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This War is Ours This War is Ours Cover Art

I got my blood pumping when I listen to this song, the best song by escape the fate, Oh My God.. I love when he shout "my ears hear only screams", epic! Deserve to be number1...

Dude, this song is awesome! Such a great song! Listening to it rite now! Rocking! Love the guys voice, so cool! The screamos awesome too! Love Craig! Keep on rocking! Love EsCAPE THE FATE! HELL Yh!

The intro, bridge, chorus, and outro, are all perfect! Honestly, this was the first song that opened up my ears to listen to them. :D

This song is one of the best metal songs ever.. Both brutal and high vocals are great. Chorus is amazing. Such a great song.

Not Good Enough for the Truth in Cliche Not Good Enough for the Truth in Cliche Cover Art

SO GOD! Its about how ronnie and this girl are in love, but ronnie has to leave. When he comes back, the has changed but they still love each other. Then ronnie has to leave AGAIN, and the girl gets mad that he's always leaving, and since they love each other so much they kill each other to be together forever

This song is awesome! "Sitting in this room playing Russian roulette,
Finger on the trigger to my dear Juliet,
Out from the window see her back drop silhouette,
This blood on my hands is something I cannot forget, "

This song is just so yes, like actual heaps yes, I love it, it's so yes that it's yesness might explode if there is anything more yes though I doubt that it could be more yes than this epic piece of yesness.

I love every lyric in this song. It just portrays the song in a much beautiful manner and is not like the 'cliche' love songs you hear everyday.

Situations Situations Cover Art

Darling, what is going on? Honestly, that never happened. Lying is your favorite passion.
Leave me, go where you belong! Higher heels and lipstick napkins. Dying is your latest fashion!

Just.. Awesome song! This is the kind of song that does never get annoying no matter how often you listen to it.

I'm 12 years old, and I still think this song kicks ass. Listen to it over and over and it still doesn't get old!

I am 13, this is an amazing song. NEVER GETS OLD. I feel like whenever I enter a room I want this to play.

My Apocalypse My Apocalypse Cover Art

This is literally one of their best songs. I love it so insanely much. All their stuff is amazing but this is one of the best. For sure. I personally believe it should be number one but... Anyhow, I really love this song it is so amazing and like you really get into it and as soon as I hear those opening notes I instantly turn it up. I love this song more than you'll ever know.

This is a masterpiece. It has all the essentials to a great song. Plus more. This is one of the few perfect songs in the world. Defiantly a 10/10

This song is like the best ever of them!
Love the opening! I liked Situations to though:$
And This War Is Ours is also awesome!
This band just rocks!

"I need an earthquake to shake this pity off the ground. "

I love Craig and the band is doing great without Ronnie. But this song is just amazing.

The Guillotine The Guillotine Cover Art

This song just hypes me every time I listen to it. I actually knew escape the fate during their indie days. I've been so countless concerts of theirs and I still think this song kicks ass! This is an amazing song.

Love this song! The first guillotine is like the best in my opinion even though I love all of them

Take all the post Dying is your latest fasion songs. None of the have and meaning.
But this song can getcha growlin

Just sligthly below this war is ours, really deserve 2nd spot! Believe me!

Forget About Me

I love this song very much. I don't understand why people are still holding onto the days when Ronnie was in the band. Craig has been in the band longer than Ronnie ever was now, and his voice fits this band much better. I personally don't care for Ronnie as much, but hey, that's only my opinion.

Honestly, Ronnie's voice just didn't cut it. He's still good, but isn't fit to sing in this band. Craig is :/

This song is just so addicting!

Yall are annoying craig has been in the band longer than ronnie and ronnie has his own damn band now why don't you go listen to them instead of complaining about craigs vocals you dicks (which by the way are a lot better than ronnies but heY) and anyways stop always comparing ronnie and craig ronnie left the band ages ago shutu p anyways this song should be number one bye

Ashley Ashley Cover Art

Surprised this isn't higher on the list. One of my favorites, I'd put it around 8 or 9 at least, definitely not 14

Last time I was on this list this song was #9! How did it drop so low in such a short period of time?!?!?

