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Exodus is one of the greatest thrash metal bands from the 80s, and has been around as long if not longer than Metallica, Slayer, etc. I don't see any lists related to Exodus on this site, so I made one myself.

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1 Piranha Piranha Cover Art

One of the greatest metal riffs of all time, as well as a rediculously fast and intense solo. A masterpiece of thrash metal.

The both versions rocks in a infinite levels of awesomeness

Piranha is their best song because of wonderful riff

The original with Paul baloff is awesome, but the re recording is not as good

2 Bonded by Blood Bonded by Blood Cover Art

The original version is one of the best Thrash Metal songs of all times, I listened this song for first time many years ago, and it still feels fresh and amazing, Best Exodus song hands down.

This song represent what thrash metal is...

One of the classic thrash songs.

Smash everything; leave nothing unsmashed! Baloff is god.

3 The Toxic Waltz

Most stupid song ever. Just weak childish and non metal. And Souza is a terrible singer.

This is the song that got me into Exodus. I just love it, not much more to say.

Perfect song to mosh like a psycho circus clown!

Mosh pit anthem

4 Strike of the Beast Strike of the Beast Cover Art

I checked a video of them playing this at Wacken.. That wall of death.. This song is an absolute classic and a thrasher of note

This song should be number 1 in the list. The ultimate killer thrash song!

Awesome song, one of the my most favourite thrash metal songs

One of the best thrash metal songs ever made

5 Blacklist Blacklist Cover Art

That pounding bass and drums, the deep gritty guitar riffs, Steve Souza's gravely voice. This song is pure evil and I love it.

Excellent vocals, Soothing guitar work, Warm but smooth bass and very unique drumming.

The craziest fast paced song, should definitely be higher

Great song, should be higher.

6 And Then There Were None And Then There Were None Cover Art

The original is better than the one on Let There Be Blood!

Hands down the catchiest riff ever

7 A Lesson in Violence A Lesson in Violence Cover Art

One of the best riffs created by the H-Team.
Simply one of the best thrash songs ever.
Exodus till death!

Brutal song, especially the live version of the DVD Shovel headed tour machine Exodus live at Wacken! Best Live DVD ever!

Their best song, fast riff from a wonderful song

8 Children of a Worthless God Children of a Worthless God Cover Art

This song kicks ass, listen to the main riff, solo and chorus... Every bit is great

An Extremely Underrated Song! Perfect epic and intense the whole time!

Sensational lyrics, riffs and strike!


9 Metal Command Metal Command Cover Art

This is a complete song... Ma Exodus list
1) Metal command
2) War is my shephard
3) strike of the beast
4) Riot act
5) Bonded by blood
6) Children of a Worthless God
7) A Lesson In Violence
8) And Then There Were None
9) chemi-kill
10) Deathamphetamine

Maybe not their best riff but definitely their best solo, and certainly an epic chorus.

Damn it! I wanted to vote for toxic waltz

This song is kicking the mood to headbang!

10 War is My Shepherd War is My Shepherd Cover Art

Awesome riffs! Awesome lyrics! Every time I hear it I want to tear everything down. Best Exodus song, a truly masterpiece

"Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition! " No words to describe how awesome this song is!

Love it specially the intro and the main riff... It's great

Badass song

The Contenders

11 Fabulous Disaster

Surely their best... relentless thrash, great lyrics, fabulous solos, pounding drums

Surely top 5 for me. Especially live this song killed!

12 Exodus


They'll also take your life if you don't vote for this song! Bonded By Blood is one of the best albums of all time

Greatest song for headbanging and moshing... EXODUS ATTACK!

13 Good Day to Die Good Day to Die Cover Art

How is this not even in the list? This song is amazing and is the first song of exodus I have ever heard

My favorite song of Exodus :D

14 Deliver Us to Evil Deliver Us to Evil Cover Art

Easily my favorite exodus song, amazing vocals by baloff and amazing riff

15 The Ballad of Leonard and Charles The Ballad of Leonard and Charles Cover Art

This song is perfect. It's like a metal roller coaster. It starts off with a soft acoustic guitar, then all of a sudden these crazy, adrenaline-fuelled riffs come in and take you on a wild ride. When the acoustic guitar comes back at the end you feel so overwhelmed and calm at the same time, it feels like you've just been on a musical roller coaster. This isn't just my favourite Exodus song, it's also my favourite thrash metal song. It's amazing.

This is the BEST exodus song ever in my opinion.

One of Exodus best guitar solos.

The solos... Enough said

16 Verbal Razors

From the Beautiful Disaster album. Great song, great riffing, machine gun vocal delivery... Awesome!

Best exodus riff and great lyrics, bring back souza!

Very underrated song

17 Raze Raze Cover Art

Fantastic guitar work with great singing. A thrash classic.

Awesome just funking good.

18 Deathamphetamine Deathamphetamine Cover Art

Easily a top 10 song from their discography, at any given time. One of the very few songs that actually makes me headbang my brain stem out the backside of my skull

Wow at 19 most Exodus fans must not be paying attention to their newer albums. I'm a long time thrash metal fan I love Testament, Slayer, Metallica, Anthrax, even Destruction, Kreator and Sodom, but Exodus' newer albums are unbelievable. They are better than their earlier stuff which is hard to swallow for some, but true. This song is an absolute epic composure.

This is an absolutely massive song, packed with heart busting riffs. Exodus is one of bands that have just got better and better. I mean Jesus. Usually when bands from the 80s make music now they fall flat on there faces. Not exodus. Amazing.

Song is incredible. The vocals guitar bass riff and rums altogether is just amazing.

19 Blood In, Blood Out Blood In, Blood Out Cover Art

This song is Badass! At least top 10

20 Riot Act Riot Act Cover Art

Ultimate masterpiece! Dukes on vocals gives Exodus a really aggressive tinge which makes them so modern! Give it a listen and perhaps you'll share my views

21 Funeral Hymn Funeral Hymn Cover Art

These Riffs and solos are epic. Everything a metal song should be.

This song should be in top 10.The riffs and solo are all perfect.

Awesome song... This song got me hooked on Exodus

Samen here. This song got me into Exodus! Great song and killer intro!

22 The Last Act of Defiance

Energetic riffing and venomous vocals... and a wicked solo!

23 Iconoclasm Iconoclasm Cover Art

The one of most fastest metal songs. Tom's drumming is too great...and also guitar riffs and solos...please watch this song that they live play in Wacken 2008..I would think, this song should be between top 5.

Tom Hunting is a beast!

24 Downfall Downfall Cover Art

Epic song, with great riffs... Its just a masterpiece

Hell yeah this song is tgrash and metal core like riffs
Great solo

Amazing song overrall, definitely underrated

One of the heaviest guitar playing ever
First song of there's I heard and I started listening to em more often

25 Impaler Impaler Cover Art

That riff is just killer.

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