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61 Exodus
62 Say You Will

Stunning, I love the guitar, drums, and excellent vocals. It is extremely decisive and headstrong. I love the empowerment that is associated with the song. It says, "make up your mind, I have already made up mine. Get out of here if you are unsure of yourself. "

This song ROCKS I love the guitar at the start keep it up Terry and Troy

67? What's up w/ this?

63 Sally's Song

This was Amy's amazing cover of Sally's Song from Nightmare before Christmas, off the Nightmare Revisited album.

I hear this song and think of my life with all it's problems, and this song relates to me, so much it's creepy.

Are you kidding me this song is actually from the movie "a nightmare before chrismas"...although it has this melancholic mourning theme...

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64 Zero
65 Take Cover
66 Listen to the Rain

This is a good one. I didn't know it was her at first

67 Goodnight

A lullaby I know us evheads will most likely sing, once we've had them, to our children when they can't sleep.

68 So Close
69 Anywhere

this song is so deap the semi tones really bring out the soul of the song
it gives me shivers down my back it's like a pleasent torture

This is a BEAUTIFUL song! All of her songs have gat meanings but I find this has an amazing meaning. I feel like crying every time I listen to it, :')

Lovely song, anything's possible especially when you live someone..
Just absolutely amazing!

What I don't get is that how this song has been left out... it's as if it has barely been heard by anyone...

I'm positive if it was part Fallen and not Origin it would have scored even higher than Bring Me to Life.

Basically one of THE greatest songs ever!

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70 The Last Song I'm Wasting On You

It's orgasmic... Her voice, the rhythm, such a masterpiece... It's sad that it isn't in an album yet! But anyway I can listen to it all day long! It actually makes me wanna cry!

Please put this at #1. I actually don't like some songs that are ranked better than this. But this one, it must be #1.

Love this song. it has made me cry a couple times

It makes me wanna cry! It's the perfect song!
I love evanescence more than life itself!

71 Give Unto Me V 1 Comment
72 Understanding (Wash It All Away)

Why isn't that song under the top 10. Its one of my favourite songs from evanescence... Just love the song!
i think you should listen to it if you don't know it, because it is very great

This is one EPIC song.. Sends shivers down my spine every time.. Should be in the top five.. Oh my god..

Great song. Should in the top 10

This song should be at the top 5. It's very beautifull. It gives me chills

73 Disappear

Definitely the new album's saving grace. That and Secret Door. I heard them play this song played live the first time ever and the added solo is surreal. Definitely worth $11 to go see Evanescence and Halestorm live in the same concert - acetrainerhaley

! Why this song is too low! THIS SONG IS EXCELLENT! Better than bring me to life! Believe me, go and listen! This is real rock, SO POWERFUL!

Amazing song, just listen and you'll fall in love with it

One of my favourites, love when Amy says 'don't you want to feel? ' Such a great song!

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74 Heart-Shaped Box
75 Numb

This is a Linkin Park song but very great cover. Best Evanescence cover and I love Amy Lee.
She's voice is an angel. Piano and the tune is perfect. But Chester and Mike is better. Love you Linkin Park and Evanescence.

Linkin Park forever! Evanescence good job!

Strike 1: It's Amy Lee's sister who made that cover, not Amy.
Strike 2: It's a Linkin Park song - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

76 Your Love
77 Angel of Mine V 1 Comment
78 Faixa Five
79 Ascension of the Spirit
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