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21 Let It Grow

Awesome song, lots of soul. I can't help singing this every time that I hear it. Beautiful... Last time I heard this I cried

It's the beauty itself. Let it grow is definitely one of Clapton's masterpieces.

Should be higher - a gorgeous soulful masterpiece.

You don't know me, but my name's Cy.
I'm just the O'Hare delivery guy.
But it seems like trees might be worth a try.
So I say
Let it grow. - Torchpost

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22 Old Love

George and Eric wrote this together, this friendship helped Eric stay alive I reckon. He didn't have family, and George was his best friend no matter what. They shared friendship, they shared a wife, they both broke up with their wife, they share their emotions and write this song about it. Simple

What guys? How isn't old love on the list? Clapton can't get any better than this. This song evokes so many emotions.. The best break up song!

23 After Midnight
24 My Father's Eyes

This song touches my heart... I love my father and in his eyes I find the answer to many things... I just love this song...

By very far the best Eric Clapton song. I'm not listening to any of his other songs

25 Hard Times Blues
26 No Alibis
27 All Our Past Times
28 Riding with the King
29 Pretending

The best for me

30 Knockin' On Heavens Door
31 Running on Faith

Just a complete song - reflective, mature and like most great EC songs it has recognisable "style".

How come this song is sp underrated. Its an awesome song, almost like tears in heavem

32 I Can't Stand It

I like this song I feel the emotions of this song

33 Hey Hey
34 Badge
35 Lonely Stranger
36 Please Be with Me

What l am is in the song's lyrics. A fitting likeness for a soul who is trying to be free like a gypsy.

37 Miss You
38 She's Waiting

Best song on Behind the Sun - conor8991


39 Before You Accuse Me
40 River of Tears


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