"Fallen" Album Review

Alpha101 I was really surprised with this band. Seriously. I heard that their lead singer was a female, and I instantly thought of lackluster bands such as Paramore and Flyleaf. It's not that women can't be part of bands, but almost all bands that have a female as lead singer, while successful, are average sounding to me. So I was hesitant about giving the band a shot, but I am so glad that I did! They are really talented, and this album was a nice addition to my collection.

"Going Under" was the first song that I heard by the band, and it let me know that I was in for a heck of a ride. It showcases Lee's voice perfectly.

"Bring Me to Life" is a good song, but not one of my favorites on the album. It was fun for the first few listens, but it quickly got old.

"Everybody's Fool" is a standout track. It's chorus is great, and the riff throughout the song, while simple, works perfectly.

"My Immortal" is, obviously, the best song by the album. It's softer and slower than all the other songs on the album. The lyrics are outstanding, and Lee's voice was meant for this. Even though "Going Under" was my first song by the band, this is the song that convinced me that this band could stand against a lot, if not all, bands of today.

"Haunted" is my least favorite. It's an okay song, but there's nothing really special about it.

"Tourniquet" is one of my favorites by the band. I cannot stop singing the chorus, and I always get an uneasy vibe from the song, which is probably the exact opposite effect that it's supposed to have on me. Still, great song.

"Imaginary" while not the best song on the album, is probably Lee's best. It really shows off her voice, and it's effect is powerful.

"Taking Over Me" is another lackluster song. It's not bad, but not worth talking about.

"Hello" is my second favorite off of the album. It's incredibly sad and convincing, and I love the ending lines, "I know I'm not sleeping, and I'm still here, of all that's left of yesterday." Also, it helps that Lee killed this song!

"My Last Breath" is a pretty good song. It's not as good as a few songs mentioned above, but it is impressive.

"Whisper" while a good song, was not a good choice to have at the end of the album. I just can;t take it seriously after hearing songs such as "My Immortal," "Hello," or "Imaginary."

Overall, I liked this album a lot, even though it does suffer from a few problems. Mainly, album was amazing, but the last two songs, which should be the most important part of the album, are nothing special. A lot of albums have this problem. They start out strong, have a great middle, but just kind of fade out after that. You usually skip the last three or four songs. This is one of those albums. For the most part, it's great, but the ending was lackluster. Still, it's one of the best albums I've heard in the past few years, and I can't wait to hear more from the band. I'll have to check out their other stuff.

9/10 - Great Album