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41 Get Me Out

Perfectly describes me in school

This is what Falling in Reverse is about.

42 Pray
43 Die for You

Instrumental part in the second half of the song is just so amazing and catchy

44 My Apocalypse II

This is actually the best FIR song.

45 Red Alert
46 Note to Self
47 Goddamn

Great song! (: I love me some Falling in Reverse!

48 Make Up (New Version)

My favourite song by FIR used to be raised by wolfs, but this definitely beats it!

A great song to listen to if your feeling down I love it

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49 I'm Bad at Life

It is just the greatest song they have released in general. I love the guitar solo and I just connect with the lyrics so much its awesome. This is the best song released to date.

Best song of the ne album - LDragoCis

50 Superhero

Amazing song, meaningful, perfect!

51 I Don't Mind
52 Shipwrecked
53 Drifter

Even though its really short it's a really good song. and kind of relatable

54 She's a Rebel

I love this song its absolutely amazing

Just a badass song to be honest

55 Stay Away
56 F**K You and All Your Friends
57 Straight to Hell
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