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1 Bring Me to Life

I love it so much... Its my favorite song that dedicates myself..

Great song, tarnished by the fact it was the theme to such a tripe fest as the daredevil movie.

This song was the one I listened to after My Immortal, and then I found out that they sing rockish songs at well, and since then I became a big fan of them, I really love their songs! Her voice is just so haunting en amazing - 888mieke


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2 My Immortal

Yes, I AM a fan of rock music and don't normally like peaceful music but this song is just awesome! The lyrics are sad yet the piano music is so relaxing! Evanescence can really put more than one emotion into her songs, excellent job! Rock on Evanescence

This is one of my favorites songs of all time. A very nice combination of piano and voice.

This song transformed the way I though I absolutely LOVE it!
sometimes this song even makes me cry because it's so deep and powerful =, )

Absolutely perfect song in all respects! Lyrics, voice and music are great!

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3 Going Under

I can't deny the Bring Me to Life is their best creation but Going Under should be just next to it... Great music, song, composition, lyrics and above all it is the best music video by Evanescence ever, especially the underwater filming of Amy Lee, She is just fantastic...

Unlike Bring Me To Life, Going Under has a great music and the chorus and I listen to everyday this song. - 05yusuf09

So beautiful. It breaks my heart. I listen to it all the time! Sad, enchanting and truthful, this song is the essence of unrequited love.

Where is the sad? Heavier guitar, psychotic and dark lyrics, enough said. This song is very aggressive.

This is just as good as bring me to life, it deserves second.. Bring me to life will always be the top, but this isn't fair away at all..

1) Bring me to Life
2) Going Under - Just amazing.. This is one of their best songs
3) Every Body's fool
4) My Immortal

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4 Lithium

One of the best of her songs... gothic... both the music and the video.
very beautiful chorus.

For some reason this song always hooks me from the first moment I hear it. Her voice is so angelic and haunting at the same time in this song. LOVE even more than BRING ME TO LIFE!

It's most played track on my pc nice lyrics nice music and of course amy lee's voice quality is great which makes this songs special to me

A masterpiece only Amy can do.

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5 Everybody's Fool

"without the mask, where can you hide? Can't find yourself Lost in your lie" Chilled me to the very core the first time I heard it. Can't resist playing it twice every time I hear it.

I think this should replace lithium and be third, simple fact is that this song has a great music video to it, aside from that it is just better than lithium, not to say that lithium is a bad song but I just think that it doesn't deserve no higher than 5th

Love the message if the song and the music video is AMAZING

Everything is great on this song, no flaw

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6 My Heart is Broken

This should be in the top 10! Amazing Piano and Amy Lee sings it so beautifully! Just listen to it and you'll keep on listening' to it the whole day!

This song is truly amazing, Amy Lee has a wonderful voice. The piano music in the background feels almost magical.

Very heart touching song... It should come right after bring me to life... Amy lee fans please listen to this song...

How is this sixth, this should be top three

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7 Call Me When You're Sober

one word "AMAZING" I just started listening 2 Evanescence n I'm in LOVE wiv it! I can't believe people who prefer miley over evanescence! btw the theme ov the song is RED TRANSFORMS INTO PART-SINGER-PART-WOLFY LOL

this is an amazing song love it!

Like it a lot more than Bring me to live, or others that are higher in this list. Not played too often in radio what makes it more pleasant to listen.

There is just one word to describe this song and that word is AWESOME! I've been to 8 of their concerts and I even got to meet Amy Lee the lead vocalist and she was so nice! Also, I like this song because of the video. The part with the wolfs are awesome! Also, say another comment if u guys agree with me.

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8 My Last Breath

this song is great just listen to it... I love this song it should be on no. 3 or 4... VOTE FOR IT PLS PLS PLS PLS...

It makes me tear up every time I listen to it. It's that beautiful.

This song is just ausm... Must vote... It should be in the top 3... Yeah definitely... A beautiful mixture of metal and melody...

Their most underrated, and one of their most beautiful.

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9 Hello

I've listened to this song for hours on end... my favorite evanescence song by far. so much emotion and meaning.

it has that haunting effect on me that I just have to love.

I love this song. It's so beautiful! This should be number 5 at least. Inspiring and heartfelt. I immediatly tear up.

For sure one of their most underrated songs. Wow I thought my immortal made me hold my breath.

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10 Tourniquet

Wow! What a lyric. I love this song. There it is everyone, whenever you feel lost listen to this song because within the dark you will always find the light.

