Best Fantasy Lineups for Super Bowl XLVII


The Top Ten

1 QB: Joe Flacco

He's the one that will hoist the lambardi trophy at the end of the game. - Alpha101

2 QB: Collin Kapernick

He will put up lots of numbers, but not as much as Flacco. But I would use him as a wild card, if you're in that type of leauge. - Alpha101

3 RB: Ray Rice

Will put up lots of numbers. - Alpha101

4 TE: Vernon Davis

You saw what he did in his last game, why wouldn't you pick him? - Alpha101

5 RB: Frank Gore

Will probably do well, but it will be tough against ray lewis and the raven's defense. - Alpha101

6 Defense: Ravens

The best defense in the playoffs. I'd pick them! - Alpha101

7 Defense: 49ers

A really good defense. Not as good as ravens though. - Alpha101

8 WR: Torrey Smith

Best Wide Reciever right now. - Alpha101

9 WR: Anquian Boldin

Really good Wide Reciever. - Alpha101

10 K: David Akers

2nd best kicker today. I think Ravens will win. What do you guys think? Give me a thumbs up if you think so. GO RAVENS! - Alpha101

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