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He kills everything and doesn't die. Once you get Fawkes, you've won. He is overpowered to the point that he basically breaks the game, but I'm not complaining!

fawkes owns everything (but makes leveling up harder for the beginers)

He is a super mutant good guy and he can kill every thing. Also half the people on this list are not even able to join you to in the fight for justis.

The hulk on steroids

The Lone Wanderer

True Badass! Messiah of the Wasteland! Victor over the Defeated! This teenager emerged from the confines of the Vault to becoming a Warlord over the Super Mutants and the ENCLAVE! This guy has changed history in Fallout!

So badass, took out over 20 enclave soldiers in one location when attacking the memorial.

Look at the DLC's and the side quests. The lone wanderer accomplished so much in so little time. He literally took over an alien spaceship with the help of a samurai, a cowboy, an anchorage war veteran, a wastelander, and little girl.

He was better than fawkes


Am I the only one who managed to keep him alive until the end of the game NEVER exchanging him for another partner lol

He's a good dog. Yes he is.


Liberty Prime

I love that liberty prime is just spouting out anti communist propaganda

Serving up justice, Capitalist style. So you better watch out you commie bastard because Prime is about to lay down the law, the Democratic way.

the big commie but whooping robot

Shoots laser out of its eyes

Harold the Tree

Even though he became a mutant and his body started to get worse and worse due to the tree growing on him, he tried to do good with his long life.

He epic I mean come on he's the fist ghoul he helped the vault dweller and the chosen one and he's traveled all of the wasts but he's long tale ends with the lone wander.P. S he's got a tree on he's head how's that not awesome.


Best follower and I thought he was really hot

The best

Three Dog

Three Dog out I love three dog he is much better than Mr. New Vegas I hate this guy even mor than president john henry eden.

Come on guys, Three Dawwgg is the best Fallout 3 character ever.
Vote for Three Dawwgg OwwLL!


James (Dad)

He's voiced by Liam Neeson, how awesome is that?

Sacrificed himself for the betterment of humanity

The origins of the true hero!


Butch DeLoria

The only problem is that you need neutral karma to recruit him. Otherwise, Tunnel snakes rules!

He's so cool not amazing at combat your its nostalgic to have him around from vault 101 and I had a headcanon He was gay with my lone wanderer and I always use mods to put him in fallout 4 as a mercenary alongside Sydney since I imagine they'd work together

Butch is a great companion, and he deserves more votes!

Tunnel snakes rule!


Gob for the win awesome bar man. I killed moriarty because he is horrible to Gob so he had to die. Also never make fun of Gob he doesn't like it

I love his voice and his outfit is cool, he told me the underworld existed which is the best place

Gob is the best! He gave me a discount on buying alcohol in Moriaritys. I will always love Gob.

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Mister Burke

He is the whole reason I got hooked on this game when I blew up megaton I thought instantly this game was baddass

Doctor Madison Li
Herbert "Daring" Dashwood

the best Radio Star in all the Wasteland


Blows his old contract holder away, then shots him again for good measure, what a beast

President Eden

Love his radio station and the army he owns has X-01s, grew up where I did.

Gary (Clone)


Moira Brown
Colonel Augustus Autumn

Although the 'vanilla' Bittercup had some great over-the-top goth dialogue and could be your temporary companion, she had little else. With two mods however, one to make her look goth (black clothes and fishnets) and the other to allow her to be your permanent companion, she was one of the most memorable gaming companions ever. You'd be walking along and she would out of the blue say stuff like 'This is lame' or start spouting goth poetry. Great stuff.

Her Goth dialogue is hilarious, and the companion and goth attire mods made her for me the most memorable character in this already quite memorable game.

Stanislaus Braun

This guy is the most creepy character in the series... and that's why we love him.


Only Russian is the Badass Russian

Robert MacCready

I loved in fallout 4 also

Amata Almodovar
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