My my name is ashleigh, stupid spelling I know. Fell in love with this song when my boyfriend dedicated it to me

Very catchy chorus, not my absolute favorite, but its up there.

Ungrateful Ungrateful Cover Art

Number 28? This song made me like escape the fate. I love Ronnie too but this song is just so amazing. I bought the song yesterday and I already have 87 plays on my ipod. Also the meaning behind the song is so good. Its sad what some people consider music these days.

Offended this isn't #1... This and this war is ours defines escape the fate, this is what they're about. Ronnie is a jackass, when he left escape the fate I threw a party man, I hate falling in reverse, ronnie please don't come back Craig is life so is this song

This escape the fate song is basically the only one I listen to

This song made me like escape the fate

The Flood The Flood Cover Art

This song speaks to me. I know that may be stupid but when I was younger I was taught to read in between the lines. That may sound cheesy to some of you but I grew up in a home where no one showed there true feelings and this songs makes me think about how every in life feel dumped on and left behind.

I love this song! I could listen to it on repeat all day long. I played it on repeat so many times that my little sister hates it! This song should at least make top 5!

This song is kickass! Certainly one of their best songs, easily should be in the top 10. 2nd best song on This War is Ours album, 2nd of course to This War is Ours (The Guillotine Part II)

This is one of the very first songs I hear by Escape the Fate and it to this day I still find it as catchy and awesome as before.

Something Something Cover Art

I absolutely adore this song! So Emotional and passionate! I relate to this song so much. This song is fantastic. Has great beat and rhythm; I wish there were more songs like this.

This song relly touch my heart, whenever I listen to this song it remainds me about my X girlfriend.
You guys are relly cool I love and always listen your every songs but among them something is the song that touch my heart so deeply, Rock on guys

This song describes my love life pretty much to the exact detail. I love it. The lyrics and chorus are beautiful. His voice is gorgeous I'm in love.

This song is so amazing! I really wish Escape The Fate made more songs like this. It's nice and slow but it has a rocky side to it

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Guillotine 3: The Aftermath

Inspirational to everyone struggling and especially those who are in the army. It empowers people to carry on, and has Monte's best solo, Rob's best fills, Max's hardest-hitting bass, and Craig's best lyrics.

Nothing describes the emotions going through many of our heads more than The Aftermath. Nobody could have made a better ending to the guillotine trilogy. Escape the Fate never fails to impress me. Keep on rocking. ETF forever!

What this is ETF's BEST SONG EVERR! The guitar is AMAZING and vocals and screams blend together perfectly. It has such a great heavy and beautiful composition at the same time what's not to love? Needs to be higher people!

Amazing riffs, lyrics, beat, and meaning. What's not to love? It's the best way to end the Guillotine trilogy.

Gorgeous Nightmare Gorgeous Nightmare Cover Art

This is an amazing song! I love it! It should REALLY be in the top 10. I guess no one really likes this song though... That's kinda sad.. /: It should honestly be higher than this, I listen to this song all the time...

This song is amazing! And speaks a true and hard truth about broken girls and what they can do to us men... this song needs to be in top 10...

This is a really amazing song, it's what got me into the band.

It was my first escape the fate's song and I love it

There's No Sympathy for the Dead There's No Sympathy for the Dead Cover Art

Really wished Ronnie didn't get the boot. This song and my apocalypse should be at the top. Who ever is voting has never listened to their first album. The 2nd was okay, but their 3rd, I wish it never existed.

This song have such a great lyrics, it's such energetic and Ronnies voice is abnormally good, but something that makes this song Number One of ETF is the greatest Solo and guitar riff after him in that song... It's God's creation!

How is this song not #1? Awesome lyrics and guitar gives me the chills every time I listen to it.

One of my favourite songs of all time! Love Ronnie's voice in the chorus.

One for the Money

Listening to this on the radio right now.. It's so dang catchy! It's their #1 song in my opinion!

