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1 Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas has terrible combat, monochromatic setting and terrible graphics. But if you're able and willing to look past those surface level shortcomings, you'll find the most RPG-oriented Fallout of the 3D games (I didn't play 1 and 2, so I can't say anything about those.).

Indeed, the writing in Fallout 4 and 3 (and Skyrim) is so purile in comparison, that I have some serious doubts with regards to Bethesda's writers. I can only hope that they were trying to make the games easy to translate by minimizing linguistic depth, and easier on children by dumbing everything down, because the only alternative I can think of is this deeply depressing one: That writers like Bethesda's can be and are considered professional.

All numbered Fallout games as well as New Vegas are great in my opinion. However, New Vegas is certainly chief among them for me.

Ranger combat armor for the win!

Agree with that lad,Caesar's Legion >>> All

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2 Fallout 3



Fallout 3 is awesome! I also really love new Vegas I’m torn between which is best I like em equally to be truthful but I chose to vote for 3 because it was my first fallout game and it feels very nostalgic I also love the atmosphere it feels apocalyptic and depressing the Mojave wast they as enjoyable as the capital wasteland I also love the darkness in the game

Best Fallout game ever! The story is awesome, the character designs are cool and there's so many ways to describe this. I really hope for a remaster on ps5 - codgtamk34

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3 Fallout 4

Fallout new Vegas is my boi, however it had a better dialogue and choice system, but when it came down to it once you finish the quests there is nothing to do, hence why I voted for 4 it fixes this problem by having 4x more quests, unlimited errand running quests, better factions and better more believable brotherhood that weren't stupid and all laser rifle religious like in the previous, I'm sorry its true that idea was lame. And modeable weapons, more enemy variety, better more varying world, enemies that change a little bit as you level up and become harder, settlement building, improved companion system. The downside to this game is why they messed the dialogue choice system so hard, like for real! However even though idiots are complaining that your character talks, which in all honesty is great because who the hell likes a mute protagonist. Really enjoyed the cinematic speeches and great voice acting which was miles better than previous fallouts, those voice actors couldn't even ...more

Why is this not first? New vegas is boring.

More variety

The only flaw for this was Preston Garvey. Other than that, great game. I'm glad you can pick four different endings - codgtamk34

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4 Fallout 2

Has the best story for most of the fallout games even though if it is lacking in gameplay

Best fallout game


Timeless classic that would never be made today, it did so much in terms of humour and quests that were clearly what the devs liked as opposed to what the largest portion of people liked, yep no bland FO3 shooting or FO4 settlements to be found here

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5 Fallout

The game that started it all. Damn this game gives me nostalgia especially the music that plays when creating your character.

6 Fallout Tactics
7 Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel
8 Fallout Shelter

This game is a cynical cash grab with little entertainment value.

Lol I like it but not enough to be one of the top - Logankohn

9 Fallout 76 Fallout 76

I actually think this game is (right now) is good. But it obviously didn't launch well and still had heaps of bugs at launch. - War_Never_Changes

Fortnite is terrible, and I hate you.

Fallout 4 + Fortnite: Battle Royale= Best Game Ever

Boi this game ain’t even out yet! :P

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10 Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

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11 Fallout Extreme
12 Fallout 5
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