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1 Folie A Deux Folie A Deux

Its honestly so sad that this album was received so poorly, despite being one of the best albums I've ever heard in terms of individual song quality. You've got fantastically catchy tracks like "The (Shipped) Good Standard," "27," and "I Don't Care." You've got "What a Catch, Donnie," the best "best friends" song of the decade, featuring cameos from the biggest names in the pop-punk genre and even music itself. You've got high-flying tunes like "(Coffee's For Closers)" and "Disloyal Order of Water Buffalos." You've got the sinister beast "West Coast Smoker" to close out the album. And how could I forget "20 Dollar Nosebleed," which featured vocals from the one and only Brendon Boyd Urie, a legend in his own right. You don't get better than Folie. You just don't.

I'm a recent fan of fall out boy-and I was shocked to find out this album was rejected by many fans, simply because it's very different from anything else they've done:some of their best and wittiest songs are on here-I don't care, cofees for closers, what a catch donnie-so it's very sad to see Patrick in interviews say he doesn't think fondly of this record anymore-as he poured a lot of his musical creativity into it:( hopefully it will be one of those records that becomes more and more appreciated with age

This is the best fall out boy album. I don't understand why it's so hated by a lot of people. It has catchy songs, my favorites being I don't care, disloyal order of water buffalo, and she's my winona. I also like Watch a catch, Donnie and headfirst slide. The best of course 20 dollar nosebleed. With a very close second being I don't care. It's a great album. I wish more people had liked it. I mean it is 10x better than Save Rock and Roll. It's creative and I've never really heard anything like it. That's why I love it. It's original and creative. FOLIE A DEUX.

This album means so much to me, and I think every Fall Out Boy fan can agree that this is their best album to date.

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2 From Under the Cork Tree From Under the Cork Tree

This is a legendary Fall Out Boy CD! The musical style and Patrick Stump's vocals are awesome and amazing! The same can be said to Fall Out Boy's other releases, especially "Take This to Your Grave" and "Infinity on High". "From Under the Cork Tree" happens to be their best selling one too, it got the band recognized in the mainstream.

The album spawned 3 singles, of which 2 ("Sugar, We're Going Down" and "Dance, Dance") were monster hits on the charts (#8 and #9 respectively in the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, which is even more massive because rock songs aren't as popular) and radio. Given that, all the songs on the record (besides "Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued", that song doesn't cut it for me) are worthy singles, and all should get massive radio play; much underrated. "Of All The Gin Joints In All The World", "Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner", "7 ...more

Okay, so I read (not entirely sure if it's true) that Pete titled this album after an excerpt from one of his favorite children's books. Now to me this album has always carried the same beautiful nostalgia as a children's book because I have grown up listening to this album, which also happens to be about growing up, and I have gradually understood the songs more and more as I've experienced things in life and this album just has so many brilliant lyrics, unheard musical virtuosity, and outright honesty that I think in a way it's almost the "Pet Sounds" of a new generation. Wonderful record, I could listen to it over and over every day and never get tired or bored of it!

Best album by far... Don't listen to the review below it "our lawyer made us change the name of this song so we wouldn't get sued" is one of the best :) you can listen to it all the way through. So few albums are really like that where every single song is truly at least good.

Nobody puts baby come back of the year of all the gin joints our lawyer made us change are my top 4 favourite fob songs all in this album

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3 Infinity on High Infinity on High

Patrick stumps vocals and pete wentz' lyrics are at their best and wittiest here-+ the songs are super catchy and fun! Especially this ain't a scene

The lyrics in this album were just phenomenal. The guitars vocals and everything in this album is just great. I was blown away by this album.

Best album. It takes the sound from "From Under the Cork Tree" and polishes it into a much cleaner, but still Fall Out Boy sound.

Bang the doldrums is the best fall out boy song sun and tell that!

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4 Save Rock and Roll Save Rock and Roll

I have recently gotten into Fall Out Boy, and got this album as my first introduction to their music. And it has become my favorite album in my entire library. Incredible songs.

This is by far my favourite fall out boy album! I love all the songs on the album and I could listen to it all the time and never get sick of it!

I don't understand how this scored higher than Take This To Your Grave. It was a strong comeback, sure, but Fall Out Boy's older days were their better years. - HappyMouse111

I love this album so much it's the album that got me into fob to start with and also this album has got me through a lot of times in my past so yh I love this album

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5 Take This to Your Grave Take This to Your Grave

Sometimes the first is the best, and I think that applies to take this to your grave. I like fall out boy's new stuff but I think the older stuff has a great vibe to it. Songs like grand theft autumn, tell that mick..., saturday and the patron saint... Make this album what it is today.

Oh honestly I could simply write all the songs on the album because they're all so great


The album has an overall amazing sound and feel to it, I could never get bored of it and Patricks vocals are also so so good.

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6 American Beauty/American Psycho

Alright, let's make something clear: this was NOT a bad album. However, the reason why it's not my favourite is because it doesn't sound like Fall Out Boy. Joe is practically nonexistent (most songs drown him out with electro and sampled music), Andy's drumming could have been done electronically (they didn't give him a chance to be as creative as he was on their previous albums), and Pete wrote lyrics with Patrick Stump (that's nothing new, though). Patrick's singing style definitely changed post-hiatus, which I have mixed feelings about. Plus: you can actually understand 90% of the words he sings. Minus: His older singing voice was charming. I miss it.

Okay while I do like the old stuff better, this album wasn't so bad. I actually liked most of these songs, like Centuries and Novocaine. It's not a bad album and I wish the hyper-nostalgic pretentious @$$holes who dare to call themselves Fall Out Boy fans would stop hating on it so much.

This isn't my favorite album, but I don't know why so many people say that this has rubbish lyrics, like have you even heard "The Kids Aren't Alright" and "Jet Pack Blues"? The lyrics are so poetic and beautiful and for some reason no one else sees that. The music isn't bad at all.

Love the songs in this or. Umma Thirman, Irresistible, Immortals, Centuries, Fourth of July, Hotel in NYC, centuries, and more.

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7 Fall Out Boy's Evening Out with Your Girlfriend Fall Out Boy's Evening Out with Your Girlfriend V 2 Comments
8 PAX AM Days

It's not bad! It's simple, short, and sweet. All of it was recorded in a span of 48 hours. Andy's drumming was excellent (especially in Love, Sex, Death), Joe and Pete rocked it on their guitars, and Patrick's singing was amazing (as usual). I love how they went back to their old style. 8/10

Best album yet, listening on repeat

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9 Believers Never Die - Greatest Hits Believers Never Die - Greatest Hits

Well obviously it has to be this... I mean it has all the big hits on one CD. Yes, there are some great songs missing but in general this is still the best CD, and the title is excellent. - FOB2012

This has my favorite songs plus others like Alpha Dog and (O O Omegalomaniac Yeahhayyaha ) From Now on We are Enemies (my personal favorite)

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10 My Heart Will Always Be B-Side to My Tongue My Heart Will Always Be B-Side to My Tongue

Simply Beautiful, I never thought that I would ever say that about an album but this one really surprised me.

WHAT? This album is completely beautiful! Should be top 5.

This album can't be any higher it's just some acoustic songs two new ones and only five songs plus it's so rare its 300 bucks for
A new cd of it

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11 **** Live In Phoenix **** Live In Phoenix
12 Project Rocket / Fall Out Boy V 1 Comment
13 Leaked In London V 1 Comment
14 Make America Psycho Again Make America Psycho Again

AB/AP was a mediocre album. And these remixes are absolute crap. Way to ruin the good tracks on the original album.

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