Best Fallout New Vegas Companions

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1 ED-E

With Lonesome Road, ED-E's usefulness is out of control, and his damage is very high as well.

With all the upgrades you give him (including lonesome road) he becomes overpowered as ****. He can repair your weapon for free and give you energy ammo. @awesome

Whats not to love about him? His fight song makes everything so epic

2 Boone

He is the best damn sniper in fallout new vegas. Good to have at your side against the legion, the powder gangers, and those junkie chem addicts.

If you want to beat fallout new vegas with ease, get with boone. He makes the game very simple for you.

You better watch out Caesar Legion scum, I got Boone on my side.

Boone, what are you doing? Um nothing just shut up

3 Victoria

Veronica is really underrated and a lot of people seem to hate her, because she apparently "Is annoying and has the personality of a teenage girl". Well, no, she isn't. A stereotypical average teenage girl is whiny, bratty and only concerned about things like:
1. Whether He is going out with another girl.
2. Getting pimples on their face.
3. Getting the best phone so they can talk to their BFF.
Veronica is nothing like that. She is quirky, enjoys having fun, good at concealing her emotions. She is caring, especially towards her family, the Brotherhood of Steel, who she just wants to help, and wants the respect from. Did I forget to say that she is great at punching people? Her longtime dream of wearing a dress always makes me laugh, and every time she says something, I can't help but smile. As much as I like Boone, with his backstory and extra useful Perk, Veronica just takes the cake. She is the best!

Veronica is not only funny interact with but she has a power fist, and a very high strength level being a member of the brotherhood of steel. she has probably one of the best quests you get go on with a companion. My favorite character much more than Boone, kind of dull conversations. Also you can get Veronica if your good or bad,

VERONICA* is the most OP melee companion in the Fallout games. If you give her Pushy, she is unstoppable.

Very powerful companion, encounter a Deathclaw? She'll punch it to death.

4 Raul Tejada

Awesome. He's the hardest to find because he's that awesome.

Sure thing, boss

5 Lily

She is the best mutant ever. She's purple and had a horrible past. She will get up close and personal, plus her low health has her hit harder.

6 Cass
7 Arcade Gannon

Great companion. Fun to have by your side while roaming the wasteland.

The most boring but yet awesome nerd in all of Fallout.

Arcade Gannon is the bomb his quest is cool and Zachary Levi does such a good job

8 Rex

Poor, poor Rexie, he'd probably be middle of the road if it wasn't for ED-E just being. So damn strong and you can't run them both at once. Still the cutest companion.

I hate dogs but Rex it's different apart from the rest.

9 Veronica
10 Joshua Graham

The pistol guy

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11 Deputy Beagle

Technically a companion

At the beginning when I have be able a service rifle and he killed everyone up stairs

12 Dean Domino
13 Dog and God
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