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101 Baking Bad
102 Love, Blactually

Love Blactually is a great episode full of new people, love, betrayal, hurt, and a dark plot twist. And as always, hilarious jokes. - yaygiants16

Cleveland close the window, you're letting the stank out!

103 Vestigial Peter
104 Back to the Woods

I can't even watch this episode, hate James Woods! - sryanbruen

This should not be on this list

105 Brian, Potrait of a Dog
106 Running Mates
107 Model Misbehavior
108 Christmas Guy

This shouldn't be here - sryanbruen

109 Fifteen Minutes of Shame

They get their own reality show and it hilarious... until the executives interfere like always

110 Family Guy Back to the Multiverse

I know it's a game but it's both funny and fun to play

111 Meg Stinks!
112 Road To Rupert

This should be much higher, very funny! - sryanbruen

113 The Book of Joe
114 Foreign Affairs
115 Baby, You Knock Me Out

Great jokes, and an overall good parody of Rocky - RandomInternetGuy

116 Quagmire's Baby
117 Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington
118 I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar
119 Play It Again, Brian
120 No Meals on Wheels

Peter buys red flanel feetie pajamas and shocks everyone, so Lois takes out all the carpet in the house, Brian discovers an ancient bus token, and they get $50,000, so they open their own restaraunt, and get into hot water when Peter decides not to let physically handicapped people eat at the restaraunt.


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