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41 Jasper

He is funny but also offensive Cuzco he is a walking gay steriotype

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42 Michael Moore

Versus Peter Griffin in the Farting contest. This one took me by surprise. If you had explained it to me I would have labeled it middle school humor and dismissed it. It may still be middle school but it is hilarious. I don't know why but the timing and the situation is brilliant.

Yes, like the other comment, I would have NEVER had thought this scene would have made me crack up every time I see it. It is a guilty pleasure pure and simple. - mgenet

43 Brian's Clone
44 Fjurg Van Der Ploeg

Halluo! Welcome to Fjurg's Backerie! Would you like a hat piece of pee... It's on the hoose! Ooh No! Yer covered in ma hat pee... You can wash it aff in der waiter clooset!

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45 Mr. Washee Washee
46 Ricardo
47 Gay Bee

Free honey for everyone, yaay mayor bee mayor me. So hilarious cracks me up every time

48 James William Bottomtooth
49 Felicia Day
50 Chip Griffin
51 Cleveland Jr.
52 Donna V 2 Comments
53 Barbara Pewterschmidt
54 Rallo
55 Jason Voorhees
56 Tricia Takanawa

"We now go live with our Asian reporter, Tricia Takanawa." - Tom Tucker

*holds nose* "Hi Tom, I'm Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa."

57 Jonathan Weed
58 Angela
59 Justin
60 Derek Wilcox
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