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21 James Woods

He is stupidly funny whenever he falls for the trap with the candy TWICE!

Great running gag this guy

Sadly. Diene killed him.

22 Evil Monkey

He should be in the top 10 - NFLPenguin

It's the Evil Monkey! Ha that's a ringtone now. - Pikachulover1

He actually a bisuness man - YOSHIA2121


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23 Quagmire

Quagmire is higher on the list

24 Greased Up Deaf Guy V 3 Comments
25 Mort Goldman


"Oh my sweet muriel! She was so you-
She was so beaut-
She was so gener-... We were married! "
I love mort! How is he not higher on this list!

26 Rupert

Hey everyone, just so ya know, I'm straight" *after Stewie Chris and Brian disappear in the time machine

I mean COME ON! Stewie can talk to a stuffed animal who can't really talk but is talking and gets lost and "stuff"


Can't believe it took him this long to get on the list he should be the president now that I think of it

27 Seamus V 1 Comment
28 Bonnie Swanson

A very sweet person she has a cute baby and a scary husband Bonnie should be. In more episodes

I HATE Bonnie. She planned to cheat on joe

29 Jesus

Although he is in hardly any episodes when he is, despite the obvious ply offensive manner, it's like the funniest bit in an episode. God too his hilarious like when he's trying to pick up girls

How could you forget jesus our dear savior in family guy form jesus is awesome I love jesus and to see him in family guy just is quite cool the way jesus is walking in the streets is awesome it's like he is the coolest character ever

Yes, he was on an episode of Family Guy.

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30 Joyce Kinney
31 Tom Tucker

He is the ron burgundy of family guy should be higher

He's a pretty main character, he deserves to be higher!

Woah, so an underrated character! No character has a mustache like his

I really like tom tucker

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32 Diane Simmons V 1 Comment
33 Neil Goldman
34 Bitch Stewie

Lol this was really funny I guess - Jau37

35 Carol Pewterschmidt
36 Stella V 1 Comment
37 Jasper

He is funny but also offensive Cuzco he is a walking gay steriotype

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38 Carl
39 Opie

Retarded man who is Peter's superior at work

40 Michael Moore

Versus Peter Griffin in the Farting contest. This one took me by surprise. If you had explained it to me I would have labeled it middle school humor and dismissed it. It may still be middle school but it is hilarious. I don't know why but the timing and the situation is brilliant.

Yes, like the other comment, I would have NEVER had thought this scene would have made me crack up every time I see it. It is a guilty pleasure pure and simple. - mgenet

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