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21 The Last Act of Defiance
22 Funeral Hymn

Awesome song... This song got me hooked on Exodus

This intro is awesome! - Metal_Treasure

Samen here. This song got me into Exodus! Great song and killer intro!


23 Iconoclasm

Tom Hunting is a beast!

The one of most fastest metal songs. Tom's drumming is too great...and also guitar riffs and solos...please watch this song that they live play in Wacken 2008..I would think, this song should be between top 5.

24 Downfall

Epic song, with great riffs... Its just a masterpiece

One of the heaviest guitar playing ever
First song of there's I heard and I started listening to em more often

Hell yeah this song is tgrash and metal core like riffs
Great solo

25 Force of Habit
26 No Love

This song should be in the top ten, maybe isn't accepted by the people but it haves greats riffs that makes me love this song - JrG

27 Brain Dead

This is a largely underrated song, as for me it should be at the top. ONce I was working in the lab at night and I played the damn thing like 100 times in a row... Just keep you moving!

Love that classic trashy riff

Duh! This is just a no brainer, should be way up on this list!

28 Architect of Pain
29 Thrash Under Pressure
30 Shudder to Think

What this list is so retarded wheres funeral hymn, baclist, riot act, and throwing down. but this song kicks ass

31 The Sun is My Destroyer

This is a brutal masterpiece. One of the best songs from Exhibit B!

32 Scar Spangled Banner

Hey, this song ROCKS! Great song, great solos, outstanding riffs, perfect drumming, great voice, awesome lyrics and EXODUS is one of the best thrash metal bands out there!

This song should be higher up perfect thrash song

33 Pleasures of the Flesh
34 Me, Myself & I
35 'Til Death Do Us Part

Here's another from the 'pleasures of the flesh", great song, truly classic!

36 Impaler
37 A.W.O.L.
38 Like Father, Like Son

How is this only 42? This is a great song!

39 Within the Walls of Chaos
40 44 Magnum Opus

"I won't ever stop 'till the last body drops, let the bullet be my guide! " yeah! Exodus' most underrated song by far.

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