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41 We Won't Back Down

This should be way higher. Like damn, Monte nailed that solo.

Why is this way down here! This song is great!

This is the 1st song by ETF I listened to. Can't believe this is down here

Great way to bring in the new variation of ETF. Thought it was a powerful start to an album.

42 Lost In Darkness

ARE you KIDDING ME LAST PLACE? COMMON? It's a really good song has a dark feel to it should be at LEAST I'm thw top 20

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43 Let It Go

The chorus is amazing and the bass is amazing and the drums are amazing and the solo is amazing and the singing is amazing, why is this song so low when it's so amazing?

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44 Liars and Monsters

How is this so far down! It should definitely be in the top ten such a great sound to it :) x

45 Let Me Be
46 On to the Next One

An amazing song with badass bass

47 The Final Blow

Come on guys this song is awesome!
So much power behind every tone
Its like you can hear them sweating from playing this gorgeous song
... Should be much more popular

48 Day of Wreckoning
49 Live Fast, Die Beautiful

Are you crazy. This song has to be in top 3

50 I Alone


51 Remember Every Scar

Strong lyrics. Very catchy. I listen to it over and over and sing it in my sleep.

53?! The lyrics to this song mean so much to me! It should be further up the top!

52 Breaking Me Down
53 Hate Me

Song of the Year!

54 Redline

The best song on the poor Album!

Yes! "We'll f****** Redline! " Awesome song that gets me pumped up.

55 The Structure Falls
56 Chemical Love

I love this song very catchy. Awesome lyrics. I don't thinks it number 1 but I don't think its number 52 either

This is a very nice song :) chemical love is one of the best 15 songs from escape the fate

I can feel you in my bone
Can you feel me in your soul
Great lyrics long live ETF

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57 It's Just Me

Are you joking? This songs amazing!

Guys... Are You Kidding Me... This Is The Best Song From Escape The Fate ) O)
Must Be Number 1...

58 Behind the Mask

Why a masterpiece like this underrated? , most powerful song ever

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59 Live for Today


60 I Won't Break

The breakdown

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