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1 Green

I have green eyes, but they can also change colors, like from green to blue/light blue and from those shades of blue to grey. My eyes will also turn more blue if I eat blue berries. But I like my eyes green more than anything! I'm the only one in my family with green eyes. People like looking at my eyes, especially if they are green. When my eyes turn green, they are the color of emeralds (Which works perfect because my birthday is in may, and may's birth stone is emerald. Bottom line green eyes are the BEST!

I'm glad green ranks #1! I have green eyes, so I may be slightly biased! But green eyes are the rarest & so unique. Typically, green-eyed people have tons of colors blended into the green. For example, I have swirls of blue/green/orange/brown, but it all looks green together. Green eyes are cool because they look like different colors depending on the lighting and shift. When the sunlight hits them, they glow beautifully.

Ok so I like green eyes but lot of of the comments saying they have green eye don't if they change between green and blue they are not green, if they are neon green they are not green, if they are emerald green they are not green all of those are hazel because hazel eyes have many combinations. True green are green with a ring of brown around the pupil now if you have that ring but your eyes change shades of green then they are still a true green as long as it keep that ring. True green eyes are very lovely and are why green eyes are so rare my friend loves my true green eye and was confused by the ring of brown but I explained it to her - lbelle0527

I have green eyes and people,don't HATE THIS EYE COLOR!

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2 Blue

They're so beautiful! Whether they're a deep ocean blue or a cold icy blue they're absolutely beautiful!

Blue should be at the top because its special

Blue is the Awesomest eye color of all time

This should be number 1

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3 Hazel

My best friends eyes are hazel and they're gorgeous. They're really interesting actually, the very outer ring is like a very dark greenish-blue, the centre (which makes up most of the colouring) is green with little strings of brown and the very centre - right around the pupil - is a honey-brown sort of colour. The brown and green sort of fade into each other and some days the green will be more prominent and others it will be the brown. She's also got a few little freckles in the green.

I have hazel eyes and they do definitely change. Dark Green (olive) dominant outer with dark grayish blue inner to lighter green less dominant outer with more amber starburst dominant inner next to pupil. The lightning in the area seems to drive color domination (outdoor bright light driving the Dark Green dominant outer color combination).

I have hazel eyes and I love them! In my opinion they are prettier than blue eyes because they are never exactly the same! They always change and are just gorgeous! I happen to have dark hazel eyes almost like an emerald green and brown. I love them!

My eyes are hazel, technically. Depending on the lighting, some lighting makes my eyes look black, some brown, some amber, and some green. It's cool.

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4 Brown

I have dark brown eyes closely similar to the color black that's how dark they are, you can't really see my pupils when you look at them unless you look for them

I love my dark brown eyes! Because brown is the most common eye colour, since it is the most dominant gene, people say it is not pretty, but it is!

They come in many different shades and are really gorgeous (especially on girls)

The color of Justin Bieber's. - Extractinator04

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5 Gray

I have grey eyes, but quite frankly I dislike them. They're like a light bluish/greyish mix... I remember my friend saying, "Woah! I never noticed how cool your eyes look, they're like... Ash! " I mean, ash? That means my eye color is connected to cigarettes, I'd much rather just have plain blue, thank you very much! - Flowersocks2137

Gray eyes are definitely the most beautiful in my opinion, because gray eyes act as a mirror and reflect all the different colors around you. They also change colors very often, so you could have green eyes one day, hazel another, and sometimes they appear to be blue. They remind me of the ocean.

My eyes are blue grey, but they change. Sometimes they are more blue, sometimes more grey, and even sometime they have a ring of gold around the pupil. It has taken my fourteen years to figure out my eye color because it is so confusing : )

My aunt has gray blue green eyes they look mostly gray they're pretty - Puppytart

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6 Violet

I have dark brown eyes and hair to match. Violet would be so pretty and purple is my favorite. colour! I kinda want one eye purple and the other dark brown. If I made a video game I could do that LOL! If you have violet eyes you are super lucky and very beautiful.

This is my eye color and I love it! Violet eyes should be number 1 because they are the prettiest and rarest!

Violet eyes are stunning.

Violet is actually a very dark blue but they are very pretty - lbelle0527

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7 Black

I personally do have black eyes/extremely dark brown ones I think they are very beautiful and don't understand why the darker eye colors are so underrated on this list personally you don't have to have rare eye color for them to be unique and beautiful

I hate to break it to you, but no one in this world has black eyes and it is absolutely crazy to say you have seen someone with black eyes. Except for cartoon characters who almost always have black eyes

Black eyed people are people who have very dark brown eyes so they do exist - lbelle0527

I love the dark brown/black eye colors! They always look like they are glowing when in light, and it makes somebody look very sweet and cute! - Flowersocks2137

I have UBER dark brown eyes so I guess it counts

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8 Light Blue

Light blue and blue are basically the same thing except light blue is better

I wish I had light blue eyes

Light blue or dark blue they both are amazing

9 Amber

Light brown eyes are so pretty

Amber is such a pretty, deep golden-red color. I wish I had amber eyes--but I'm Korean, and I have brown eyes, which is to be expected. Any hopes of carrying a rare, iris-changing mutation in my genes has long since faded. *Sigh.*
Come on, guys. Amber is pretty cool.

10 Purple


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11 Honey Brown

My mom has honey brown eyes. I'm so jealous of her. Lol

I have honey brown eyes. And ma friends always. Ask me about this

Brown eyes looks amazing - RoseCandyMusic

A nice brown not deep but not light just right so beautiful eye color

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12 Blue-Gray-Green

This is an amazing eye color! It's what I have, too. It is a combination of three of the most beautiful eye colors. This eye color has so much meaning.

I have that eye colour and every time my face is red or something, my eyes glow really bright.

I have this eye color it's very pretty the combo of colors is beautiful

Also know as HAZEL but they are still lovely - lbelle0527

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13 Light Green

Green is beautiful because it is just so mythical

Wish I had light green eyes!

Gag gag

14 Red

I've never seen anyone with red eyes unless they are using contact lenses. Anyway, it would be amazing to see real red eyes.

Hannibal Lecter has supposedly got red eyes so why not just let this one number one eh?

There are people that are lucky to have it but I think some albino people have it

I have medium colored red eyes their not fake eighther. they are REAL

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15 Dark Brown

Dark brown is the best! Michael Jackson had dark brown eyes and in my opinion he had the most beautiful eyes in the world.

Dark brown eyes is really amazing it is sexy and pretty

I have this eye color and I love it - RoseCandyMusic

The darker your eye colour, the more melanin your eyes have, so the more melanin the more accurate your when hitting targets. Plus their so dang sexy ~~~

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16 White

I wish I had white eyes so I could look like I was dead. - MetalObsessed

17 Blue-Green

I had these eyes but they kinda changed.. I kinda miss them. - LemonComputer

18 Yellow V 1 Comment
19 Dark Blue V 1 Comment
20 Turquoise

I have brown eyes and brown hair, I look very plain and I'm pretty jealous of people with unique features. I secretly love when people have two different eye colors, like one green and one blue, but blue is my second fave, and turquoise is my second favorite shade of blue.

This is me I have gold brown hair and they pair beautifully

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