Top Ten Best Family Guy Episodes

Family Guy is superb, but there are indeed episodes that stand out from all the rest.

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1 Petarded

I knew as soon as I clicked on this list that this exact episode would be on top. Best family guy ever! I love the game night at the beginning of the episode - RandomAccount297

first episode of family guy I ever saw, freakin hilarious!

I love this episode! There's this song they cut from the episode (It's on the DVD extended edition, on the Hulu version, and I think on Netflix) called "Peter is Slow", and it's AMAZING. You can just look up "Family Guy Peter is Slow" and it will come up. The song is short but great. The song got cut for use of the word "retarded".

It is funny as hell! The plot is predictable but it takes a twist and it makes it an AMAZING and funny episode! - spodermanfan1000

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2 Road to the Multiverse

Look at him, Brian. Free in a universe where can... OH MY GOD HE GOT HIT BY A CAR!

This takes an infrequently explored idea of going across far more than one other universe than their own, but across other possibilities and makes it fascinating by executing the idea correctly. This particular episode had me returning to explore more of episodes like these even after the fact I saw this show as an infant. It has the right pinch of humor to appeal to the people they want to catch the attention of, and also has a good amount of humor to appeal to more than just adolescents, to apply to those that want to see Family Guy after years and years of tuning in when they were adolescents themselves.

Without any doubt the best Family Guy episode of all-time. Seth MacFarlane is such a genius.

I love the fresh ideas with the funny comedy. - spodermanfan1000

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3 And Then There Were Fewer

This is literally my favorite episode in the entire series! I love survival/horror specials where people have to find a way to survive and investigate who could have killed someone. And now that they've recreated that with Family Guy, I had to watch it and I loved it! (SPOILER) And the ending was so unpredictable! DIANE SIMMONS?! She was probably the last person you'd expect! For God's sake, SEAMUS would be more convincing. And then Loid finds out and Diane tries to kill her. Now this is where is got really unpredictable, when Diane was about to pull the trigger, she got shot, fell into the water, and the mysterious hero was Stewie. Of course, the only reason he saved his mom was because he wanted to be the first to kill her, but it's the thought that counts

This episode is #1! I love the jokes and everyone is a suspect no one is 100% innocent. Its like a detective episode everyone had a funny part in this episode and everyone reacted different to the deaths of various people through he episode. If got me glued to my seat trying to figure out who was the killer.

This is one of my favorite episodes of Family guy. I love this episode because it is kind of different than the movie Clue (1985). Speaking of this episode of Family guy, I have been watching this episode on Netflix in my phone a lot. I just like to watch something mysterious and scary like Clue and this episode.

My favorite episode! Wish there were more episodes like this... - mdrake0495

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Ptv should be first
Amazingly funny and creative, I mean the side boob hour and you cheeky bastard
It is even Seth macfarlane favorite episode

Does this list get you turned on? Well it's my list.

Best episode eve :) this should be number 1

This episode is so hilarious, and it has the FCC in it

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5 Da Boom

A funny episode about the end of the world. I love Stewie in this episode and who could forget the chicken?

The ending is one of the stupidest things I've ever seen, even by Family Guy's standards, which is saying a LOT.

This was the first GREAT episode of family guy. The end of the world theme is handled brilliantly, and who could forget about the debut of the chicken fight gag. This is a classic episode at the least. - GreninjaGuy

Usually I don't like season 1 and 2 episodes but the Boom was a GREAT episode. It has funny jokes and is a classic. - spodermanfan1000

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6 I Dream of Jesus

Everybody knows that the bird is the word!

Peter's moment when he supposedly has a heart attack was hilarious! That song is really cool too haha

Why is this NOT called the surfin' bird episode?

This is the best episode - venomouskillingmachine

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7 Back to the Pilot

One of the best and funniest episodes ever when Stewie and Brian go back in time for a ball he buried in the backyard. Until Brian alters the past when he tells his former self about 9/11 he prevents it and makes the world worse. My favorite part was when everyone all types of Stewie and Brian's were coming in and one of them had Peter come with them. - rockrockmountain

Awesome episode! It really reminded the viewers on how much the show has changed and developed throughout the years. Not only that, but the gag at the end where a version of Brian and Stewie were spinning things saying: "This is life for some reason! " is one of the funniest in the show. The 9/11 gags were pretty good as well.

Best episode ever, I loved how they went back in time to the very first episode and got themselves in a paradox. Shat would have been absolutely AWESOME is if in the firdt episode you could see the extra Stewie and Brian in some parts, it would have taken a lot of planning though. This is closely followed by 'And then there were fewer'.

