Best European National Football (Soccer) Teams


The Top Ten

1 Germany

They play great football. I am a die hard Germany football fan. They are very consistent and play nice attacking football.

Most consistent national team in European history, just can't beat the Italians when it counts.

Three times euro champions, three times world champions, three times euro runner up and four times world cup runner up

2 Italy
3 Spain

Spain is good attacking and defense, big duel is Spain vs Czech Republic.

Spain won the 2008 Euro and 2010 World Cup and are in the finals of the 2012 Euro

4 Croatia

Croatia are underdogs that are actually pretty good

5 France
6 Switzerland
7 Netherlands
8 Russia

Russia is able to achieve much European and world football, will hope that they will achieve a lot (I'm from Norway)

9 Portugal V 1 Comment
10 Slovenia

The Contenders

11 Greece

Greece is the only national football team that you can never win easily from. Even your team is from space and in the best day. Do not mess with the Greeks...

12 Sweden
13 Norway
14 Ireland
15 England
16 Belgium
17 Turkey
18 Iraq Iraq
19 Serbia
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