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41 Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater V 1 Comment
42 A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas V 1 Comment
43 From Method to Madness

I actully love this eposode very much, Stewie is so hilarious, this should be in the top ten in a few more monthes

V 1 Comment
44 Meg and Quagmire

I don't care what anyone says, this episode is really cute and I think they would have worked out if peter didn't get in the way

45 Brian Goes Back to College
46 Something, Something, Something, Dark Side V 1 Comment
47 Deep Throats

Brian tries to expose Mayor West as the corrupt politician that he is, and ends up catching Meg, while she's the intern for him, having relations with Mayor West.


Funniest episode just doesn't get much attention because it doesn't have an extraordinary plot.

48 Family Guy Viewer Mail #1

May not be hilarious but is brilliant. #2 is plain boring but this is 10x better - sryanbruen

V 2 Comments
49 Roads to Vegas

HILARIOUS episode, I can't stop re-watching. It makes me so sad that this will be the last Road-to episode. I loved the alternate stories of Stewie and Brian and their clones, and I especially loved the ending.
"Sir, we can't give you any money, but if you have a bowl and some milk, we can give you a pretty healthy way to start your day! " (Shortly after which, Stewie is killed. )

Are You Kidding Me, This Episode Sucked. Why did Seth have to make lucky and unlucky clones.

V 3 Comments
50 Death Has a Shadow
51 The Former Life of Brian

Peter-'Somtin on your mind son? '
Brians son (forget name) 'Why would you care, you're just a fat old basterd! '
Peter-Well not to technical, but you are the basterd! Cnuck cnuck cnuck cbuck cnu - RossMcC

52 North by North Quahog
53 Saving Private Brian

The soldiers' Westside Story dance scene slayed me.

54 I Never Met the Dead Man
55 Peter's Two Dads

I love this episode! My favourite bit is the drunken Irish dad song.

56 Wasted Talent
57 Untitled Griffin Family History

Robbers break into the Griffin's house, and they go into the panic room and Peter tells the story of his ancestry.

"Commandment number one: SHUT THE HELL UP! Commandment number two: There's nothing I can do about the sun! Commandment number three: No, you cannot have any more Jolly Ranchers, THEY ARE ALL GONE! Commandment number four: Please do not read the billboards that we can all see as we pass by! Alright, now let's go! "

58 Bill & Peter's Bogus Journey

Peter and Bill Clinton become friends after Peter helpos Bill with a flat tire. Eventually, they get into all sorts of shenanigans, which get Lois angry.

"What do you want to do now? " "Let go to MARS, dude! "

59 Let's Go to the Hop
60 Airport '07

After Peter steals jet fuel from the commercial aiplane that Quagmire is flying people on and Quagmire crashes, Quagmire gets fired from his job as a pilot. Then, Peter, Cleveland and Joe, along with Quagmire himself, try to get Quagmire's job back with an intraquite plan, which Quagmire doesn't follow the exact plan of. Then, it turns into a spoof of the movie "Airplane", and Quagmire talks the pilot down to the ground.

"Hey, you know who I met once? John Holmes. The greatest porn star who ever lived. He said to me, "Hey, I have an 11-inch member; and Glen Quagmire is the best damn pilot in the world!"

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