Best Equilibrium Songs

Equilibrium is a FolkEpikViking Metal band from Germany... Their every song is in German Language... Here are the top 10 songs of them... for this list I have to work very hard... cause their every song is great... vote it please....

The Top Ten

1 Blut Im Auge - Sagas
2 Des Sängers Fluch - Sagas

I don't understand a word of German, but this song tops my 'most played' list... The music sounds beautiful but sad...

3 Ruf in Den Wind - Sagas
4 Wingthors Hammer - Turis Fratyr

Best song ever made from the best band on earth!

5 Der Ewige Sieg - Rekreatur
6 Der Sturm - Turis Fratyr
7 Widars Hallen - Turis Fratyr
8 Unbesiegt - Sagas
9 Mana - Sagas

This is Lord of the Rings music here.

One of the best metal instrumentals of the 21st century. Should be higher, maybe top 3. - Metal_Treasure

One of the best instrumental song I've ever heard. Should be top 3 after unbesiegt and blut I'm auge

10 Prolog Auf Erden - Sagas

Absolutely epic song. I especially like the part with the screams and blastbeats. So much power!

The Newcomers

? Heimwarts - Sagas

The Contenders

11 Wirtshaus Gaudi
12 Die Affeninsel - Rekreatur
13 Karawane
14 Wurzelbert - Sagas
15 Waldschrein - Erdentempel

Super song. It traps me to repeat it 360 times

16 Dammerung - Sagas
17 Was Lange WÄhrt
18 Uns'rer Flöten Klang
19 Freiflug
20 Heavy Chill - Erdentempel
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Top Remixes

1. Des Sängers Fluch - Sagas
2. Blut Im Auge - Sagas
3. Ruf in Den Wind - Sagas



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