Top Ten Best Episodes of Spongebob Squarepants Season 6


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41 Shuffleboarding
42 Professor Squidward

He actually served the torture, so I think it was done correctly. Plus, SB and Pat were funny and annoying at the same time

I think this episode was pretty funny & all characters where in character from the older episodes. And squidward did 'deserve' to be torchered as he gladly took a job that was for squillm, impersonated him, & knew that he shouldn't have.

Tick,tick,tick BLEH! THIS EPISODE STUNK. - puglover2008

43 The Splinter

One of the worst episodes in cartoon history

One of the most overdone episodes ever done by spongebob. Plus the plot was just idiotic.

Guys! The Person Who Made the List Probably Wanted to Include EVERY S6 Episode, so That Means Including "The Splinter" - ChiefMudkip

No - Gangem

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44 Dear Vikings

Get this off the list. NOW. - evil7

Boring as crap. Shouldn't be here.

Dear Vikings is above Squids Visit and Porous Pockets? - RockStarr

It SUCKED other then the Gordon, Gordon, Gordon, Gordon, Gordon, etc, This guy. - errrr

45 Choir Boys

Why is Choir Boys doing on here?

This was Squidward's worst torture episode.

Hate it so Much

um... - Brochach

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46 Boating Buddies

Third worst Squidward torture episode, behind Squid Baby and Choir Boys.

Are you kidding! This is the worst Squidward torture episode

Ah, My first Spongebob episode

boo! - Antwon

47 The Clash of Triton
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