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21 Spongicus

I liked the title card soundtrack. This episode is not bad.

Second best episode of season 6 next to Sandcastles in the sand

This episode is alright, but nothing really happens, it's just SB and Patrick running away from a sea lion at one point. Also, I don't like the end, and it feels like they needed to fill up the run time.

Pretty Good

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22 Giant Squidward

Great episode! I love it when SpongeBob and patrick are kind enough to make squidward a clarinet for him! It made him happy.

This was a Squidward Torture Porn, and there were kids SLEEPING UNDER SQUIDWARD'S TOENAILS! - Goatworlds

Even though this was a Squidward Torture Porn, it was just okay. Still wasn't good though. - Powerfulgirl10

Are you kidding me this epiosiode and the thing are awful they practaicly ruin squidwards life also cephlopod lodge is also like this

23 Gone

It was well made and funny, and had a reason why SpongeBob was talking to inanimate objects (i'm talking to you, to love a patty). This was a solid episode, aside from the ending. I would've made SpongeBob wake up from a dream instead, because even if that would be cliche, it would be less cruel to SpongeBob. - wolfythefree

Am I one of the few that liked Gone besides the ending? - Turkeyasylum

This episode was a well-made, funny, and creepily good horror story. It could be one of post-movie's finest if the ending didn't kill it. I'm voting for it anyways, though.

This episode is mean spirited and bland and the worst season 6 episode 4th worst spongebob episode. - quizmint

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24 Sun Bleached

I liked this episode, very underrated

This episode is kinda controversial

This episode sucks. People who like it are stupid

It implies racism!

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25 Ditchin'

This Episode Is Really Underrated And Creative Should Be In Top 10... - Ardan

26 Truth or Square

This episode would be so much better without the patchy scenes. The patchy scenes were boring and long. They just ruined the episode with patchy. The patchy scenes were longer than the cartoon. The cartoon part was pretty good but the patchy parts are horrible.

Oh sweet sponge believe it or not this shares my favourite episode with atlantis squarepantis! I don't really remember the patchy scenes though... I don't remember any of them so I'm sure all I remember are the good scenes.Still I can't say this episode is bad...Why do some people say how this episode is their least favourite of season 6 anyways? I don't really see why they say it EXCEPT for the patchy scenes.I know they must be bad because of all the negative reviews done on them.

WORST EPISODE come on people this? - awesome4567


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27 Gullible Pants

Boring and Uninspired - ChiefMudkip

I liked this episode a little

28 No Nose Knows

I actually thought the funeral for Patrick's nose was really disturbing. It was a very awkward episode, with a stupid plot. I would have this switch with Gone. Don't judge me because I liked Gone, please! - Turkeyasylum

I thought this one was kind of gross and overdone.

This one is underhated. This is an honorable mention for worst. Patrick's being a jerk and it involves plastic surgery - Wudzer

Its an okay episode, its watchable but the funeral was creeoy - poopmckenzie

29 Cephalopod Lodge

I actually like this episode. Even though this episode has a lot of Squidward torture, I think there are things that can redeem it. I thought the Cephalopod Lodge was cool, so we're the Feather Friends and I thought the sock thing was funny. Plus, when I was little, before I knew Squidward was tortured for no reason, I loved this episode. I love it, it's cool and the sock is funny, and it reminds of when I was little

I hate how squidward got kicked out of the lodge, but I guess the humor makes it up. - poopmckenzie

30 Pet or Pests

This episode was gross, The worms were creepy and disgusting.

How is this so high? This should be 1 worst

31 The Card

Whoever put this on here has no idea how stupid Patrick is today.

The reason it was on here was because it was a season 6 episode. - errrr

Please don''t murder me, but I love this episode. I think it had good jokes. I do understand why this episode gets so much criticism.

What the hell? Patrick was a TOTAL PRICK in this episode! Who would walk into a pot of fire, set a rare card on fire, and ruin the card when he actually knew his BEST FRIEND* was watching!?

*Not really. He pretty much hates him.

32 Penny Foolish

I completely agree with sketchysteve!

FUNNY - Alien51

33 Slide Wistle Stoogs

It was a bad episode because Squidward tortured himself.

So far it's my tenth best episode so stop calling it a bad episode for good sake

You spelled this wrong.

34 Patty Caper

This episode needs to be higher up on the list. Patty Caper is one of my favorite season 6 episodes, even if it does have its flaws. Besides, Krabs does get his comeuppance in the end.

35 Pineapple Fever

This episode was actually pretty good. SpongeBob and Patrick mangle ordinary games to the point that Squidward creates his own, and THAT game causes them to turn into animals! Weird but crazy and cool!

I like this episode! When there's a storm out I like to do those kinds of things, like play board games, watch T.V. and drink hot cocoa. I think it's a great episode! One of the best of season 6, in my opinion, aside from the really long gag about sponge bob telling Squidward what they could do during the storm.

This is probably the most underrated episode ever.

36 Plankton's Regular

Worst episode of SpongeBob

All this episode do is show that mr.krabs is the real antagonist of the show. One costumer he could not let plankin have. Mr.krabs is a major dick.

37 Grooming Gary

Spongebob Doesn't Realize His Pet Doesn't Want Costumes, Really? - ChiefMudkip

38 Porous Pockets

This is funny and underrated - RockStarr

For some reason I like this epsoide

39 Shell Shocked
40 Whale of a Birthday

What the hell? Its from season 4? - Yina

Squidward's version is funny and I like the mall scene

This is a season 4 episode idiot

This is season 4

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