Best Everybody Hates Chris Characters


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1 Julius

He would say I had $5 worth of hot dogs and french fries for dinner today!

now i know why hes the number 1 here!!!
best actor ever!! go terry, go terry!!

That's 5 dollars worth of comments on this list - Adventurur2

The funniest one - ParkerFang

2 Rochelle

So underrated - Adventurur2

3 Chris

chris should be number 1! how are drew and julius better than him? julius is really funny cause he's so cheap and he knows what everythings worth, but chris is the main character. - foxrocks

"I thought plate tectonics was the original name of the Wu-Tang Klan!"

Of course. You just lost your or your wife you can blame it on chris -

Such a good character - Adventurur2

4 Drew

this guys the coolest haha he has the perfect life -

He is good

5 Jerome

jerome is so funny I love how he says "yo, little dude from across the street, let me hold a dollar. he has names 4 every other kid like little dude from around the corner and little dude from around the block. =D - foxrocks

"Little Dude from across the street, u tell me u no how to play wheels of steel"?!

hey little from across the street dude let me hold a dollar -

Hey, Little dude from across the street!

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6 Risky

you want a thousand dollar bill. he can get you that. its probably fake though -

7 Joey Caruso
8 Ms. Morello
9 Greg
10 Malvo

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11 Doc
12 Tanya

She tell on chris all the time

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