The Lone Wanderer Entry I

Please know that everything you are about to read happened in a video game.

So I’m walking along when I come up upon a building full of survivors. It’s always nice to see other people ever since the apocalypse wiped many people out. I come to the entrance of the building and it turns out that the entire place is full of humans. I didn’t even know there were so many survivors. I walked up to the entrance and saw that a person with a TV for a head was standing in my way. I walked up to him and said:
Me: “Um…excuse me sir…may I pass?”
TV Head: “I need to see your ID.”
Me: “ID? I don’t really have any ID.”
TV Head: “Sir, I cannot let you in unless you show me something with your name on it.”
Me: “Okay…um…”
I then handed him my hat which had the name my dad went by. My dad had given me the hat when he went off to fight against the invaders. The hat was wide and could cover my whole body from a top down view. On the hat was the word ‘Robin’.
TV Head: “Your name is Robin?”
Me: “Yes sir.”
TV Head: “What was your dad’s name? Eagle? HAHA! You can go in.”
Me: “Thank you.”
As I walked in I noticed that something about that guy was really weird. Not just the fact that his head was a Television, but something else…something deeper. I walked in and the first thing I noticed was a huge crane in the middle of the building. The building was roofless, very tall, and had lots of rooms. I immediately wanted to climb the crane. As I walked to the bottom of it I looked to my right and saw a dead body lying against the wall. It was hidden.
I probably wouldn’t have seen it if I didn’t have my night vision goggles. I then walked up the ladder at the bottom of the crane and climbed all the way to the control room near the top. I walked into the control room and noticed a locked door inside. I picked the lock on the door and walked in to find a man sitting there. He was handcuffed and had a bandana wrapped around his mouth so he could not scream for help. He was wearing grey jeans, a black hoodie, a black hat, and black shoes. I took off his bandana (which was also black) and said:
Me: “Who did this to you?”
Black Hood: “I…I don’t know…I can’t remember…”
Me: “You’re safe now sir. You’re just lucky I found you”
Black Hood: “Why are you up here? This crane hasn’t worked since the apocalypse.”
Me: “I just had a feeling that I needed to come up here.”
I took off his handcuffs. He thanked me and left. I had a feeling that I needed to climb up the crane to the top. I climbed up there and saw a man standing at the edge of the far end of the crane. He looked young and had on a red hoodie. I approached him and said:
Me: “Sir, what are you doing up here?”
Red Hood: “…”
Me: “Um…you really shouldn’t stand so close to the edge. You could slip and fall.”
Suddenly I realized who it was. It was the guy I had seen before lying dead against the wall. How could he be up here though? He was definitely dead, or was he? He then dashed toward me and I saw that his eyes were as black as night. He looked into my eyes and then I saw the murder of…well…him. I could only see him however. I could not see the murderer. Apparently the entire murder took place at night on the crane where I had been standing. Here is what I saw:
Red Hood: “Wait! Don’t…don’t do this. We can work something out. I haven’t done anything!”
Red Hood was then shot in the leg. He screamed in pain and was dragged to the edge of the crane. There he was thrown off and fell 128 feet. He screamed the entire way down, but no one was around to hear him. I ran down the ladder of the crane as quickly as possible. I saw Red Hood being dragged into the ally where he had been left. Whoever did this obviously didn’t want anyone to find out. Suddenly reality came back into play and I was standing face to face with Red Hood in the ally way. I was so confused. I reached out my hand to touch him, but my hand went through him.
Me: ”You…you’re a ghost!”
Red Hood: “Greetings Robin.”
Me: “Wha…what do you want?”
Red Hood: “I am the ghost of Jack Metrovetion. I saw the way you helped that man in the cranes control room. Most people would have walked off, but you were different. You were curious.”
Me: “Who killed you? I saw no one.”
Jack’s Ghost: “You know who killed me.”
Me: “How would I know? I didn’t see anyone.”
Jack’s Ghost: “Think Robin. Who would know exactly what to do and how to not get caught? Who is the one person who could make sure that no one would be around when he did this?”
Me: “It’s…it’s…TV HEAD!!!”
Jack’s Ghost: “Yes Robin! You must avenge me! You need t-“
Me: “Wait, wait, wait…it’s seriously the TV Head guy?”
Jack’s Ghost: “Um…yes. Now you mu-“
Me: “Are you kidding me? That dude was a total dork! How weak could you be?”
Jack’s Ghost: “Would you stop interrupting me?! He hired someone to kill me! Now listen. You must avenge me. You must kill TV Head and make sure this never happens to anyone ever again.”
Me: “Kill? I don’t kill. I will arrest him.”
Jack’s Ghost: “No Robin. You must end his life. He cannot be allowed to live.”
Me: “But…it’s not the Jedi way…”
Jack’s Ghost: “Robin…please…for me…”
Me: “…I…I will not fail you ghost of Jack Met…Metro…um…Meteor? Oh whatever! I won’t fail you Jack!”
I ran to the entrance and saw a ton of people gathered around TV Head. He wasn’t letting them through because they did not have ID. I pulled out my shotgun and aimed it at his TV.
Me: “Hands up TV Head!”
TV Head: “What? What are you doing?”
Me: “I know what you did. It’s time for you to pay!”
TV Head: “I…I didn’t do anything…what are you talking about?”
Crowd of People: *gasp*
Me: “ADMIT IT!!! YOU ARE A MURDERER!!! You hired someone to kill Jack and then covered your tracks!”
TV Head: “Why would I do that?”
Me: “Because…because…I…I don’t know…why would you do it?”
TV Head: “I didn’t kill Jack Metrovetion.”
Me: “…really?”
TV Head: “Yes.”
TV Head: “I DON’T!!! I MEAN…I…I UM…I DI-“
Me: “Wait!”
TV Head: “…what?”
Me: “The crowd of people didn’t gasp when I asked how you knew Jacks last name. Come on people! You’re supposed to add suspense to the story here.”
Crowd of People: *gasp*
Me: “Better. Go on TV Head.”
I then handcuffed TV Head and escorted him to the top of the crane. I walked him to the edge where his goon had thrown Jack off.
Me: “I don’t want to do this.”
TV Head: “Do what?”
Me: “…I promised I would though…”
TV Head: “Um…wha…what are you talking about?”
I then pushed TV Head off the edge of the crane and watched him plummet 128 feet to his death. Suddenly Jack’s Ghost walked in front of me.
Jack’s Ghost: “Thank you Robin. Now I can rest. Goodbye my friend…”
Me: “Have a nice afterlife ghost of Jack Metropolis.”
I climbed down the crane and when I got to the bottom, everyone was staring at me. I ignored them and went out the back door. I started walking away when I heard someone say:
Girl I don’t know: “Hands up mister!”
I put my hands up like she asked.
Me: “Can I help you mam?”
Girl: “I’m afraid I have to arrest you for the murder of Hayden Vision.”
Me: “Well I’m afraid I’m gonna have to ignore you completely and just keep walking.”
I put my hands down and started walking.
Girl: “St…Stop!”
I didn’t stop. She then fired at me and missed completely. Like, she wasn’t even close. I kept walking and didn’t look back. She didn’t shoot again. Guess she had had enough excitement for one night. I couldn’t blame her for I was pretty tired myself. I had to keep walking though. I had to get to the fort. There, I too would be able to rest.


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