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61 Before the Dawn Before the Dawn

I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH the songs meaning is very deep its bout someone she loved ever so deeply and now the only way was she sees them is by dreaming, She hopes that when he appears in her dream that she will never wake and her dream will be reality like it once was. However she knows that its just a dream. This dream only belongs to her and her love.

This is an incredibly beautiful song. All of Evanescence's songs are beautiful, of course, but this one is really something special - so hypnotic and ethereal, with so much longing and tender love in the lyrics. Amy Lee is at her most brilliant in love songs, and this is no exception.

Why is it not on the list? Amazing vocals.. Love it so much.

This should be at least top 20/ top 10, I don't know why, such a great song

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62 Find a Way
63 Sick Sick

I listen to this song whenever I'm mad at someone or something. I love the meaning of this song.

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64 You

Amy didn't wanted this song to be released, not anymore at least, some pages even have removed its lyrics due to amy lee wish because it was very personal, and sure she doesn't feel the lyrics anymore. Anyways I love it, another masterpiece of her

I love this song because it's a loss of love, though it shows how dragging out it is, whether it's at the fault of death or not... I don't find it fully explainable, actually, but it's a haunting feeling, love. That's all I can say.

What!? This song should be higher up on the list. It's a beautiful song.

This song was written for moody and special

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65 Exodus
66 Say You Will Say You Will

Stunning, I love the guitar, drums, and excellent vocals. It is extremely decisive and headstrong. I love the empowerment that is associated with the song. It says, "make up your mind, I have already made up mine. Get out of here if you are unsure of yourself. "

This song ROCKS I love the guitar at the start keep it up Terry and Troy

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67 Sally's Song

This was Amy's amazing cover of Sally's Song from Nightmare before Christmas, off the Nightmare Revisited album.

I hear this song and think of my life with all it's problems, and this song relates to me, so much it's creepy.

Are you kidding me this song is actually from the movie "a nightmare before chrismas"...although it has this melancholic mourning theme...

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68 If You Don't Mind

This song deserves a much better position in this list. It cans easily have at least a position in top 30.

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69 Zero
70 Take Cover
71 Listen to the Rain

This is a good one. I didn't know it was her at first

72 Goodnight

A lullaby I know us evheads will most likely sing, once we've had them, to our children when they can't sleep.

73 So Close
74 Your Love
75 Faixa Five
76 Ascension of the Spirit
77 Give Unto Me V 1 Comment
78 Heart-Shaped Box
79 Numb

This is a Linkin Park song but very great cover. Best Evanescence cover and I love Amy Lee.
She's voice is an angel. Piano and the tune is perfect. But Chester and Mike is better. Love you Linkin Park and Evanescence.

Strike 1: It's Amy Lee's sister who made that cover, not Amy.
Strike 2: It's a Linkin Park song - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

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