final stand.

What happens in this episode I've seen all the other episodes on this list. Can someone sumerize it?

This episode is a nonexistent alternate title for "SpongeBob's last Stand" - Goatworlds

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30 Truth or Square

This episode is from season6, but it's good, if it wasn't for patchy the Pirate. I always skip patchy. - Goatworlds

Worse than Atlantis Squarepantis.

Never watch it, a waste of time

This episode is overhated. WHY DOES EVERYBODY HATE IT SO MUCH? - Goatworlds

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31 The Card

Not only is it from season 6,but it's terrible!

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32 A Pal for Gary

Someone was drunk when they put this here.

This season is bad because of this episode and one coarse meal

What blows my mind is that there are 30 episodes below this on the list. It should be LAST PLACE! - SammySpore

How is it in 22. It should be the last one!

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33 One Coarse Meal

Don't kill me, people. I actually think this episode is good in a dark comedy thriller sort of way. Plus, I think Plankton wasn't actually going to commit suicide, more like a way to seek attention/cry for help.

Who ever posted that comment below mine I will hunt him down shoot him 4 times with a shotgun and run him over with a dump truck

Who ever likes this episode I will shoot them 4 times with a shotgun and run him over with a dump truck

This episode is the best spongebob episode ever and it's better than any of these other episodes of this show including band geeks, choccolate with nuts, the camping episode, pizza delivery, frankedoodle and more. It was great when mr krabs drove plankton to suicide. The show has got better after this episode. Mr krabs is the nicest person ever. This episode deserves more praise than any other cartoon episode in the face of planet earth. It was hillarious and beyond cool. No sarcasm. Should be #1

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34 Whelk Attack

I actually like this episode.

Ok am I the only one who thinks this should be in the top 10 best list?

35 The Great Patty Caper

How is this below One Coarse Meal?

36 Trenchbillies

This Episode is Really OverHated

-_- I Hate This Episode Because The Stereo Types Are Creepy

I can't get the point why do you hate this episode I like this one especially the ending because mr krabs get tortured this should be at top 10

37 Tunnel of Glove

One of my favorite SpongeBob episodes of all time! LOVE IT!

SpongeBob: AAH!
Police Officer: we're coming little girl!
Pearl: it wasn't me, it was SpongeBob.
Police Officer: thank you little boy!
That line makes me Laugh every time.

38 SpongeBob vs. the Big One

This is from season 6

Again, this is a SEASON 6 EPISODE, not SEASON 7!

39 Sponge-Cano!
40 Model Sponge
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