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1 Changed The Way You Kissed Me

Great song I had never heard of example before I heard this. Love this song

His first no1 and it established him as a big dance/dubstep singer.

First one I heard and now I love loads of them.

There is always something new in this song as you listen through its ~4 minutes!

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2 Stay Awake

Great song. His second ever no1. So catchy. Produced by nero as well who are amazing also.

I have the album and I can't stop listening to it

3 Won't Go Quietly

It was the first song I heard by him and it was what got him big. A great song.

4 Kickstarts

One of his first big songs. And what a dance anthem it is!

His best song in my opinion, a feel good bouncing anthem.

5 Two Lives
6 We'll Be Coming Back

Great swong this one should be in top 5 - mneilan

"We didn't want to call it too early
Now it seems a world away
But I miss the thing, are we ever gonna feel the same? "

Lyrics and music both touch me <3 and I just love this song

7 Skies Don't Lie

Love it! <3 :D

8 Perfect Replacement

Awesome singing, awesome production and awesome lyrics!

9 Natural Disaster

It's my 3rd favorite song!

10 Shot Yourself In the Foot

First song I've ever heard

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11 Come Taste the Rainbow
12 Midnight Run

Surprised by how low this is. It Is such a great song with a slightly off-beat undertone which separates it from the rest.

Great Song has such energy

First song ever heard of I'm, cought my attention

Incredible beat. without doubt the best song of Example for me

13 All the Wrong Places

This song should be higher up, it is amazing, and yeah, it is a lot like changed the way you kiss me

One of his best/newest song. If you like 'Changed The Way You Kiss Me' I bet you'll love this one!

14 Playing In the Shadows
15 Crying Out for Help
16 Say Nothing

This should be top 1

First single off the evolution of man and is catchy anf amazing.

17 Watch the Sun Come Up

Love it. So catchy and has an awesome beat and rhythm.

18 You Can't Rap
19 One More Day (Stay with Me)

This tune is absolutely brilliant.

20 Close Enemies

Such a catchy it

21 Kids Again

One of the best

22 Take Me As I Am

I'm surprised no one added this song... Well you must listen to it.

23 What We Made
24 Girls Can't Dance
25 Queen of Your Dreams

Nobody has probably heard this as it is has not been released as a single yet. It is off his new album the evolution of man and in my opinion is the best song on the album

26 Last Ones Standing
27 Nandos Skank
28 Plastic Smile

Great roof raiser and starts the party, one of his better collabarations but didn't recieve as much success as it should of

29 Anything

Such a great song

30 Only Human
31 I Don't Want To

The song that got me here

32 10 Million People
33 Blood from a Stone
34 Whisky Story
35 One Way Mirror

Maybe it's not like his other tracks, but it's still a wonderful song.

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1. Skies Don't Lie
2. Natural Disaster
3. Come Taste the Rainbow
1. Changed The Way You Kissed Me
2. Stay Awake
3. Won't Go Quietly


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