Wow, just... Wow. There's hardly a handful of songs I've listened to in my life, that actually made me cry, and this one really deserves to be at least among the top 5 songs. I'll be honest, I'm not really sure I like it better than Bring me to Life or Going Under (first song always wins...), but damn, this is great, in a dark and disturbing and depression-inducing kind of way.
Well, there are songs which are so depressing that they make you want to die. But this is the only one I know that's sad enough to remind you that death solves nothing. Give this song the love it deserves!

This is the best song ever I can't believe that this is so low I think it deserves to be number 1. I love how it is so evil and high projected. This definitely the best evanescence song and it should be number 1. I couldn't get it out of my head for two weeks and it really is an amazing song. I am begging here... Please take this comment into consideration and make it number 1. PLEASE tourniquet for the win

I first listen to this song after reading Tillie Cole's Heart Recaptured (Hangman Series). It has now been of repeat for 3 days straight. My Last Breath was my favourite Evanescence song until this one. Such a powerful song, Amy Lee may just be the best female singer in history.

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11 Imaginary

This song should be number 1! It's incredible and means so much to me. It is haunting and absolutely beautiful! Listen to the lyrics... :) I can't belive it's down this low! :(

You start to tune out and relax, then it hits you, then you disapear again into peace. Amy Lee's voice has outdone itself again. Lyrics amazing, you start to live them just as Amy writes and expresses them.

I have nothing to say
Because words are too weak and small to say how much I'm in love with this

People who vote bring me to life never listened carefully to this, whisper, haunted, lost in paradise, missing, lacrymosa, a new way to bleed, disappear, erase this, and some other that I can’t remember

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12 Lost in Paradise

Amy wrote this on her own in a very broken moment
She said she didn't think much about what she wrote
She just wrote what she thought is right
Love it

Such an amazing song! The first time I heard this song, I knew it was the best one off the new album, hands down. I love how the tempo changes from slow to faster and more hard core rock! This song deserves to be higher up there!

This song will be the new My Immortal, I'm sure! I like so much this song, I love the lyrics and also the music, it is perfect! Thank you Evanescence!

Best song ever

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13 What You Want

This song is real industrial metal, with lots of dimension in the vocals and guitar; should be among the top five. Try to listen to it just once and you can't, you will want to play it over and over again.

This song is my favourite Evanescence song! It has a very aggressive and vengeful theme which can really evoke emotions in the listener! It has one of the most powerful lyrics in all of Evanescence's songs 'Hello, hello, it's only me, infecting everything you love. '

This is my favourite evanescence song! The beats, guitar and chorus is amazing. Its different from her other songs. Deserves to be among the top 5!

Insane vocals! Sounds so good!

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14 Whisper

This needs to be so much higher.. it ain't nearly as good as haunted or everybody but still I mean 23?

Awesome in every way. From the guitar solos, vocal solos, and gothic theme!

It's in my top three! I like Tourniquet and Everybody's Fool a little more but seriously... this song is awesome! Pretty much any song from Fallen was amazing.

Such an amazing song. Every time I click shuffle, I hope that it comes up. Its both beautiful and satanic. Just an amazing song

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15 Like You

.. This should be in the top 5... Amy is at her best in this song.. You can feel it in her voice... The pain of loss is so beautifully echoed in every line... I can go on listening to it

It's amazing.. Amy wrote this for her sister who die when she was 6years old.. Her sound amazing and touch my heart

I long to be like you,
Lie cold in the ground like you
There's room inside for two,
And I'm not grieving for you.
And, as we lay in silent bliss,
I know you remember me.

This song is just so sad and beautifull, you feel the emotions even from the first piano part

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16 Sweet Sacrifice

This song hs inspired me to no end.

This song is so much better than Bring Me to Life. The guitars, the haunting vocals, and everything else about this song is better than Bring Me to Life. Every time I ask someone what their favorite Evanescence song is, they always say it's Bring Me to Life. I'm the only person I know who's favorite Evanescence song is Sweet Sacrifice. I really wish more people would like this song as much as I do.


My favorite song

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17 Lacrymosa

BEST song ever by Evanescence! The choir is so haunting and the old lyrics give it an even older feel but with the mix of modern words and lyrics makes an awesome combination!

This song is too gothic... This is the inspiration I've got in which I'm trying to wrote a vampire novel entitled moonlight chronicles each time I wrote chapters I try to listen to this song...

How is this 26? What has humanity become friends? This has got to be the bands most underrated song!

Totally agree guys...this song is tight..and spooky...and it should be in top 10

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18 Good Enough

I like Amy's voice in this song. It's so angelic! Beside, it's a really nice mix between the hardrock and the soft music. I like also the piano sheet that have been used in the 1st minute. Also the song rythm it's so amaizing. This got to be the best song by Evaescence no doubt.