Should definitely be #1. Really catchy and this song is the reason I started listening to ETF in the first place

This should at least be in the top 10! It's got a catchy hook and an awesome flow.

This should be #1 in my opinion. The song if fantastic. The riffs are great. overall amazing song

Issues Issues Cover Art

Recently got into Escape The Fate and while I can get how Situations is number 2, how the hell is this not in the top 10? I was expecting this to be number 1! Same goes for Gorgeous Nightmare? I feel that this site is normally pretty accurate, but you guys dropped the ball on this one. Seriously, what the hell...

Me and my twin sis definitely think that this song should be in the top ten. This song is awesome and me and my sis easily relate to it!

This song should be in no 3 or may 1 or so but this position is not right for this awesome beat blasting song.

Itss fuukkin awesome song! Damn it should be in the top ten

You're Insane You're Insane Cover Art

What 36?! These voters must be insane!

Dude this song is amazing! Why is it 21?!?!

This is the greatest song I've ever heard!
How is it not #1 on every list?

Picture Perfect

This song reminds me of the passed relationship I was in he never wanted to leave me and move back home, but he was forced too. hopefully I can see him last time. I would give up my eyes and my fingertips to see him again.

This song is one of those songs that means more to me than anyone could ever know, it's so meaningful and I love it c: this deserves to be in first place just saying.

I love this song! I really don't understand why it is somewhere here.. Should be withing, at least, top 10!

My personal favorite, but probably because I relate so strongly to it.

Until We Die

We are searching for the truth!

When I Go Out, I Want to Go Out on a Chariot of Fire When I Go Out, I Want to Go Out on a Chariot of Fire Cover Art

What!? Number 24!? This song should at least be in the top 10. This song is so damn good! Just the way Ronnie sings that line 'So, keep my casket closed, Your heart beats under the floor... ' Just so awesome

16? I mean its progress but lets get that Song higher

My favorite song

10 Miles Wide 10 Miles Wide Cover Art

Amazing! This is obviously top 10 in my book. Buckcherry's sound and their sound together, is really great. My favorite band!

The most composed and enjoyable song off escape the fate. Chorus never gets boring

Why is this 15? The lyrics are awesome and the music is awesome to

You must be deaf not to love this song

The Day I Left the Womb The Day I Left the Womb Cover Art

One of the most emotional and well written songs that I have ever listened to. The lyrics in this song are real and far exceed any other song that has been written by ETF, Ronnie Radke poured his soul into this song and this should really be number 1.

Why is this not at least in the top ten? It's so beautiful. I was so moved the first time I listened to this. It was the first song I had heard by Etf and is my absolute favorite. I can't help but sing along when I hear it!

This is by far the best song by Escape the Fate... Not sure why it's #31

The people voting obviously have never listened to anything Ronnie sang. That's the only conclusion I can come up with.

This song is amazing! It is very well written, meaningful and emotional. The story behind it should definitely put this song at number 1.

Celler Door Celler Door Cover Art

This song is awesome. Should be at least in the top 3, clearly.

This song should be number one.

The most lyrical song of ETF

I love this song it's literally one of the best ever especially because of Ronnie Radke in it only he can sing songs like that no offense to Craig Mabbit he is good but still

The Webs We Weave The Webs We Weave Cover Art

This song deserves higher place. Full of power and I really love ronnie's voice in this song

Such a powerful song. It's a perfect album opener and deserves to be in the top 10.

Oh the webs I weave... That s a great song full of passion and power!

Massacre Massacre Cover Art

How can this song not yet be in the top 10. Its got it all. Amazing intro, very brutal, catchy chorus, even the electro effect in his voice. This song is escape the fates best by far.

The vocal effects, the lyrics, the guitar and the drum beat is just amazing! Every day I find myself playing the beat of the intro/verses on my lap! :D because iT's amazing!

This song is jeezus! I have no clue why its not #1 here O. O


World Around Me World Around Me Cover Art

Its deeply touching! 4 stars deserve

This song is perfection

«I don't wanna be demanding
I just wanna know the reasons why
We live and die in a world of lies»

Amazing song!

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