Top 10 Best Excuses For Being Late

Showed up to work or school late? Here are the best of the best excuses for being late.

The Top Ten

1 My car broke down

A great excuse but I've already used it!

2 I was delayed by a rip in the space-time continuum

Hey, it happens all the time, right?

3 An evil monkey hid in my pants and it took all day to get him out

Dang, man! If this ever happened to me, I'd be scared. But this is just so funny. Everyone reading this: picture this happening to your best friend.
"Ah! Monkey IN MUH PANTS! "
And when I first typed this, I put 'hobo in muh pants'... :-)

4 My dog ate my alarm clock

Pretty over the top, but still a great one to use.

It's so gd used it already

5 I was high

Definitely believable and probably most honest.

6 The train had a flat tire

Laugh out loud that one is so hilarious

7 Some hobo was begging me for money and I couldn't resist

Makes you seem like a nice and thoughtful person even though you're late.

8 I thought it was the weekend

lmao, I once said this and she said "IT'S TUESDAY!" LMAO good times - SmoothCriminal

You know, this one could work.

9 My roommate locked me in the bathroom

This is definitely a good one to use.

10 The magic tooth fairy unplugged my alarm clock

The Contenders

11 I was diagnosed with a deathly disease

Talk about how it spontaneously went away and you're all better now.

12 Alarm clock didn't go off

Because you snoozed it. Not a good excuse to use because it could happen. - mathguy37

13 My dog swallowed my car keys

Kinda like the 'My dog swallowed my alarm clock' one, except less likely to happen.

14 I was chased by a rabid dog

Add some rips in the clothes for special effect

15 I had sex
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