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41 Farther Away

Really this song is so far down. This is easily one of my top 5. Who made this list?!. More people must listen to this song otherwise your just missing out majorly!

This song is so cool! But why is it so down here... :'(
Listen to it and then vote for it! It should have been a bit on top!

I love this song so much but it should be at number 3 not way down here that is not kool.

Agreed, this is an awesome song! Should be top ten.

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42 Together Again

itz really cool if nt the best hehe it should be in a higher position - lookmyeyes

My best one after Bring me to life

43 Never Go Back

This song is just so awesome, it can have so many deep meanings and the part where she goes "the only world I've ever known sleeps beneath the waves but I'm the one who's drowning" just gives me chills

It makes me think of the Percy Jackson series or the Heroes of Olympus. The lyrics match the stories. The melody is fantastic!

My first reaction to when I heard this song: :D :D :D
Laugh out loud but seriously, it should be in the top 3 AT LEAST!

Amy Lee on "Never Go Back":

"It wasn't about my life so much... When we first got into pre-production, the earthquakes and tsunami happened in Japan, and we were all just totally glued to paying attention to it, all these incredibly heartbreaking images, and we just [thought], 'Wow, ' " she said. "And I was thinking about it a lot. It was consuming my mind, and we were working on that song at the same time. I was kind of working on lyrics at night; we'd practice all day, and I'd go home at night and be working on lyrics by myself. And I came in the next day and was like, 'Guys, I'm going to make this song about the tsunami. ' "

44 Away From Me

Amazing song if you feel like you're losing your grip on reality

45 October

I've known of this song for quite some time now, and one thing I've established is that I can never get the way she says "I'm sorry" out of my head. Whenever something goes wrong, those lines of the song come into my head, "I'm sorry--I'm sorry! "

Though I tried to forget,
You're all that am.
Take me home.
I'm through fighting this.

Such a beautiful song, you can hear the longing, hurt and love in her voice. The only reason I believe it is so low on this list is because not many people have heard it so they don't know about it! My #1 Evanescence song

This is their most beautiful song. Underrated by far :( This deserves to be somewhere in the top ten it's just too beautiful!

I love this song. It's one of my most favorite songs EVER!

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46 Forgive Me

This is my favorite, too. It reminds me of The Three Stooges Movie. After the breakup between him and Larry and Curly, Moe somewhat realizes that he needs his friends more than they need him.
It doesn't make me cry, though.

47 Swimming Home

It Is A Type Of Song That Replicates A life Of A Broken Person. When My Friends Heard It They Were Crying So Badly. My Favorite Line Is "They Are Here It's My Time" :(

So deep but still with a radiating and powerful message, and not harsh, with the level of peace that makes their music so different from everything else and itself. Should be top ten!

So calming and so beautiful... The song shows how beautiful the words 'I adore you' truly R.It allows you to be at peace with yourself

How is Swimming Home so low? This is easily the 2nd best Evanescence song (after Lost in Paradise. ) Needs to be in the top 5.

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48 Solitude

It's such a relatable song and it's also one of the most straightforward. The melody will stay in your head with its simple yet hauntingly amazing melody

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49 Surrender
50 Anything For You

59? This is the song that got me into Evanescence! It's got awesome electronic elements, a gorgeously dark sound, and amazing lyrics!

"I'll believe all you lies" "Just pretend hat you love me"... Great song too... But I have all the songs in the top 10.. ! - archiesweirdmysteries

I Love this song! I don't care what anyone else says, its still my favouret Evanescence song. SO VOTE FOR IT O_O

51 Forever Gone, Forever You


52 Field of Innocence

This is not one of her best known songs, but its in my top 5 favorites I do recommend checkng out this song. it has awesome piano, and amazing vocals

One of their best songs, It's very emotional and very haunting. It's in my top 5.

This song is pure beauty, just listening to it gives me goosebumps, it should be on the top 10.

AMAZING song I cry when I hear it and the Latin hymn

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53 Eternal

Not deserving of top ten, but deserves some recognition at least.

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54 Thoughtless

What? Is it 54th? No! No! It must be 24th!

It's a cover, but I really love it and listen to it a lot when I'm hurt

This Is Better Than Korn's Version

55 Where Will You Go

I feel like Amy is speaking directly to me when I listen to this song. It's a song about a person feeling lost in the world, not knowing what to pursue next. This song isn't as well known, but it's sure worth taking a look into.

I love the fact David sings with her as well it just gives it a punch

56 If You Don't Mind

This song deserves a much better position in this list. It cans easily have at least a position in top 30.

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57 Secret Door

Now she comes back to reality saying that she wants to fly, (as I explained above), she wants to let go, and unlock the heavens in my mind. Either she means she wants to belive in her mind, in her life. She wants to live this perfect life with him, her "heavens", so maybe just maybe, someday in real life her lover will find her once more in their secret door, there most loved and secret spot that no one knows.
She finally comes back to her senes and asks her self: " Should I look past all this love and realise it was all a dream, that there is no point afterwards, that it will become as if it was a dream in the after life. And finally she says: " If I truley love life, than this love will go on, and life will go on", eventully telling us that she has not loved life, after knowing since the beginning that her lover and herself are lost apart.

I love this song, since the day it came out. LOVE YOU AMY LEE! Your are a GENIUS

Amy Rocks this song with only her voice and a harp she has a celestial voice on her

58 Find a Way
59 Sick

I love it when amy says " they don't understand how sick we are "

I listen to this song whenever I'm mad at someone or something. I love the meaning of this song.

Great song to rock out to when you've had a busy day

This song have alote of meaning to me. so powerful and strong

60 You

Amy didn't wanted this song to be released, not anymore at least, some pages even have removed its lyrics due to amy lee wish because it was very personal, and sure she doesn't feel the lyrics anymore. Anyways I love it, another masterpiece of her

I love this song because it's a loss of love, though it shows how dragging out it is, whether it's at the fault of death or not... I don't find it fully explainable, actually, but it's a haunting feeling, love. That's all I can say.

What!? This song should be higher up on the list. It's a beautiful song.

This song was written for moody and special

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