I can't believe they did this. It was funny and so amazing. I don't know HOW to describe this episode. Its amazing just that. - spodermanfan1000

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8 Road to Rhode Island

I love all of the Family Guy episodes, but this one is a personal favorite. It reminds me of the good old days of Family Guy, where Stewie was actually diabolical and evil, and made the most hilarious wise-cracks about Brian's dead mother. Somehow, the fact that the two didn't even like each other and were thrown together on the trip made it fun, hilarious, and just overall awesome. The overall episode had the funniest jokes (in my humble opinion) and the story somehow manages to mix the feeling of nostalgia, a would-be sad storyline (if it weren't for Stewie's constant jokes) and fun. That, in my opinion, is the making of a good episode. Also, the song blew me away as well

This is great. Really great. It's the start of a beautiful friendship between two unlikely friends, yet not soppy and sentimental, it's hilarious and witty and clever, and the part where Brian is taken from the puppy mill and when he finds out his mother is dead should have been sad, but are saved by 'Hey, does anyone have thumbs? No? ' and Stewie's various witty remarks, especially the 'And God said to Abraham' part. This is a classic episode that will remain in the hearts of family guy fans generations after the show comes to a close.

Road to Rhode Island... Where do I start? I loved every little bit about it; from the jokes to the emotional moments to the not-so emotional moments... It was just a spectacular episode. I loved the music, the story, the animations, and the scene on the box-car at the end was one that I will remember forever. Road to Rhode Island's song was also just AMAZING.

I ALWAYS liked Brian and Stewie episodes cause they are both really funny and they worked together well. - spodermanfan1000

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9 Emission Impossible

I loved the part where lois chokes on a watermelon. - raspberry714

Brilliant episode! Funny all the way to the end.

This captures the very best moments of Stewie

LOIS! You can't spell love without L O. You can't spell is without I S. You can't spell silo without lois. Lol one of my favorite lines in the series

10 Blue Harvest

I think this episode of the A Blue Harvest was so awesome because Peter told his family a story about Star Wars A New Hope. IT'S A BEST EPISODE EVER BECAUSE IT'S THE STAR WARS EPISODE

This is just epic! Cleveland is so funny as R-2 - robertoantonioortuso

When they tried to take a couch was the best moment

Robot Chicken did it better. Still good. - Fireboy

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11 Stewie Kills Lois

Stewie is upset that Lois goes on a cruise without him so he kills Lois but she isn't dead she comes back after Peter was framed by Stewie when they get back home the family is held hostage by Stewie and Stewie goes to Washington D.C. using Brian as his sheild he soon becomes world ruler. - rockrockmountain

This one was good and the ending wasn't exactly suprising. I knew even stewie would of done all that. You know stewie acts like he is going to destroy the world but he actually tries to save it in his time machine with Brian

When you figure out that that was a simulation you say phew that was close.

So funny. Lots off jokes packed into this one - Liamcog

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12 Road to the North Pole

I watch this every year around Christmas - Ajkloth

The scene with quagmire had me go to the doctor from blacking out due to laughing.

The first house stewie and brian entered to give the gift those part were hilarious I laughed so hard my sister eoke up

One of - if not, THE best of all time.
"Go ahead... Pull the trigger."

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13 Three Kings

Love how they make fun of Stand By Me and also Shawskank Redemption. One of the funnier but more clever episodes especially when Meg is found dead haha

14 Meet the Quagmires

Is there such thing as a character better than quagmire?

Awesome episode, Quagmire becomes a wuss, haha!


The filmplay of this episode was oustanding

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15 Stew-Roids

I saw this episode last night and it was absolutely hilarious! - Ajkloth

Stewie: " well, would you look at me, I HAVE THE POWER! ( he-man logo pops up ) HE-MAN!

All I can say is haha. This episode is sick and when he starts flowing like. Seth Macfarlane definitely went over the top. - Milly4


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16 Stewie Loves Lois

The "relax I am doctor" scenes where both crazy, creepy and funny at the same time!

Stewie: Mom. Mom. Mommy. Mama. Mommy. Mama! Mom. Mom. Mommy! Mama!
Lois: WHAT?!
Stewie: Hi. HAHA

17 Patriot Games

"Where's my money?!" LOL!

Where's my money, man? Where's my money?

That what happens man... You got money for buy an fake mustaches huh..!? How many you pay for the fake mustches!

When Stevie beats Brian's ass - - I nearly pissed my pants, I was laughing so hard!
..."Yeah, you got money for fake mustaches, so where's my money?!?! "

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18 Lois Kills Stewie

I like the part where Peter and Lois switched bodies and that the whole thing was a simulation.

I like the song the list in this episode

Basically same thing as Stewie kills Lois because it’s a 2 parter - Spongebob12

19 Stu and Stewie's Excellent Adventure

An awesome episode showing the future although not as good as road to multiverse

This should be top 10

20 Road to Germany

I have no idea why this is so low. It should be top 10 for sure. Episode was so funny.

Fire underrated

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