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American Thrash Metal band Exodus are one of the Innovators of Thrash Metal genre along with the four thrash kings Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax.
Here is a list to vote for best Exodus albums till date!
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1 Bonded by Blood Bonded by Blood Product Image

Piranha kill in a pack, you'll run
Piranha start to attack, you'll done
If you think you can beat, deadly school
If you think you can live, you're a fool

Some of the best thrash riffs eger written in this album. Huge respect

There are no words to describe the greatness of this album. Best Exodus album by far! Piranha, Deliver Us To Evil, And Then There Were None, Metal Command.. I mean come on, it's a thrash masterpiece.

This is one of the best thrash metal albums ever. Given all that, why is this not 50 points ahead, I ask.

A thrash masterpiece in every sense. This is top five of all time material. (RIP Paul)

2 Fabulous Disaster Fabulous Disaster Product Image

"The Last Act of Defiance" is one of the most fist-pumping intro songs to an album ever, and the rest of the album doesn't disappoint with killer tracks like the title one, "The Toxic Waltz," "Cajun Hell," "Verbal Razors," and "Open Season." Even the AC/DC and War covers are outstanding.

Bonded by Blood is the most significant Exodus record, Fabulous Disaster is the best Exodus record, everything is perfect.

The BbB vs FD with Exodus is like RiB vs SitA with Slayer. In both cases, though the former has more popularity, I believe the latter to be superior.


3 Tempo of the Damned Tempo of the Damned Product Image

I wouldn't say this is better than the debut, but sure is dangerously close to perfection.

My favourite, I just don't dig their older material.

This album is phenomenal. I love every song on it.

Old stuff was awesome, this album kills!

4 Pleasures of the Flesh Pleasures of the Flesh Product Image

First songs I ever heard by exodus were brain dead and seeds of hate. Seeds of hate is my favorite exodus song to this day. I lover this album. Fabolous disaster would be next. Last act of defiance and toxic waltz. Awesome. This is the one. First with souza also. He always kills it! @!

Far superior to their first album. Some the later records are also up to par with this one but it is a masterpiece of riffs and solos

One of the most underrated thrash ambums ever! Chemi-Kill, Seeds Of Hate, Pleasures Of The Flesh, Brain Dead, 'Til Death Do Us Part... all CLASSICS!

5 Blood In Blood Out Blood In Blood Out Product Image

This album kicks ass and it's a huge success with a good guitar solo by kirk hammet

Hands down one of the best thrash albums out there EVER

Should be in the top 3

6 The Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit A The Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit A Product Image
7 Exhibit B: The Human Condition Exhibit B: The Human Condition Product Image

Second best album by Exodus and one of the best thrash albums of all time... and one of the most underrated, sadly.

Heavy as hell but still fastpaced! Dukes as vocalist totally kills! Best track, "Beyond the Pale"!

8 Let There Be Blood Let There Be Blood Product Image
9 Impact is Imminent Impact is Imminent Product Image

This album deserves a higher count, the best thrash riffs are on this album.

This is the best album of Exodus. Further comment superfluous...

10 Shovel Headed Kill Machine Shovel Headed Kill Machine Product Image

That was definitely their heaviest hit ever

The drumming is insaaane

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11 Force of Habit Force of Habit Product Image

Exodus's most experimental album to date (arguably). I think this one is their best because it retains the core of their signature style all the while adding new elements, such as a slower tempo and a groove aspect. Not to mention, with songs like "Thorn in My Side", "Me, Myself, and I", and "Force of Habit", what's not to love about it?

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