Amy has one of the best voices I've ever heard... And the piano... It just makes this song perfect

I love this song. Amy's voice is so beautiful and it's literally like listening to an angel. The piano part is amazing and song is just plain beautiful.

Haha, this one of the few songs I can recall my original non-numbed emotional integrity. For that it gets my upvote. - Blackzelot101

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19 Snow White Queen

One of the best Evanescence songs and from what I heard she did not write it a stalker wrote it to her.

Amazing song! Why isn't it any higher on this list? The music and lyrics by themselves are amazing, yet together they are horrifically exquisite!

This song is my favourite. Quiet, then loud with the guitars. Its creepy, but powerful

My snow white queen!

20 Your Star

I love this song. It has so much meaning to it. It is also very unique. Both with tune and lyrics. I am obsessed with it. It is amazing and meaningful. Amy Lee's voice is like an angel.

Incredible song. Especially love Amy Lee's voice in this song.

Lyrically, this is Evanescence's finest piece of work in my humble opinion. I just love the message behind the song and how Amy interpreted in her own way. - philhenshaw

Great song and compared to other saddest songs (My Immortal, Hello, Lost in Paradise),
This song is make you HAPPY!
So relaxing and go to sleep. :D
Love this song. Amy Lee or "The Angel Amy" is the best.

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21 Haunted

How can this be out of the top 5 at the very least?!? I don't know something that gets my spine shivering more this song! Dark, spooky, AMAZING.

love the song, Amy Lees' voice is very eerie, and with the eerie tune of the music alone is just and added bonus in the beggining of the song

I agree with some of the top ten ( bring me to life, going under, sweet sacrifice, heart is broken, sober) but it haunted deserves to be at least like 6th, it's so chilling and dark.

Must be sped up a bit though with keeping the pitch at the same level... IT'S FULL OF EVILNESS! MUAHAHAAHA >B3

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22 Erase This

This song should be number 1, people don't know to much about this song because it's not in the radio, but if people looked for it, they will all love this song as much as I do!

This song is great and it really demonstrates the range of things that evanescence can do. This came straight from Amy's heart and you can tell as she sings with such passion.

Nothing could stand in my way

Erase This is my favorite song, this song must be single, is amazing, I love all of this song!

23 Taking Over Me

This track is definitely not suppose to be at #19, should be in the first 5! AMAZING track!

The transition from piano to guitar was great! I wish this would be higher on the list because of its feel

This song doesn't deserve this position. I think that it is much better than Bring Me To Life. It can easily go to top 10

This song is awesome it should be in the top 10 like behind bring me to life, whisper, call me when sober, lithium, everybodys fool and going under

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24 Missing

That feeling of loneliness, it keeps making you want to push yourself farther away. The feeling makes you colder even in clear sunlight. Creating a void of emptiness, with regretful emotion. The feeling of losing oneself, it positions you in the side opposite of your identity, creating misunderstanding and creating a false reasoning that you are the bad guy. This is the story of this person referring to their other self, trying to reason. This is the meaning behind the song. Slow but evident-as-sky self-destruction.

This song should be in the 10! What is it doing down here?! In my opinion it's one of their best. It's so beautiful and has so much meaning to it. I absolutely love it! All of evanescence's songs are amazing.

This song should be number 1... I surprised when I didn't see it in the list... I love amy lee...


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25 Weight of the World

my favourite evanescence song! should be at least in the top 10

Its so relatable! The echoes give me chills every time!

The last but not the least
Shows like everyone is clinging to you and drowning you down

Amy's vocals and the guitar riffs in this song fit perfectly.
The background voices in this song can kill you

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26 Cloud Nine

I just love the music its amazing awesome amy lee's voice is charming
Very scary, very creepy

BEST SONG EVER! I listen to this song 24/7 and I can't get enough of it... It needs to be in the top 5 AT LEAST! "If I fall, and all is lost, It's where I belong" I love that bit

This song is absolutely amazing and my favorite by far. Vote for it it needs to be higher on the list

This song is so underrated. I can't get enough of this song.

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27 New Way to Bleed

This is one of my favourite Evanescence songs and I hope it can go easily to top 10 if you vote it. It is surely better than some other songs who have better position

One of my Favourites and should be in the top 10. The intro to this song is amazing

28 End of the Dream

Song about real world she said
Love it the lyrics and the rhythm just everything is awesome

This one is seriously underrated, it's lyrically superior to many others above and one of the best on the Evanescence album.

Beautiful song, should be higher up in the list. One of the best on the album.

I'm waiting til I can cover this song. I absolutely love it

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29 Lose Control

This song is creepy and awesome at the same time, it�'s like those terror movies.

