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1 Cold (But I'm Still Here) Cold (But I'm Still Here) Cover Art

Just a great song overall. Very emotional and great lyrics. Great band and amazing singer.

Amazing Song The Singer has a good voice. It's a very raw emotionless song.

The song that started by addiction to Evans Blue and Parabelle. I can't get enough of it.

Best Emotional Hard Rock Song

2 Erase My Scars Erase My Scars Cover Art

Chorus is amazing. Barely edges out cold (but I'm still here)

This is heavy like hell...
Amazing... Head blasting song..

Everything about this song is amazing, its mild and hard at the same time and it sounds better than any other song by Evans Blue, I like "This Time its Different", but this song destroys it

Great lyrics.

3 This Time It's Different This Time It's Different Cover Art

Man what should I say about this song? Its words and chords are very powerful.
This band is totally the successor of breaking benjamin, which is the best band right now.

So much emotion in this song, really helps to get me those last few reps during my workouts

This band is really the next breaking benjamin ; amazing band amazing vocals ; bright future for those guys

4 Beg Beg Cover Art

One of the best alternative rock song out there with a unique melody. Deserves top spot in my humble opinion than Erase My Scars that sounds generic.

Addictive melody, great chorus, and a fantastic last 30 seconds.

My favorite Evan's Blue song!

5 Eclipsed Eclipsed Cover Art

Great song! That's all I can say about this one.. This song really deserves a better place up in high.. Please vote for this song cause it's really great

I think it's a great song.. It deserves a better place up in high... Vote for this song... Just give a listen... And I love the pursuit alott... But this song is not that bad...

Listen than vote stupid... Then you'll know which song is beter.. If you haven't listen to this song then give it a try.. It's a worthy song for top spot...

This should be number one. All the songs above it are good, but don't come close to this

6 The Pursuit The Pursuit Cover Art

The Pursuit = best single from all of 'em. Beg comes in a close second. Other fantastic songs that didn't make the top ten (worth a listen): Bulletproof, Q (Best one of our lives), The Future in the End, The Tease, In A Red Dress And Alone, Dear Lucid Our time is Right now. Go look these up, I guarantee it's worth it.

Absolutely the best song they have ever made. Beg is the only song that compares to this single.

7 Say It Say It Cover Art

Best song you will ever listen by eve blues

Only song I've heard from this band

8 Warrior Warrior Cover Art

That should be on number 2 or 3 this is a great songs with great vocal

Its simply an awesome song. It should pick up the first place

9 Beyond the Stars Beyond the Stars Cover Art

This song has one of the best lines of lyrics I've ever heard. "Help me, surrender my control, searching for the death of my own soul..." THAT IS AWESOME! I don't really understand why Erase My Scars is so popular. It's pretty overrated in my opinion.

Before this song, I was not really interested in Evans Blue. The power and explosive rhythm of this song will make it hard not to sing along during further listens.

No question this is the best.

10 Live to Die Live to Die Cover Art

Incredible song, should be at least top 3

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11 Alone Not Lonely Alone Not Lonely Cover Art
12 Sick of It Sick of It Cover Art

I'm sick of seeing this isn' even in top 5!

13 Future In the End Future In the End Cover Art

How can you all miss this?

14 Over Over Cover Art

I think this song should be there number one but that's just me personally I can't help but put though song in repeat and listen to it a thousand and one times whenever my iPod reaches it on my Evans blue playlist

15 Halo Halo Cover Art
16 Quote Quote Cover Art

So much emotion in this song. Makes me cry every time. This really deserves more votes. #ebnation

17 Graveyard of Empires Graveyard of Empires Cover Art
18 In the Shadow In the Shadow Cover Art
19 Destroy the Obvious Destroy the Obvious Cover Art

My favourite song they ever made

20 Who We Are Who We Are Cover Art
21 Starlight
22 Black Hole
23 A Step Back A Step Back Cover Art
24 A Cross and a Girl Named Blessed A Cross and a Girl Named Blessed Cover Art

She wears a butterfly put her wrist, might as well just cut its head off! What did she do him! Smh

25 Underwater Underwater Cover Art
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