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81 Champagne For My Real Friends Real Pain For My Sham Friends

Gotta love the beginning riff. Gotta love it.

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82 My Heart is the Worst Kind of Weapon

I love this song so much. It is pure genius. Even though it is one of their first songs, it is also one of the best. I especially like the idea of someone who has the ability to completely destroy someone using just their words.

The lyrics in this song are genius and so moving. I'm a huge fob fan and this song is my favorite, especially the acoustic version. Definitely worth a listen.

It should be at least at the top ten! Anger shows beautifully in this song. If not my FOB's favorite, this is one of them.

The acoustic version of this song is really worth it.

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83 G.I.N.A.S.F.S.

Such a good song! How has it not been added yet? Great guitar part!

Why is this at the bottom? It's so catchy and meaningful. Added bonus: the title is an acronym for "Gay Is Not A Synonym For S****y", thanks Pete.

Wow, this is in #81? How? This is one of their best songs they've ever done.

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84 Pretty In Pink

Another old song from evening out with your girlfriend, one of the best fob songs ever. Give it a listen

OH MY GOD... This should be number one I love it so much seriously it sounds like something you would just stumble upon from a garage band then you obsess over it and then bam they become famous and it changes your life okay ok. Seriously it just sounds really punk too and I HATE it when people say fob isn't punk like stfu listen to this and tell me what you think (and snitches and talkers get stitches and walkers I ADORE that one)

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85 West Coast Smoker

WHY IN HELL IS THIS SO LOW? It has IMPRESSIVE vocals and an EPIC chorus. Who doesn't love this song?

Amazing vocals and everything, could replay for days. Should be in top 30.

I just really like this song! It has really great meaningful lyrics

This song is amazing!

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86 W.A.M.S.

Woah, why is this at the bottom of the list? This song is beautifully put together and as usual Patrick sounds godlike. Give it a listen.

Damn I thought I must've missed it when I had to get into the 40's to find it. But 88?...that's sad

Honestly LOVE this song, at least top 30. 89 is just rude.

This song is beautiful why is it on number 90?

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87 Ghostbusters (I'm Not Afraid)

This Song Is Cancer - VideoGamefan5

Great, simply great.

88 What's This?

I remember this song, I didn't know it was by then I heard Patrick start singing and I face palmed. Over all I love this song

89 Lullabye

One of the best hidden treasures.

90 Pretty In Punk V 2 Comments
91 Switchblades & Infidelity

Probably the best song from 'Evening Out'. Just listen to it!

92 Legendary (Blink and You'll Miss It)
93 Roxanne
94 Death Valley

I think this should be in the top 30. They did add dub-step but, this is pretty odiously one of the best songs on save rock and roll. It has a sick beat, perfect chorus, and is perfect with its lyrics. I was literary waiting to hear this on the radio for days, kinda sad it wasn't popular.

In my opinion, this song should be a lot higher than it currently is. It should beat out centuries, at the very least. Granted, there's dubstep, but it really doesn't detract from the amazing vocals, or the guitar riffs. A really good song, that should be at least 40 places higher.

Greatest song off Save Rock And Roll. Death Valley has EVERYTHING. The guitar from Joe is simply immense and Patrick absolutely smashes the vocals!

Kinda disappointed this song is so low when every song in this album did exactly as the name suggests; save rock and roll.

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95 Growing Up

Uh nobody is up voting this one? It's the first single from the first album! Such a great song! Give it a vote and a listen if you haven't heard it before!

I absolutely adore Fall Out Boy and love all of their songs ( new and old ) but this definitely is one of my favorites even though I'm a newer fan and listen to 'alone together' and 'light em up' more often. This song should've made the top 20 at least... it has outstanding drums, the guitar's got an awesome sound to it, and Patrick's voice shines with true emotion, and the lyrics are very real yet original.

96 Favorite Record

It's one of the most under-rated songs. Really nice lyrics. Not my favorite. But this should be in top 20 AT LEAST. Hence, I'm voting.

One of the most under-rated songs. Really nice lyrics. Not my FA. But sure deserved in top 20, AT LEAST.

I don't care what others say, this is DEFINITELY in my personal top 10

YO! WHAT!? I would think favorite record and The mighty fall would be higher! Nope. Well

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97 Grenade Jumper

Dude, the riff at the start of this song just gets me every time. It's amazing.

Actually, it's from Take This To Your Grave

Fall Out Boy song from Infinity on High

98 The Mighty Fall

Man I love this song its super catchy its not really like them to release a song like this but they did it right! Just listen to it its pretty amazing it should DEFINITELY be higher on the list!

I will reiterate my claim said on Rat-a-Tat: Every track on this album did exactly as the name suggests; save rock and roll. Even if it doesn't fit the cookie-cutter of punk rock, it deserves better than dead last.

It's the best song off of Save Rock and Roll. It needs to be top 5. It has a sick guitar riff that is so catchy.

This songs so good though! I guess the mighty really do fall. - awildzapdos

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