30 Breathe No More

Underrated by far... The subtle piano music is expressive and her voice filled with complex emotions and intricate thoughts, and her fragile instabilities. This song is a realistic, powerful glimpse at a relationship based on appearances and disillusioned love. Amy's voice is both strong and delicate, a haunting story where she is led to believe lies which break her, both physically and mentally. Her partner preys on her low confidence and self esteem, and shatters her completely. Beatiful, meaningful song.

If this song could be played in a dark place mountain it would give shivers to every one standing there, or if it can't it would mean that those person where not alive'

I can't believe this song is so unknown- the emotion put into both the lyrics and the over-all vocal portrayal of this song are moving, and by-far one of the most emotional songs Amy Lee has sang. Over all, a beautiful and meaningful song.

I can't believe that how couldn't this song be famous after anywhere but home. It's so ridicoulus.

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31 The Change

How can this be number 36? Why on earth am I the only comment? This is my favorite Evanescence song the lyrics are just out of this world.
"I've been screaming on the inside
And I know you feel the pain
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me? "
That part always gives me chills Love it!

I can't understand why this song is number 33. It really deserves at least a position at the top 15. Its lyrics are fantastic. Its music is excellent too. Please vote it to go in a better position

Amy Lee's voice is just so amazing in this, I don't think she's done a better vocal performance her voice just fires me up and breathes new life into the song.

The best song!

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32 Made of Stone

Awesome! I've loved it the second I heard it... "I'm holding out for you baby but now that I tried everything I realized I'm made of stone" not sure I got the lyrics right...

This song thought me how to be strong
Now I don't fear of anything

My favourite Evanescences song. So great music and lyrics.

Love the opening to this song and can relate to the lyrics.

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33 Lies

I bet there is absolutely nobody, who'd have heard this song, 'd have even a slightest of hesitation in voting for this number... Phew! The lyrics, the flow, Amy Lee... This song is a monster guys! It's hugh...

Arguably Evanescence's heaviest song and a representation of what their music is really about. This song is not only unique, but is FAR better than anything Lacuna Coil has put out. Period.

I love it its so good as a song I love the beginning she sound like ariel... Well it's my opinion

This song CAN'T be un place 28! It's awesome, but almost unknown. The screams, the lyrics, the music, JUST AWESOME! A bit of symphonic, a bit of slow, a bit of ghotic, screams... Awesome...

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34 Imperfection

Anthemic, beautiful, and truly inspiring. Their best since My Last Breath.


My all-time favorite Evanescence song. So beautiful, Amy Lee’s vocals are stunning, the guitar music and violin are powerful, and everything about it is utterly incredible.

35 Even In Death

I knew that the other evanescence songs are probably good than this song the songs tune sucks... But the thing that made me being obsessed with this song is because that it has a terrific story that will happen to break your heart... the song is about a girl who has a deceased lover... Which keeps on visiting his grave... The villagers would see her talking alone in his grave, they happened to believe that she has gone insane by the loss of her beloved, despite their knowledge that her dead lover is still visiting her and singing her a song... By the chance he made she tells her how she loves her... But then within the eyes of the people, no one believes her... The story proves that "even in death our love goes on" just like amy had sung in the chorus... Which made me cry... I am an avid fun of horror novels specially stephen kings novel... I have seen amys"s potential in writting the story of her song
She is a great singer and a terrific writter too...

Hauntingly beautiful. The section near the end where the musical break occurs, its tunes transcend human understanding and will forever be etched in my mind.

Epic! I adore this song especially the music part, amazing..

I love this song :) My favorite...

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36 All that I'm Living For

I think than this song is one of the best of Evanescence. It deserves at least a position at the top 10. It givew me a lot of energy. I can listen to it easily ten times in a row. Its music brings a lot of different but all of then good feelings

One the best Evanescence songs, totally should be higher!, "All that I wanted for"

Your kidding right?!? 51. it has to be so much higher

There is so much power in this.

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37 Bleed (I Must Be Dreaming)

This has a good intro and good feel as it portrays the way Amy Lee is feeling and how she may go about tackling these problems. it also reflects the way her mind works and how she is in a such a way that we can relate to her problems and maybe even come to realise them. it helps people to tackle what may be bothering them and I just love the crap out of these songs here. good on ya Amy!

This song is amazingly addictive that begins with a short and catchy yet dark guitar instrumental and it ends with Amy's and Ben's chilling vocals as they quietly repeat the chorus while the song fades out. It's by far one of their darkest songs. In my opinion, Bring Me to Life and My Immortal are quite overrated compared to their earliest stuff like this.

