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101 Wild Wild West
102 Hook

A very good movie; a great version of peter pan.

103 Monsters, Inc.

This movie is great for kids who are scared of the "monsters" under the bed or in the closet! It's an interesting look at monsters and great for showing kids they are not out to hurt them.

104 Matilda

Hilarious, wonderful; it is a movie for both boys and girls that for once, has a girl as the main character. A great improvement from the book, this movie is well made and one of my favorites.

105 Hugo
106 Casper

Christina Ricci is amazing in this movie ( also Devon Sawa! )

107 The Nutty Professor
108 Spy Kids
109 Oliver!

The other musicals on this list can "Consider Themselves" inferior to "Oliver, Oliver"

If you are going to introduce your kid to the works of Charles Dickens, this might be the way to go.

Incidently Oliver! Pretty much influenced every other family oriented musical going at the time. - Dale

If you want a family musical Oliver! Is arguably the way to go. More broad appeal than the likes of Sleeping Beauty. Oom Pah Pah

Definitely true there. Boys wouldn't be interested in a bimbo princess dumb enough to prick her finger intentionally. Both genders would be interested in the misadventures of a workhouse orphan.

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110 Frozen

Awesome movie wish I could see it everyday

111 Space Jam
112 Iron Man 3

Third times the charm for Robert Downey Jr's wisecracking form as Iron Man

113 Guardians of the Galaxy V 1 Comment
114 Dumbo
115 The Rescuers
116 The Little Mermaid

If I wanted a kid friendly musical I'd stick with Oliver!

117 The Jungle Book
118 Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
119 Bolt
120 Beauty and the Beast
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