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Ronnie's New band! Best falling in reverse songs?

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21 Caught Like a Fly

I can't believe it's no.16! I expected it to be in the top ten at least. One of my favorite Falling In Reverse songs! I guitar is amazing and one thing I absolutely love about this song is the serene piano in the end and then it comes back all hardcore. AMAZING! I love this song so much!

This song is absolutely beautiful at the end after the piano solo. Everything just harmonizes together making it a gorgeous song with an amazing ending, great lyrics and deep meaning.

Absolutely transfixed with this song. I have played it repeatedly for weeks on end and love it!

I love the hate

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22 It's Over When It's Over

This song helped me through a big part of my life it should be in the top ten. Love it!

This song is incredible and the lyrics are great it should definitely be higher.

This song should be part of the top 10. The words and music is so catchy

How is this 21? This song is so amazing and emotionally impacting.

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23 Don't Mess with Ouija Boards

Guitar is awesome, drums are awesome, bass lines are awesome, SINGING AND SCREAMING ARE AWESOME! Ronnie radke is amazing, he put together a great band. Looking forward to seeing them create more songs.

Awesome song, reminds me of Dragging Dead Bodies In Blue Bags Up Really Long Hills. Awesome solo and growls.

24 A**hole

Best song ever! Are you even kidding this should be number one on the ranking of best song made by human beings

As I agree this is a great song although this isn't Falling In Reverse's work its Ronnie Radke's work.

This is not Falling in Reverse idiot

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25 Coming Home

So they basically made a better Starset with this song...

26 F*** the Rest

Why isn't this song on the top 10? Come on guys! This song just kicks ass. Lyrics are badass and the song just makes you forget the negative things in life and helps you that you can do anything that your heart desires. This should at least be on 5 or 6.

This song is amazing, and I for one am personally shocked that it didn't make the top ten. It should of made it to 7 at the very least...

This song is good because he's pretty much saying who cares what every one else thinks of U.

This song is the best

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27 Listen Up
28 Guillotine IV (The Final Chapter)

How is this not voted higher? This song has one of the most intense breakdowns ever. Definitely their most heavy song! It rocks peeps listen to it

This song is so amazing! I think it should be higher on this list, but very awesome!

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29 Sexy Drug

Why is this so low? this song is so catchy..!

30 Gangsta's Paradise

An amassing cover better then the original well done falling in reverse

Great cover. He has a good rapping skills.

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31 Loser
32 Keep Holding On

I'm going to sing this in a duet in choir with my best friend. I love it so much

This song has helped me through the tough times, it's so meaningful

I love this song! It's so pretty and the lyrics are awesome!

This song is just generically nice.

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33 The Bitter End

The 2/3 part is just amazing it got metaphors and it makes me sad and angry at the same time! Just a perfect songs.

34 Where Have You Been

Absolutely one of the best Falling In Reverse songs ever why is it not in the top 10 the guitars are amazing and Ronnie just a pure badass with this song listen to it I bet you'll love it

Absolutely great song the guitars are amazing in it and Ronnie's screaming just pure perfection this is one of there best songs ever by Falling In Reverse

35 Wait and See

This song has so much meaning to it. This song should at least be in the top ten in my opinion

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36 Self-Destruct Personality

This song speaks a lot of stuff in life and it's really good too if you don't like then you haven't herd it

37 My Heart's to Blame

This song is incredibly moving and well spoken, every time I listen to it I'm transfixed. Make this song get to the top, make this song become number one.

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38 The Departure
39 Broken
40 Time for Redemption
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