Best Fallout New Vegas Companions

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1 Boone

If you want to beat fallout new vegas with ease, get with boone. He makes the game very simple for you.

He is the best damn sniper in fallout new vegas. Good to have at your side against the legion, the powder gangers, and those junkie chem addicts.

Boone is by far the best, arcade is by far the worst

Boone, what are you doing? Um nothing just shut up

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2 ED-E

Whats not to love about him? His fight song makes everything so epic

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3 Victoria

HEY. Veronica, not Victoria! - GREYBOYY

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4 Rex

Maybe not as good as Dogmeat, but he will defend you with his life.
Uh oh, there's some Nightstalkers over there, GO ON REX! GO ON BOY!

5 Lily
6 Arcade Gannon

Great companion. Fun to have by your side while roaming the wasteland.

The most boring but yet awesome nerd in all of Fallout.

7 Raul Tejada

Awesome. He's the hardest to find because he's that awesome.

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8 Cass
9 Veronica

She is the best companion you can have in the game she is amazing if you see a death claw mother five hits boom dead best companion ever

10 Deputy Beagle V 1 Comment
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