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101 8 Simple Rules For Buying My Daughter

The best part was when they drank the ipecac! Haha!

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102 Death Lives
103 Baking Bad
104 Passenger Fatty-Seven

This is Turban Cowboy done right. - kcianciulli

105 Family Guy Viewer Mail #1

May not be hilarious but is brilliant. #2 is plain boring but this is 10x better - sryanbruen

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106 Play It Again, Brian
107 Brian, Potrait of a Dog
108 Running Mates
109 Lois Comes Out of Her Shell
110 Model Misbehavior
111 Life of Brian

I know a lot of people hate this episode, but honestly; I never found it all that bad. Heck, I would probably consider this a Top 15 Family Guy Episodes.

Poignant and funny. Vinny was breath of fresh air but glad Brian returned. Well done series involving Brian's death and return.

This episode almost makes me cry, Vinny isn't just like brian

This episode is one of my favorites but it's so sad😢

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112 Christmas Guy

This shouldn't be here - sryanbruen

113 Fifteen Minutes of Shame

They get their own reality show and it hilarious... until the executives interfere like always

114 Family Guy Back to the Multiverse

I know it's a game but it's both funny and fun to play

115 Meg Stinks!
116 Road To Rupert

This should be much higher, very funny! - sryanbruen

117 The Book of Joe
118 Believe It or Not, Joe's Walking on Air
119 Foreign Affairs
120 Baby, You Knock Me Out

Great jokes, and an overall good parody of Rocky - RandomInternetGuy

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