Sugar, We're Goin Down


Sugar were going down has great lyrics
i love all the lines and the metaphor of the video. There may not be the greatest music in it but it is still flipping AMAZING!

Well, this is the song I fell in love with. I wasn't into Fall Out Boy until they came back from their hiatus, but this is STILL the best one by far. You have to love Patrick's vocals that seem like he's almost barking them out but in a fantastic way. I also really enjoyed Pete's backups when he's saying "Take aim at myself, take back what you said". As always, the guitar is just amazing. I like Thnks Fr Th Mmrs as well, but come on people.

These guys are probably so tired of performing this song but it is my NUMBER ONE CLASSIC FALL OUT BOY. It was the first FOB I ever heard; of course I loved it - love the funny deer guy video, love seeing Patrick singing and get so into it, love seeing Pete, Andy and Joe going crazy in the background of their parents' den or wherever they R. It's so perfect, I know they want to re-invent themselves now but later they'll see how great they were when they were so young. On CMT Crossovers with Band Perry, they looked like they liked performing it with another band. Now they are Fall Out Men...

AMAZING VOCALS! I love all their songs but personally this is by FAR their best song. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SONG. The instrumentals are also amazing and I think the best out of all their songs. I love it so much. Let's try and get it in the first position!

This is THE FALL OUT BOY SONG. This is the only song that both the hardcore fans and the legions of new fans love. It is a universally great song and is the song that everyone sings along in the concerts. This song made fall out boy to what they are today. No ands, ifs or buts.

This is my fave song and always will be. HANDS DOWN! I'm disabled, so the fact that they made a video with someone who's "different" really hit home for me. Awesome song, so if you haven't listen to it, " why don't you just drop dead? " (I know that's a different song, but you get my point! )

LOVE this song it's so catchy, and do yourself a favor and look up the lyrics. It will make you love the song even more than you already do, seriously so punny and catchy I love it. There's so many phrases and play on words in there that you never would have noticed.

I love this song! I mean, come on. Thanks For The Memories is awesome, but this is better. It's like, Fall Out Boy's theme song! It's their most well-known, too. I don't even know HOW this got behind Thanks For The Memories.

Half of the songs here on the top ten are from save rock and roll, which is in itself an alright album but is stained with plenty of pop and meaningless lyrics.
Fall out boy is in my opinion, one of the best when it comes to lyrics.
Sugar should be on top not because it's their most popular song, but rather because it is everything Pete, Pat, Andy and Joe stand for: Tongue in cheek lyrics with catchy as hell music


This song defined my childhood, so good to dance to and they just look so cool playing it. Love the songs where you can't really hear what the backup vocals are and it just sounds so confusing in such a good way (like 'feeling this' by blink 182'? )

Kick ass song and iconic beyond measure.
If I ask my neighbors who Fall Out Boy is, their response would probably be, "The, 'We're going down down,' band, right? "

I play guitar, and this is a jam! I blast this (to the detriment of my hearing and neighbors agreeability) and play along in my garage--jumping around and windmilling like I'm Joe.


Thnks Fr Th Mmrs is fantastic, yet Sugar We're Going Down is the clear and obvious winner.
If you're going for iconography-Sugar.
If you're going for sales-Sugar.
If you're going for lyricism probably Arms Race clenches it.
But Thnks Fr Th Mmrs?
I feel as though some FoB fans are attempting to allude, "No! We're not band wagoners! We love the band in all its diversity! Sugar is played way too much! "
The reality is, if these FoB fans were searching for their best song, it would probably be The (Shipped) Gold Standard. Unpopular? Yes. But lyrically and musically, The ...more

This has got to be the BEST song EVER by FALL OUT BOY... Don't really get why thanks for the memories is number 1... SERIOUSLY? Evey time I think for fall out boy I automatically think of SUGAR, WE'RE GOING DOWN..

The legend of a song that set brought them to the legendary status they are at today, there may be songs since Sugar, We're Going' Down that also have done well, but nothing can be the monster of a song!

How the heck isn't this top! It's Fall Out Boys most well known song by far! Seriously, you people who voted for Thnks Fr Th Mmrs are obviously not true fans! This or Dance Dance should be top for sure

It's really my musical style. Loved it! That guys are so amazing, I'm really impressed I didn't like 'em before but now it's time to enjoy!

I didn't start liking Fall Out Boy 'till this one AMAZING song and also "I Don't Care"!

Definitely should be #1! I am amazed that its listed as #2...
First song I ever heard from these guys! I totally agree with the post below mine, couldn't have put it any better.

I've this song since I was in Preschool or Kindergarten I don't remember I heard it on YouTube video about Halo Grunt Time videos it brings me back memories! - Lordvader3500

GOD DAMMIT I LOVE THIS SONG! Honestly, I haven't met a single FOB fan who hasn't listened to and loved this song. It's brilliance and beauty in its most pure form - onehellofanotaku

Should be "#1 with the bullet" on this list. It's their biggest hit and such a powerful song! Classic Fall Out Boy.

It's and awesome song and everyone should love it :) xx

How the hell is Thnks Fr Th Mmrs number one? Sugar is the absolute, number one BONAFIDE best fall out boy song of ALL TIMES. You haven't heard of punk rock 'till you've heard this beautiful masterpiece. The song literally symbolizes "FOB". Seriously people vote the good songs!

So catchy, great message! This song started it all for Fall Out Boy. Dance Dance made then huge but this is what got their foot in the door. Great song!

Yes, Just yes, probably one of my favorites! It is also one of the few you hear playing at the pool or other hangouts, so of course it well know.