This song is so great I keep replaying it I love how the "we all live and we all die" part sounds its just an amazing song so addictive

This might be hands down one of the strongest songs I've ever heard. Her voice is flawless when she sings that chorus. "It's not what it seems, not what you think." If only it were a little less obscure

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38 Oceans

Simply awesome, this song needs to be somewhere in top 20 at least. Although not that known unfortunatly

Very good song! My favorite!

Better than What You Want...

This is one of their best songs

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39 Farther Away

Really this song is so far down. This is easily one of my top 5. Who made this list?!. More people must listen to this song otherwise your just missing out majorly!

This song is so cool! But why is it so down here... :'(
Listen to it and then vote for it! It should have been a bit on top!

I love this song so much but it should be at number 3 not way down here that is not kool.

Agreed, this is an awesome song! Should be top ten.

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40 Together Again

itz really cool if nt the best hehe it should be in a higher position - lookmyeyes

My best one after Bring me to life

41 Away From Me

Amazing song if you feel like you're losing your grip on reality

42 Never Go Back

This song is just so awesome, it can have so many deep meanings and the part where she goes "the only world I've ever known sleeps beneath the waves but I'm the one who's drowning" just gives me chills

It makes me think of the Percy Jackson series or the Heroes of Olympus. The lyrics match the stories. The melody is fantastic!

Amy Lee on "Never Go Back":

"It wasn't about my life so much... When we first got into pre-production, the earthquakes and tsunami happened in Japan, and we were all just totally glued to paying attention to it, all these incredibly heartbreaking images, and we just [thought], 'Wow, ' " she said. "And I was thinking about it a lot. It was consuming my mind, and we were working on that song at the same time. I was kind of working on lyrics at night; we'd practice all day, and I'd go home at night and be working on lyrics by myself. And I came in the next day and was like, 'Guys, I'm going to make this song about the tsunami. ' "

My first reaction to when I heard this song: :D :D :D
Laugh out loud but seriously, it should be in the top 3 AT LEAST!

43 Surrender
44 Forgive Me

This is my favorite, too. It reminds me of The Three Stooges Movie. After the breakup between him and Larry and Curly, Moe somewhat realizes that he needs his friends more than they need him.
It doesn't make me cry, though.

45 The Last Song I'm Wasting On You

It's orgasmic... Her voice, the rhythm, such a masterpiece... It's sad that it isn't in an album yet! But anyway I can listen to it all day long! It actually makes me wanna cry!

Its sad that such a beautiful song is ranked 71 because not many people know about this song since it isn't in any album. But this song as soulful as it is, is a masterpiece. Love Amy Lee and her hauntingly angelic voice

Please put this at #1. I actually don't like some songs that are ranked better than this. But this one, it must be #1.

Easily in top 5!

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46 October

I've known of this song for quite some time now, and one thing I've established is that I can never get the way she says "I'm sorry" out of my head. Whenever something goes wrong, those lines of the song come into my head, "I'm sorry--I'm sorry! "

Though I tried to forget,
You're all that am.
Take me home.
I'm through fighting this.

Such a beautiful song, you can hear the longing, hurt and love in her voice. The only reason I believe it is so low on this list is because not many people have heard it so they don't know about it! My #1 Evanescence song

This is their most beautiful song. Underrated by far :( This deserves to be somewhere in the top ten it's just too beautiful!

This is her best song for me this year. just heard it a few days ago and loved it.

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47 The Only One

Her range in this is amazing! Trying to sing to this makes you realize how amazing her vocal range really is!

I think this song is just amazing. A little different than the rest. Unique

It features my favorite Evanescence line "We're all grieving lost and bleeding

This song has a good melody and her voice makes it even better

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48 Eternal

Not deserving of top ten, but deserves some recognition at least.

Deserves top ten an instrumental and deeply emotional song

49 Swimming Home

It Is A Type Of Song That Replicates A life Of A Broken Person. When My Friends Heard It They Were Crying So Badly. My Favorite Line Is "They Are Here It's My Time" :(

So deep but still with a radiating and powerful message, and not harsh, with the level of peace that makes their music so different from everything else and itself. Should be top ten!

So calming and so beautiful... The song shows how beautiful the words 'I adore you' truly R.It allows you to be at peace with yourself

How is Swimming Home so low? This is easily the 2nd best Evanescence song (after Lost in Paradise. ) Needs to be in the top 5.

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50 The Other Side

I actually think this is their best song. I can't stop listening to it over and over. It's so emotional and uplifting. It's not as popular because it's still pretty new.

This may not be THE best song but it is right there with the good ones!

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